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Yes, I AM better than you!
Yes, I AM better than you!


In my life, I have been told, animals have loved me and I they. My family has become so accustomed to my "gift" that they keep animals away from me, in case I decide they need saving. In my crib slept Cookie, an orange tabby that would hiss if she didn't know the person coming to my crib. I was a newborn. My first son had a black and white cat in his crib who behaved the very same way. He is also an animal person. My youngest is coming around though he likes to complain, I have found him wondering around the house trying to locate all three cats.

Since then have come many animals, not just pets in my life. The giraffe that wound it's tongue around my hand and ate my pimento cheese sandwich. The elephant that wound it's trunk around my wrist and wanted me to come into it's area. The zookeeper wouldn't allow it. I was sad. i was probably saved from being stomped.

Volunteering at the zoo brought me close to camels. They are a special, very smart, albeit dirty animal. They would watch as I cleaned the excrement from their nighttime area and as I cleaned the water tank and refilled it. They looked as if I was entirely responsible for their mess and I was. I loved them but they were nasty, mean tempered, big things.

I would fret over animals that were starving and resentful of my parents if they would not feed them.(Sometimes we would, but not as often as i would have liked) I still feel that resentment, so I save them. I try to save all that I can at whatever cost. That leads to some really big squabbles with my husband. I can take him. (I also carry a can of food wherever I go.)


A pitbull (yes a pitty) was in the road, a cop hitting him with a long club. Of course, I intervened!  I called the dog and he came to me. The police lady asked if he was mine and I said no but I would fix the problem. (Luckily i didn't get a knock on my door!) And I did, I found a lovely home were he is the only pet . Something he needed. i am still in contact with the lady and he is a great protector and sweet, little boy.

Psycho Kitty

All of these animals and others have taught me lessons in kindness, patience and hard headedness. I have also learned compassion and empathy and not just me to them but they to me. When my Stepmom died I was inconsolable. A cat that I had fought with my husband about (a former feral mind you) came to me and patted me on the shoulder. Actually touched me and cried herself. She was a cat I found at Home Depot. Those that worked there were not allowed to feed her and begged me to take her. Since she had come into my arms, much to their disbelief, I carried her out the door and told my complaining husband tagging behind me to keep quiet, this was indeed going to happen. She lived in our garage for six months. The day she finally came in she brought me a rat. She has been a special little cat and what a wonderful gift!

There are so many stories in my life, and since I have found a place to write, I am sure many old memories of my animal experiences will crop up in my mind and onto these pages.

Blessed Be

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Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Great hub! The part about Cookie reminded me of the old wives' tale about cats sneaking into baby's rooms and stealing their breath! What rubbish. I love cats..and camels, even though I fell off one once. Look forward to more of your zoo tales.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 7 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Thanks, I have a LOT of animal stories.

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