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My most appropriate tagline currently, I suppose, is: Single.White.Female. On a more personal basis, however, I am the youngest of five, an aspiring writer, and a total movie buff. I'm originally from a southwestern city in Ohio, and currently just moved back home after living in Tenessee and Pennsylvania for about a year each. I'm currently a student at age 23, have earned my G.E.D, and am working to find a temporary means of income until I can get my first series off the ground, which will hopefully be within the next six to eight months. When I'm not writing on my debut novel, however, I plan to be writing articles for you lovely lot, on a wide variety of topics. I have a wide multitude of interests and hobbies, including reading, writing, film-making, music, volunteering, cooking/baking, health and wellness, housekeeping, DIY/Home Improvement, fashion and beauty, pets and animal rights, human rights, politics, and the list goes on and on!

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  • How to Make The Best Kool-Aid EVER!

    How to Make The Best Kool-Aid EVER!

    4 years ago

    I discovered this by accident - using hot water to dissolve the sugar and Kool-Aid does make for better tasting Kool-Aid though, especially after it's ice cold. For some reason, the Orange flavor seems to taste even...