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Hello, my name is Laura, but some like to call me Winnie (I have a likeness to Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years t.v. series...see profile picture).  I'm a full time pharmacist, but I take joy in many other things.  I enjoy thinking (too much) and making things pretty (read: arts and crafts).  If I could, I would plant flowers all over the world and make everyone own a puppy.  I sure hope you enjoy what is going on in my head, because it's pretty entertaining to me.  Enjoy!

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  • Tattoo Removal: Another Permanent Change

    Tattoo Removal: Another Permanent Change

    15 months ago

    Jimmy Buffett could not have said it better: "it's a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling." My tattoo removal nurse told me about this lovely quote the last time I went in for a session. We hadn't really talked...