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Hello world. I recently joined squidoo as I enjoy writing articles and hope others will enjoy reading them. I have many interests all of including coin collecting, astronomy, photography, and more. I hope you enjoy my lens and hope you will leave a comment.

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  • Can You Eat Worms

    Can You Eat Worms

    3 years ago

    Worms come in all shapes and sizes. In fact there are 4 types of worm, ribbon worms, flat worms, segmented worms and round worms, The common garden worm is a segmented worm and is no doubt what we all think of when we...

  • 7 Effects of Global Warming

    7 Effects of Global Warming

    4 years ago

    It's a hot topic these days but regardless of weather you believe Global Warming is being caused by human activity or not the general consensus is that the climate is warming. The implications of this affect not just...