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http://www.helium.com/users/29481 My name is Wayne Leon. I am 50 years of age and was born in Liverpool [United Kingdom]. Liverpool is well-known as a city of writers, and I suppose I am just taking up the mantle. My favorite authors are Dennis Wheatley, Lewis Carroll, and Charles Dickens, as well as Edward Lear and Edgar Allan Poe. I am constantly writing. In fact, you could say that writing is in my blood and flows through my veins - as I have been doing it for so many years. I have many articles of interest published,online, mainly on Helium Writers, but I also write dark poetry and stories about the supernatural. Most of my poetry can be found on 'Writers Network'. In fact, writing dark poetry will always be my first love, as that is how I first began my journey as a writer all those years ago as a young man. I was always fascinated by words that rhymed with each other. And I would spend all day, and most of the night, constantly looking for obscure and unusual words in the dictionary that would go together. This fascination and love of words - and with rhyming words especially - has never left me. This is why I continue to write my poetry from time to time. I am also very interested in pinball, [its history and evolution through the years,] Zippo Lighters, [of which I am a collector} the supernatural, article writing, the power of the mind, hypnosis, conspiracy theories, black and white photography, detective dramas [British.] Ufology, politics, the Industrial Revolution and antiques - especially antiques from the Victorian period 1837-1901, are the other things I like to write about. As a writer, I like to concentrate on subjects that I love, and that have interested me throughout my life. My tastes in music is varied, but I do like classical music, and my favorite composer is Johann Sebastian Bach and his piece 'Fuge in d''Minor'.

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