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My real name is  P r a v e e n. I am able to see spirits from afterlife. I communicate with them using a board which consists of alphabets and numbers. Here I will be sharing various messages from many famous spirits to our world.

Answer to some questions people might ask me.

What is a spirit: They are people who are living in another world far away from us.

What can a spirit do in our world: Some spirits cannot move a tiny feather in our world. Some spirits are capable of reaching our world and hurt you physically. A negative spirit can ruin your life. They are capable of possessing your body.

How do I see spirits: I can see and feel a spirit by just looking at a skull of a person but I will not know how the person really look like. I also see spirits through photos of departed people this way I can get an idea of how they look like. If I see a child photo and that person is actually an adult when he died I will know it by the way the way he responds to me. I can also feel a spirit when I listen to recorded voice of a dead person and if there is a break between the spirit voice then the spirit will disappear and reappear when the voice continues. 

What kind of spirit I meet:  I can see spirits from any era from around the world. So far I have met people from movie world, musicians, dancers, artist, world leaders, poets, book writers, kings and queens, cosmologist, nature conservationist, scientist, clairvoyant, explorers, social activist.

Will the spirit talk for hours: It depends upon person to person. Some spirits will keep mum. Some will take about their life. Mostly spirits will prefer to talk less. I have asked them to give their message to our world. I am thankful to them that they came forward for me. 

Why are they talking to me: I treat them with great care, respect and understanding and they will show the same by paying attention to me.

Is the process of communicating with them is easy: No it is not so easy at all. Everything should be in the right state to talk to them. If I lose focus they will disappear. I play music while communicating with them to maintain the energy flow inside my mind. Music also creates an atmosphere.

Can the spirits talk with each other: Yes they can talk normally like we do and they don't require the alphabet board to communicate like me. I do hear few words and sentence directly.

Do spirits get updated with time: They will be totally unaware about changes happening in our world but they will retain every memory of their time intact.

If you are a real history lover and want to hear from famous personalities from the past then this is the place for you. Thank you.

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