$4000 Reward For Dismembered Philadelphia Dog

$4000 reward on Chico who was found dead from mutilation in Pennsylvania.
$4000 reward on Chico who was found dead from mutilation in Pennsylvania. | Source

$4000 Reward For Dismembered Philadelphia Dog

A 3-year old husky dog has been murdered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the police and PSPCA need your help in identifying the killers. Please read this story and do whatever you can to pass it around. The reward on information leading to the arrest and conviction to person or persons responsible has now risen to $4000.

This is the most horrific case of animal death I've ever written on. Chico, a 3-year old husky and family pet belonging to Gabriella Ovadia was found on Monday in two places. You're reading this correctly. The poor dog was cut in half.

This crime took place sometime between Friday, October 22, 2010 when Chico went missing from his home and Monday., October 25, 2010

Click here for a video on the story.

The upper body of Chico was found on the back porch of the residence of a home in the 200 block of Byberry Road in the Somerton section of Philadelphia. The property owner, Sheri Verdon, found the head and front paws on her porch Monday, October 25. Sheri believes that a man who vandalized her home half a dozen times could be responsible for the dog's mutilation and death. Needless to say, miss Verdon is very frightened and upset by this horrific crime.

The family of Gabriella Ovadia, who live nowhere near the Somerton area, had to go to the PSPCA on Monday and identify what was left of their beloved dog.

Police announced Thursday the hind quarters of Chico were found Monday along the railroad tracks at Bustleton and Haldeman Avenues. He'd been hit by a train.

Reports that a saw was used to cut the dog in half haven't been confirmed, but hopefully tests will be able to show whether Chico was alive at the time he was dismembered.

The authorities are hoping someone in the area may have seen something. Readers, people who are sick enough to do this kind of abuse usually brag about it to someone. PLEASE keep your ears open for information on who is responsible and let's see they are punished.

PSPCA Agency Chief Operating Officer Marc Peralta said tips can be made at 866-601-SPCA (7722).


Elisa Black-Taylor is a regular contributor at www.pictures-of-cats.org

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Paula amos  6 years ago

I hope karma vists this person many times over i am revolted by this!!!! true evil!!!

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

Amen. I hope someone hears a buddy bragging about it and turns them in for the money. It's sad but money talks. It also gets this article read because such a large amount is being offered.

billy 6 years ago

the peson how did this should be shot in the head either that or get cut in half like the sick basterd did to that dog if someone will do that to an anamail they do that to a human

Anabell  6 years ago

I Im just wonder whats make this "monster" do this to inocent creature, i hoope they found, this monster and he will get the punish he deserv

Aussie 6 years ago

I am sickened to the core, people like this need to be shown the full arm of the law on these crimes. My deepest sympathies to the family on the loss of a wonderful companion.

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

I'll let everyone know when I hear anything about an arrest or a reward increase. A lot of the time a reward does go us.

Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 6 years ago from USA

All I can say is that this crime is disgusting.

Esther 6 years ago

Of course I'm just thinking out loud here, but it sure sounds like Chico's killer is indeed the man who was breaking in that woman's house. OMG, I hope the police are investigating this actively and that they question this man. Anyone who vandalizes someone's home that many times should be considered a suspect in something this horrible.

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

Please keep this circulating. As of now killer still on the loose. Someone had to have come home VERY bloody on this one. There's no way it went unnoticed.

profile image

Jordan_Koss 6 years ago

That is very sad and disgusting. I hope the person responsible is caught.

Nightblade profile image

Nightblade 6 years ago from Tualatin

There are some really horrible people out there. People who would do anything to hurt another living creature. Sadly they could easily disposed of the evidence. I do hope they find the person or people responsible for such a horrible act.

Relationshipc profile image

Relationshipc 6 years ago from Alberta, Canada

This sent shivers down my body. What kind of person can do this? But I suppose the fact that he will 'brag' about it will hopefully end in his capture. I sure hope so.

stephanie mclain profile image

stephanie mclain 6 years ago from Texas

I feel awful for this woman! I cannot fathom the trauma she must be going through right now. I hope that this sicko is picked up soon. Anyone that will do this kind of thing is seriously mentally unstable. He needs to be off the streets before he turns to humans as his next victim!

K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 6 years ago from Northern, California

I can not imagine how anyone can do such a thing. My heart is just broken over the thought of the fear this poor dog must have endured. Humans can be so cruel.

I must go hug my dog right now...

Up,shared and emailed!


KEN H 6 years ago


Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

Oh how awful, I like the majority of people find these awful deeds so bad that I cannopt find words to describe it.

I have only just found you on here and I am going to read another of your hubs before I pop back over to mine.

A well written hub.

Take care Elisa.

Samuel 6 years ago

Well, I can personally say, if he is not found, karma will get him, and perhaps he himself will be run over by a train.

My dearest prayers to you, Gabriella

Victoria 6 years ago

R.I.P. Chico.

Fielding Mellish 6 years ago

This person is sick, and needs to be apprehended. I think I'll go hug my dog now too.

Daniel 6 years ago

Outraged, doesn’t even come close to echoing my total disgust! This monster needs to be caught, and personally dealt with, i.e. Removing his scrotum, severing his Achilles tendons, and applying a concentrated form of acid to his sadistic eyes, prior to calling the police. Although not nearly enough, that would be of some consolation for Chico’s demise. My heart and sympathies are with you Gabriella; R.I.P dearest Chico.

Rhuan 6 years ago

Way to go Daniel, I echo your sentiments. I gotta go hug and kiss both my dogs.

Richard H. Crocker II 6 years ago

As a volunteer with my local humane society and a member of the human race, I am sickened and outraged at this report. I have no doubt that GOD will handle this person accordingly. "Vengence is mine" sayeth the Lord.

profile image

patspnn 6 years ago from NYC

Thoroughly discusting. I hope they catch the creep

macheist profile image

macheist 6 years ago

So sick!, who let the dog out?

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

I don't know whether the family let it out and it didn't come back or whether someone snatched it. Dogs are even safe in their own back yards anymore.

sandra 6 years ago

I can't belive!!! i hope they'll find this monster

theherbivorehippi profile image

theherbivorehippi 6 years ago from Holly, MI

this is just devastating! I can't imagine this happening to my dogs. This person needs to be cut into tiny pieces. This is so disturbing because as the weather gets colder my dogs sleep outside as much as they can (Malamutes). So, even in the winter sometimes I can't bribe them in before I go to sleep as they're curled u together in a snow bank in the yard. It is unthinkable that something so tragic could happen to them in my own yard. I mean, I like to think this would never happen in my neighborhood but you never really know.

Fran 6 years ago

It's just taking so long to find this guy. I check on this every day and still nothing and local Philly news doesn't even report on this any more. I hope someone turns in this creep soon. I just can't imagine how or why anyone could do this to a beautiful and defenseless animal. I am praying every day for Chico and his Family and hope that justice will be done very soon.

profile image

sfounds 6 years ago

What are the police doing in this matter? Have they checked out any of the leads that they have so far? I wonder who will ultimately answer for this disgusting abhorrent murder. Unbelievable.

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