A Monkey Story

If you have ever landed at Jabalpur airport, you would know that the runway lies on a plateau. A landing is possible only if the pilot makes a visual sighting. During the monsoons this becomes even more critical. As it transpired one rainy morning,we heard the aircraft through the cloud cover, only to realise that it was not coming in to land. What this meant was, that I would have to double back to the office, pick up the old Ambassador car and head for Raipur by road. The annual tender for Conveyor Belting at Bhilai Steel plant worth some Rs 3 crore was due the following day. There was no other way to reach Raipur in time. Luckily my colleague Parmesh Puri was headed there too. I would have company on the long drive.

Now in case you are wondering what is the connection between a Steel plant tender and a monkey, let me relate this to you quickly. It did’nt take us long to get the car on the road. We hit Seoni midway between Jabalpur and Nagpur on NH 7 a little past 3 pm and decided to stop for a late lunch at a dhaba on the Highway.

Just as we were about to start digging into the dal and tandoori chicken, along came a man with a baby monkey tied to a rope. It suddenly struck me that the monkey would make a great playmate for my daughters aged 4 and 2 years. Ofcourse after taking necessary precautions like vaccinating the monkey so there would be no danger of rabies and the like to anyone. So I asked the man whether he would like to sell the monkey. After initial refusal, he did a rethink and as we were about to finish our meal, offered to sell the monkey in exchange for an Amitabh Bachchan film song cassette. On my explaining that this condition was physically impossible for me to fulfill, he agreed to give the monkey, which he clarified was a female, for Rs 40/- which translated roughly into the value of the cassette.

Having taken delivery, I nonchalantly tied the rope to the rear door handle, figuring that she would settle down after some initial monkey tricks and enjoy the car ride. But how wrong was I. Not only did the monkey refuse to settle down, she proceeded to rip the car apart, bit by bit. Just went berserk. Jumping around, shrieking, squeaking, chattering, howling (what do little monkeys do anyway?). Tearing the upholstery, hanging precariously out of the window, crapping and pissing (who could imagine a little thing like that could have such prodigious output?). The rear window had to be kept open for monkey’s sake. It was monsoon time so the rain, sometimes heavy, sometimes just steady, poured in to add to our woes.

This went on virtually non-stop all the way from Seoni to Raipur. The distance isn't more than 200 odd km but the monsoon and road contractors conspired as always, to ensure that the drive took 10 hours.

There I was, driving through thick sheets of rain, in totally dark surroundings, passing through forests and unlit villages on an unfamiliar road, with one crazy monkey jumping all over the place, depositing excreta at will. Forming puddles with his piss. With a valiant colleague trying to prevent the monkey from jumping onto me. Total chaos. This may sound funny now, but it really wasn't then.

Anyway, we finally arrived at Raipur. At three in the morning. Bone-weary, dog-tired (monkey-tired?), ears shattered, noses blocked. At the Mayura Hotel, where we were regulars, I tackled the next issue. What to do with the monkey while we were away at Bhilai. Luckily one of the waiters agreed to keep her for the two days we expected to be away. I never found out what befell the waiter, nor did I venture to.

A couple of days later, we were ready to leave for Jabalpur. Leaving the monkey behind at Raipur was an option I did’nt even consider. Hopefully she had got used to riding in a car, I thought, and would behave in a more sedate manner. But again I was grossly wrong. If anything, she was even more hyper (if that was possible at all). Jumping and shrieking and all the aforementioned things. Finally, twelve hours later, we were home.

I opened the door and proudly told my wife “See what I brought for the girls”. Dramatically standing aside for her to get a look at the monkey. Followed by a shriek of horror. “Have you gone mad?” she said. “I won’t allow such a thing inside the house. What if it bites the girls? It is a wild animal you know.” My entreaties fell on deaf ears. No sympathy for the brave effort to bring the monkey to Jabalpur. No award for surviving the life-threatening drive. No nothing. Except to face the next issue – where would the monkey go now? We could’nt just let it free. The neighbourhood dogs would have killed it. After several hours of reasoning, my wife agreed we could keep her tied on the roof of our small duplex. But only till such time someone could be found to look after it.

The girls christened the monkey Basanti, after the popular heroine of Sholay. But unlike Hema Malini, our Basanti didn't end up marrying Dharmendra. She did however find a home and may even have ended up acting in a film. She certainly exhibited the talent for it.

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Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

Don't suppose any of us will let you forget this in a long time!

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago Author

What else would you expect a good sardar to do? Haha

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago Author

Hey FP are'nt you going to comment on this one?

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 7 years ago from India

Hehe, indeed I am! See what happens when you monkey around?

By the way, hope you've noticed how Shal and I seem to be your most devoted commenters!

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago Author

For which I am most grateful FP. Your comments are always eagerly awaited - I know a laugh can't be far behind

jayb23 profile image

jayb23 7 years ago from India

Lovely Hub. Enjoyed it completely

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago Author

Thanks jayb23. Hope I will be able to write some more stuff which you like

Isabel Wiesmann 7 years ago

Such unforgettable stories can only be written by special and unforgettable people!!! most unbelievable that this is a true story.................congrats on your writing talent....and your great sense of humoour ......hope to read more soon!!!!!! isabel

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago Author

Thank you so much Isabel. I am glad you enjoyed reading this.

minhminh 7 years ago

Aawwe Sabu, how sweet and hilarious! I too wanted to have a baby monkey as a

pet but with five cats and a dog my parenst thought it was being very unreasonable. But they are so endearing these baby monkeys in India. I remember the ones on Jakhu Hill, Shimla, swinging on their little swings, looking into my Dad's pockets for food and many other antics. Just like you to have brought one home for your daughters! I dreamt of one thing; .. that my husband and my son should see these monkeys in India because I had told them so many stories. In fact they did and my husband has a beautiful photo which he took at Amber Fort of a monkey sitting and eating a garland of marigolds. People here can't get over it.

As a new fan I'm trying to read all your hubs hence these late comments...

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago Author

Thanks Minhminh. The monkeys in Shimla could be really threatening. In retrospect my wife was quite correct in booting Basanti out (wives always are, aren't they?).

BTW, I have a little video of a langur trailing a bicycle. When I saw him , he was actually sitting on the rear seat of the bicycle. Unfortunately by the time I got my handycam out, he had decided he wnated to stretch his legs. Langurs are used to frighten monkeys away.

minhminh 7 years ago

I didn't know that about the langurs being used to frighten monkeys away. I know about the mongoose and the snakes.You've got such interesting photos and videos of nature and wildlife. Have you ever thought of putting them all onto a site so that we can all enjoy them. I'm learning so much about nature and wildlife from you and of course I'm going to use all your knowledge to impress the others here! Don't worry I'll tell them how I'm so knowledgeabale. You have the copyright.

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago Author

That was funny minhminh.

If you are willing to subject yourself to some torture, I shall send you some clips. BTW I also have a very cute one of a mongoose (now please don't mention an elephant because I don't have any, lol)

minhminh 7 years ago

I am willing to subject myself to some torture for the sake of knowledge. So you can send the clips. I just hope I have the soft ware to see them!

sanjana 7 years ago

thank u for this story

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago Author

Glad you enjoyed it Sanjana

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