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Tokay Gecko
Tokay Gecko | Source

A money buzz in Asia

There is a buzz going through Asia, some of you may already know. Rumour is that , Tokay Geckos or Giant Gecko, are worth a lot of money.. Supposedly they contain something that might can cure aids/ HIV. To what extent this rumour is true, I have yet to see. This hub is just to inform you what's going on with these Geckos at the moment,, because currently it's a hype!


For Sale 420 Gram Tokay Gecko

Potential buyers, visit
Potential buyers, visit | Source
Join the seminar from Davied Hendra
Join the seminar from Davied Hendra | Source

True or not?

Do you believe geckos are worth this much money!?!!

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The Tokay gecko is mostly found in Asia, in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc. They have a very distinctive sound, a sort of horny call.. Something like 'Toookaayy' but only faster. Hence, the name 'Tokay'. Generally, Tokays that are found in the wild will have an average length of 10" and up to 15" weighing up to 300 gram.Geckos are opportunistic eaters, and will bite anything that they see in front of them. Favorite food are crickets, but they can eat toads, pinkies (baby mice) and butterflys and the occasional bits of food as well.

Geckos are arboreal, meaning that they can hang upside down, walk on glas and jump. They are night creatures, so in the day you will rarely find one unless you see a Tokay that forget to tuck his tail in at the place where he is hiding.

You can find a lot of info here on hubpages about Tokays and I am not that of an expert that I wanna just read them down.. I have selected a few hubs for you to enjoy ;)

So how can I make money then?

Well, it will sound easier than it really is but it appears that you can make quite a bit of money with them. Before I tell you how much, have a look at this article first "Giant Gecko Worth $19million"

Now, before you run out to your local reptile store, let me tell you 'it is FAKE'! This is a big ass Tokay, but unfortunately fake. No Tokay will will ever come close to weighing 64kg, no way tookaayy..

Money can't be made then?

I didn't say that. I just want to point out that this article, which appeared even in national newspapers here in Indonesia is not true. That's all.

This article created such a buzz in Asia that people started to look for this reptile. Everyone is on the hunt for these Tokays and the local bird stores are having the best times ever! They sell crickets like crazy at the moment, because that's what these babies grow on. Whole villages in Indonesia are in search for Tokays and hope to get rich..

Money can be made, as it appears. In Indonesia there are actual businesses that consists completely out dealing with these reptiles. The Tokay has been used for ages in countries like China, Japan, Korea to treat itchy feet or other skin diseases. Some people like their Tokays with some hot sauce as well..

But, most of you probably won't be able to stomach to go to such great length let alone be able to buy a couple of hundred tokays.

The Tokays that are wanted by buyers need to be heavy, big and long. They are currently being bought under the following critera: Have a complete tail, never broken, be about 10% longer than their weight, have a bright colour, greyish and with orange/red dots, aggressive and no missing limbs. They just need to be healthy.

They are bought if these requirements are met, and the starting weight is 300-330 gram (length about 33cm) against $5000, 330-360 will get you around $25,000 and if you are able to fatten them up to 420gram you can 'expect' to get $200,000. Prices vary per buyer but to me these sound the most 'realistic'.

But are they?

Is it really true, is this not some load of stool (a reptile term for crap). Well, there is some proof, and that's Bapak Davied Hendra (bapak means mister/ sir). Mr. Hendra is known to be 'the expert' on Geckos here in Indonesia, and his abilitiy to tame tokays and get them fat and beyond is nearly unbelieveable. I have held some of his Tokays on my arm, and saw with my own eyes that they were indeed very fat and obese.

He sells them of course, and they are quite pricey. He claims also to buy them, if you meet the requirements of course. Other buyers are out there as well with some crazy prices. If I ever have one big fat tokay, I'd go with 'Big Daddy' Hendra.

Have a look at his site here: Pasartokek

At the moment he sells one for the highest bidder, a tokay buyer, who knows at what price...

I have a few friends that are also 'in the game' and travel extensively to chase these bigger ones. Official accountancy documents, lawyers, I have seen all the stuff so people are serious about it.

So if it is maybe true, where's the catch?

The catch is in taking care of the tokays. They are extremely sensitive, and get stressed out of their little minds if care is not taken. If you just put them in a regular cage, maybe would or glass they wouldn't get big. Why, because they keep running around and that is like exercising for these little fellas.

You need a place that prevents them from walking around sit in one place all day. Poor little creatures, maybe, I don't know.

Once adapted to a specific place, they need to eat, A LOT! And, that's catch number two. Like humans, we can't all muster an appetite like sumo wrestler. They need to be so happy and hungry somehow that they eat a targeted amount of food. Stimuli can be used, like honey and sugar, but it is not a guarantee that they will eat. And if they eventually eat (they can go without food for weeks, so you need to be patient here) it is not sure if they will like eating so much that they eat each and everyday enough to end up big enough to sell.

Another catch is that the bigger they get, the more obese and the faster they die. Yes, that's a bit of a sad fact but that's how it is. So, how happy you are when you have a big fat gecko and aiming for that weight, and suddenly you find your gecko hanging dead in his cage :(

So, that's about it, I think you are now well informed about something you might or might not be interested in. To the very least I hope it entertained you a bit ;)


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Geckoman 6 years ago

That is the biggest Tokay gecko I've ever seen!

jack 6 years ago

i got a 200+ grams Giant Gecko

...who want?? i can sell me if u want...send me ur price...

jose ross cuevas 6 years ago

i have a good condition gecko,weighing about 250 grams,plz call me in this number 09239996971

profile image

maryfil 5 years ago

i have 7 gecko weighing 250 grams....

pls. email me at

or contact me +639263941363

profile image

icygecko 5 years ago

i've been trying to open the website of Davied but it wont.

profile image

davao tuko onboad 5 years ago

hi i have gecko ranging from 200gm to 400gms i need a serious buyer. email me your price and i will send you the pictures i have about 20pcs healthy and in good condition. thank you. this is my email add 5 years ago


profile image

miicoh24 5 years ago from philippines

good day sir,. i have a tokay gecko about only 100 grams to 250grms,.how much price of this? just contct me this # +639325581905 or email me at from: philippines cebu

buyer. 5 years ago

if wanna buy tokek 380gm above...anybody want to sell their tokek

..please call +60139701157

kenny 5 years ago

you people are retarded.tokays are a delicacy above all in asia and they're plentiful and dirt cheap at the moment.hopefully this bullshit doesn't drive them to extinction.they're highly aggressive and not meant for the typical pet owner if you want a "lap dog".if you do own a reptile,show it respect and take care of it well.i own multiple specimens of herps and im no novice to the trade.

Helal 5 years ago

If anybody wanna sale geckho please contact me on

mike 5 years ago

I have a lot of geckos 330-450 gram for sale

I want buyer

contact me 66846562227

Need Real Buyer 5 years ago

i have a 2 stoned gecko 5.2kgs and 10.1kgs anyone interested pls bid me your price so i can send you updated pictures complete details... for serious and direct client only. thank you

christopher 4 years ago

STOP FARMING TOKAYS!!!! They're awesome lizards and should be shown the same level of care as cats or dogs. Anyone trying to profit off the death and torture of these geckos should be locked up

mac 4 years ago

hi buddy I have a 1000 kg weight crocodiles, anyone interested can contact me.

ABDUS SALAM 4 years ago

I have a good condition gecko,weighing about 400.5 grams, 23" & 7"plz call me in this number 0088 01670754359,+01670754359

nayem hasan 4 years ago

I am Hasan Nayem from Dhaka,

Bangladesh, i have collected some gecko & preserving them in my

facility located in Chittagong. they are of many dimensions, 300 to 340

gram(17 piece) 340 to 390 gram( 6 piece), 1 of 460 gram, 1 of 435gram, 1

of 510gram,I believe they are very rare & precious species so i

believe your pricing needs to be revised, let me know how do you

proceed.if the deal is fair & successful then ill manage more for

you.but we need at least 1 trial deal of a piece 300 to 340 gram,and the

main term is you have to pay cash in dollar or euro at the time of

confirmation of buying,you are to check the condition of these at your

presence & take spot buying decision. I am giving u the

specification of 1 unit for further proceeding.

Weight : 326 gram

Length: 19 inch

Chest: 6.5 inch

*Minimum Order Quantity

*Your delivery time

*Payment terms

If you feel interested about the deal please contact me

Thank you

nayementerprise(at)yahoo.... c....o..m

110, Shahid Tajuddin Ahammed Shorony, Moghbazar

Dhaka-1217 Bangladesh.

Mob: 00-88- 01819270277

Mobile: +8801972424192 (English & Thai)

HIV Cure Spike Demand For Tokay Gecko In Southeast Asia.

Indian geckos are in high demand for HIV 'cures'

Smugglers target lizard for HIV, cancer 'cure'

Roni Munshi 4 years ago

I have Tokay Gecko ranging from 200gm to 400gms i need a serious buyer. email me your price and and other details. I have about 10pcs healthy and in good condition. thank you. this is my email add and ph- +91-9153266198

wasimarfan 4 years ago

i wanna sell my tokay gecko also i have party to buy and sell contact my friend number 09085564405

Indiana 4 years ago

hi. I have found an interesting blog about gecko trading, take a look in

J.M.Waqas 3 years ago


I have Leopard geckos , its weight starts from 96 gm , so i wanna sale .

Would you like to buy

Reply as soon as possible . I belong to Pakistan




sandy 3 years ago

I have two gecko in bukidnon Philippines 350 grams 15.5 inches in length and 320 grams measuring 15 inches. For serious buyer ,contact redcode_alex

sameer 3 years ago

Hi This is sam from pakistan karachi. I have 2 piece of leopard geckos 200gm. I want to sale. Contact me.. cell# +923472001132

wahab 3 years ago

hello I want 100 to 150 gram or above the and I want to sale my 60 gram leopard gecko my cell number from Pakistan


Asad Khattak 3 years ago

I have several leopard geckos, varying in weight from 45 gm to 114 gm. Any one interested in buying can contact me. My cell no. 00923156660961

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agentburnok 2 years ago

i have a tokay gecko.. 1.8 kilograms.. pls email me.. true buyers only.. no hocus pocus please.. prices should be reasonable enough and believable. No box to the moon prices please.. Manila Philippines.. +639174709073 or email me @ thanks..

iftikhar ch 2 years ago

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manab pande 2 years ago

I want to real tokay gecko buyers . Plz.. contuct

manab pande 2 years ago

I have tokay gecko 150 grm. Plz contuct me true buyer's only . My mail id

fariz 2 years ago

did any body success to sell tokay or leopard gecko.

fariz 2 years ago

true answer..

takuram 22 months ago

Hi, I have tokay geckos 17 inch weight 350 gram from north east India email me in or +918132886215..

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