5 Tips for Successful Mice Extermination

Mice extermination is being widely resorted to these days following the menace caused by the rodents. Mouse is one of the most common rodents that are able to survive in sub-zero temperatures and pester the residents of homes and apartments with their presence. Having a mice problem is quite common in cities.

Not only do they bite wallpaper, furniture and other household products, but also leave their droppings almost anywhere. One should not forget the fact that mice are carriers of many diseases and illnesses too. All these factors make mice extermination an extreme necessity.

Make sure to inspect your attic…Because having mice in the attic is very common.

There are various methods being used these days for this purpose. Here are few of them

1. Mouse Trap…If your house has less number of these rodents, you can use an ordinary "cheap and cheerful" mousetrap. For bait you can use fresh fragrant bread. Mice are attracted to the smell of ripe grain and seeds. Good clamping bait should sprinkle a drop of sesame oil or vegetable oil on it to better attract the mice.

However, there are some significant disadvantages with this method. First of all there is a possibility of the rat coming back to your house in case it is not dropped quite far away from the house. Secondly, it cannot deal with a large number of rodents since one trap can accommodate only a single mouse. Thirdly, it has also been seen that the mice become aware of such traps after one of their companion gets caught!

2. Household remedies…There are a large number of household remedies intended to get rid of mice menace. For example, ash scattered on the floor at places where rodents are generally expected to visit causes allergy in them and compels them to retreat to another location in haste. You can mix corn or flour with broken glass and plaster, roll into balls and put it at various places in the house. This is also very instrumental in keeping them at bay.

3. Poisoning…Toxic substances are often added to water or food acting as a bait to kill mice. Among the poisons that work instantaneously especially popular are Zinc Phosphide, Phosphine and Coumarin.

4. Biological control…This is an ancient mice control method. It is the most environmentally friendly method too as it does not involve use of poisons and handling dead rats. It involves getting a rat predator viz. a Cat into the house which is an enemy of rodents. However, only a few manage to get rid of this scourge by this method since not all cats can become real predators hunting for mice.

5. Ultrasonic Waves…This is by far one of the most effective methods and is completely safe for humans. Modern mice repellents emit a sound signal that is not perceived by the human ear but rodents can absolutely not stand it. These waves torment the mice continuously and make them very nervous. This forces the rodents to vacate the place where the ultrasonic waves are being emitted. This method works great for exterminating rodents.

The ill effects of the presence of rodents are known to all. These tips on mice extermination can prove very useful; however few cautions need to be exercised while handling rat poison, mice traps and other devices. Also, the kids and pets in the house need to be kept under supervision while the rat extermination methods have been put into action.


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