20 Fun & Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats in world history are as prevalent more so than dogs. They have been loved, worshipped, and hated for thousands of years. Each culture that contained them had different ideas about the foundations of cats.

1. Cats have a tendency to eat grass. This is a natural occurrence that many outdoor cats seem to do when they have a stomach ache. It also helps loosen the phlegm that could be resulting in a fur ball or a sore throat.

2. Cats have a variety of location on the tongue that helps them taste. The taste of sour, sweet, and sugary is usually avoided. This was an ingrained in the natural habitats to help them prevent poisoning.

3. When a cat is feeling unwell, you will usually notice that it starts to develop a “third Eye” this is normally called a Haw.

4. Cats have great hearing and a distinct sense of smell. This is why cats generally do not like to go to the bathroom in a dirty litter box.

5. One way to prevent a cat from going into a certain location is to make it smell bad to them One way to do this is with a lemon or orange scent since this is a cats most unappealing smell.

6. Do not use ammonia based products to clean up cat areas. If, you do this can be considered another place a cat will go to the bathroom.

7. Newborn kittens are generally born with blue eyes. They will change color as they grow older.

8. A cat has a great sense of emotion on how a person feels. If, you have a depressive episode the effects of your depression can influence your cat’s mood.

9. Cats will often show trust in relationship to their owner by snoring or rolling on their backs in a submissive state.

10. A cats body temperature is usually quite high compared to humans they run at about 102 degrees.

11. The largest breed of domestic cat is the Ragdoll cat. The smallest of the domestic cat is the Singapura.

12. Cats number more than 500 million in the world. The domestic cat is the largest type of cat found in many homes.

13. Most homes in the US with have both a cat and a dog.

14. Cats tend to get hairballs while they are cleaning themselves. This is typical in a long haired cat more often so they need constant brushing.

15. Sir Isaac Newton, was a true cat lover he even invented the first kitty door so then could come and go as they please

16. Cats are the cleanest animals on earth They reguarly bath tthemsleves to keep clean.

17. Cats have a tendency to hate water. However, when there are fish involved they may just dive right in.

18. Cat’s are very curiouse creatures it is not surprising to find my cat in a randome box or bag hiding.

19. Cats are almost human at least they think they are

20. Cats love to scratch on furniture but applying alittle bit of citrus will keep yout furniture looking like new.

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tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa

pretty good, but i must disagree with a couple of points. cats DO like sweet things, especially ice cream. and in the video it says cats almost never meow to another cat only humans. this is not true, we have seventeen cats right now and they often meow to each other, sometimes in greeting, sometimes expressing their affection for each other, sometimes in anger at the other and when one bites to hard the other will meow like we would say OW!. and most people see a cat roll over on its back and think this means the cat wants a tummy rub, and maybe some do, but most cats do not like their tummy rubbed. when they learn to trust someone deeply, they may accept tummy rubs and in so doing learn they like it. but most cats dont like their tummy handled. however cats simply adore their chests to be rubbed and scratched.

nice hub, keep up the good work.

Kadmiels profile image

Kadmiels 4 years ago from Florida Author

thanks it is always great to hear from fello cat lovers thanks for the extra tips. I guess it depends on alot of the cats own personality

Lucky Cats profile image

Lucky Cats 4 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

Very interesting points about cats. As a bona fide cat woman, I can attest to most of these first hand. Thank you for sharing your observations about my favorite animal on earth.

quicksand profile image

quicksand 4 years ago

Being a cat liker myself, I find it impossible to believe that cats could be "hated for thousands of years." As I've always been saying, "cats is the goodlookingest animals on this planet!"

Well, I agree with timgcaa70's response to what the video says about cats reserving their "meow" for only humans. Citing a very recent observation, when the kittens call out for the cat, she responds with a very affectionate sounding "ngyaeow" and goes to them.

I also have reason to believe that cats understand everything that happens around them and their moods could be clearly understood by the tone of their meows.

Voted up and interesting too. Cheers!

Lipnancy profile image

Lipnancy 4 years ago from Hamburg, New York

I enjoyed your hub very much. They say cats can feel and see things before we can.

Kadmiels profile image

Kadmiels 4 years ago from Florida Author

maybe it is just my cats. they never meow to each other only hiss when fighting lol.

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