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I am a photographer, artist and have several places online that I display my work for sale.  I am a writer and write about a lot of different things, but really focus on things to do with Halloween, the Paranormal and the mystical.  I love Fairies  and do a lot of different kinds of Fairy artwork and I love Angels and do angel work as well. 

My two motto's in life are:  "Life is filled with magic if we allow our eyes to see it" and "Beauty seen through the lens of camera".

You can also see many of my links at RedGage   RedGage gives you the power to share your blogs, pictures, videos, documents, and links all in one convenient place. But, the most exciting part is RedGage is a website that pays you for the content you create.  So actually linking your hubs to RedGage would be a win-win situation.


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  • Existing Angels

    Existing Angels

    7 months ago

    Often things happen in life and we have to sit and question our self, did this really happen? Did I really just experience this? Do Angels exist? Sometimes, our reality questions our imagnation.

  • Haunted  Paranormal Stories

    Haunted Paranormal Stories

    4 weeks ago

    A lot of you may remember me from Squidoo. I use to write a lot of different paranormal, haunting, ghost articles. A lot of times my visitors would share their stories.. this is a collection of them.

  • Cemeteries and the Paranormal

    Cemeteries and the Paranormal

    4 weeks ago

    Sometimes I believe I was born to share what I know about the paranormal. I have experienced hauntings since I was a small child. Cemeteries drew me like to flies to honey. I do not know why...

  • WhiteOaks Witches Brew

    WhiteOaks Witches Brew

    7 months ago

    It is no surprise during the Autumn the creativity level in people sky rockets. Creating new recipes and brew for the autumn is something many of us do with a purpose. Remember everything is magical.

  • Kitchen Witch Yule Drink

    Kitchen Witch Yule Drink

    7 months ago

    Most beliefs hold different celebration techniques, each serving different foods and drinks. This is a recipe for a traditional Yuletide drink called Wassail.

  • Scariest Places on Earth-The Paranormal

    Scariest Places on Earth-The Paranormal

    4 weeks ago

    When it comes to the paranormal, the supernatural and unexplained mysteries of the world, there can never be too many resources. It is horrible to live in a home and always being afraid.

  • Horse Animal Totem

    Horse Animal Totem

    12 months ago

    Native American totems are very real in their spiritually. Our totems are there to help build our inner strengths to complete us and/or to make us whole by teaching us their medicine.

  • Unexplained Occurrences in Georgia

    Unexplained Occurrences in Georgia

    4 weeks ago

    How do you explain when odd things happen in your home. You are alone and hear things that do not make sense, you see things that cannot be explained. Is it your imagination? OR could it be ghosts?

  • Benefits of Almond Flour

    Benefits of Almond Flour

    7 months ago

    Using almond flour has become very popular by those who are on low carb diets or are wanting to cook more healthier. Almonds are loaded with health benefits, which will be focused on in the article.

  • Low Sodium Sandwich Wraps

    Low Sodium Sandwich Wraps

    11 months ago

    When you are trying to change the way you eat to a more healthier way, cooking can be a lot of fun. Creating healthy meal plans can be as fun or work -as you want it to be. Safe weight loss is very important and...

  • Ghost, Spirits, and Hauntings

    Ghost, Spirits, and Hauntings

    4 weeks ago

    There is a huge difference between living in haunted houses and visiting haunted houses for Halloween. Fear is real and can cause a lot of turmoil in a place that is suppose to be your safe domain. There are Ghost...

  • Spicy Baked Cauliflower Cakes

    Spicy Baked Cauliflower Cakes

    12 months ago

    If you love cauliflower and love roasted vegetables, you are going to love this healthy nutritional recipe that you bake in the oven.

  • Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

    Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

    7 months ago

    Living a self-sufficient lifestyle can be as hard as you want it to be or as easy as you. I have shared some of my own experiences on this page that can be used to begin your own lifestyle change to living a more...

  • Macro Photography

    Macro Photography

    7 months ago

    One of the things I love most about doing macro photography is being able to see all of the tiny details which you would miss in a regular photo. Seeing the tiny hairs on flowers is amazing.

  • Photography Tips for Amateur Photographers

    Photography Tips for Amateur Photographers

    7 months ago

    This is a page about some tips I have learned personally and some great links that could help someone who is interested in photography.

  • How to Apply Lip Liner Tips

    How to Apply Lip Liner Tips

    7 months ago

    When it comes to makeup, I truly believe it should be used to enhance your features. This page is about some of my suggestions on how to enhance your lips. Often people will want fuller lips, and often people want to...

  • Kitchen Witch

    Kitchen Witch

    7 months ago

    It does not matter if you call yourself a witch or not, what is most important is you realizing you automatically put a lot of magic in your home. It could be cooking, cleaning, decorating and so on.

  • What are Animal Spirit Guardian Totems

    What are Animal Spirit Guardian Totems

    2 years ago

    What are Animal Totems? How do I find my Animal Totem? This page is about my journey to finding my Animal Totems.

  • Burning Black Candles

    Burning Black Candles

    8 months ago

    Although some people may find burning black candles wicked or evil, the truth is burning black candles helps to absorb any negativity that may be lingering in your home. After smudging your home with sage and...