4H Horse Project Games

Children can learn valuable skills and knowledge when taking on a horse project in 4-H. Playing games is an interactive way to learn during riding meetings as well as book meetings. Hands on as well as academic games teach skills and promote confidence for 4-H horse projects. The four h's in 4-H stand for head, heart, hands and health and bringing greater service to the world.

Riding Meeting Games

Practicing and competing at a riding meeting gives the leader and older more experienced children the opportunity to help other riders. Similar to a schooling show or gaming event children within the club can compete and see who does the best or gets the fastest time. Going through the paces of the real show in a learning environment is very educational for the children. Some examples of activities are having the children groom the horses and dress as if they were going to attend an actual horse show or fair event. Judging them on their showmanship (horse in hand) skills as well as their equitation (riding the horse through a pattern) skills. Having the children judge each other gives them a better awareness of where they might need to improve with their own horse and prepares them for judging competitions at County Fair. .

Record-Book Meeting Games

Games that teach horse knowledge are great to include in record-book meetings. Playing trivia games with a group of children helps them show their horse knowledge and learn what they might not have known. Including questions about horse tack, colors, breeds and general care questions keeps it interesting and educational. Having a bridle and saddle on display and playing name that part helps the children memorize them. Games on paper such as word scramble, matching and crossword games also enriches the meeting. Some children are shy and don't feel comfortable asking questions and these games and activities help them through that by answering some of their questions.

Competing With Other Clubs

Competing with another 4H club in both horseback and non-horseback games can be a lot of fun and gives the children a chance to show off what they have learned. Hosting a mini gaming event for another club to participate in helps the children see what it takes to put on an event. Including jumping games for the children who prefer English style riding and barrel racing for the western riders is a fun way to mix it up and give some children the opportunity to try different events. Team the clubs up to compete in an educational round of horse trivia.

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ieee final year project ideas 5 years ago

Interesting one , it will be very tempting to watch it live...

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mallen1227 5 years ago

Thanks for the information. Our family is involved in 4-H also. It is such a wonderful organization.

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mepperly 5 years ago from Vancouver,WA Author

You are so welcome.

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