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Joined 3 years ago from Ayrshire, Scotland. Last activity 2 weeks ago.




Welcome to my bio. I retired in 2012 after many years in the safety industry.

I will not list them all but I do particularly enjoy reading about Wildlife, Transport, Astronomy, The Environment, The Paranormal, and Antiques. I also find it relaxing writing and publishing on Amazon some of my books (i.e. two !!).

I had a dream of earning enough here to start a Small Animal Sanctuary in Ayrshire (SAS-SA) but hey ho maybe one day. Earnings are so far 0.001% of requirement. Keep smiling Brian !!!

Thanks for stopping by. All comments, thoughts and ideas are very welcome.

I always love to here from people so please feel free to contact me on email via fan mail.


All material is copyrighted by me and may not be used without my formal permission except for short extracts/quotes which can be used for the purpose of comments/reviews.


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