A Morning With MY ADHD American Eskimo "Puppy"

To make the long part of the story short, my 17 year old Pomeranian who weighed in at around 12 lbs passed in March. In my desperate search to find just the right little guy to help heal my heart, I was brought to an American Eskimo sight. I thought, this is it. This is the kind I want. And, I want a TOY eskie...not a mini or standard because it'll look very similar to my little Stimp (the pom).

So, I get with the breeder, pick out a puppy and he is delivered to me in May. Well you can see that while it is true he is an "Eskie".....he sure as heck is not a toy. He is closer to being a standard than an toy. Don't think the breeder, who I believe is in the puppy mill business, didn't hear what I had to say. Regardless of his seeming affliction to gigantism, weighing in at 16 lbs and 14 inches at the whither, AT 6 MOS of age, I love this little "knuckle head" more than anything.

He has a very big heart, a huge personality, is fearless, and barks ALOT. He tears through the house when he is brought in, destroying or looking to destroy everything he can get his little mouth on.

Anyway, on to the main story....(for those of you wondering about dogs and cat poo(p) you'll love this!!) My fiance and I go out to dinner on Thursday night. Okay, we stayed out maybe a wee bit too late. I get up on Friday for my morning coffee and to work from home. It was snowing so I bring the little guy in...Timmy is his name, a derivative of "STIMP" (my pom).

Alright so I've got a little headache, am not movin too fast but all is well. I currently have a cat box (you know where THIS is going) in my main floor bathroom becaue I am training a new kitten. I am usually "Joanny on the spot" when it comes to flushing the solid matter down the toilet when it appears. I was about to do that as soon as I was don't going to the bathroom myself. Before I could get 'er finished up, Timmy comes screaming into the bathroom, grabs the solid waste from the cat box into his mouth and starts running....and I'm not talking "clip clop clip clop"...I'm talking breakneck speed through my house. If you can't quite get the vision, we have a dog with cat poop in his mouth pealing through my house. Running circles around the couch, coffee tables, running up and down the stairs, leaping over the cats and will eventually master his trick of sliding though my hands like a greased pig when I try to catch him.

And, you all know you can't "chase" a dog because then it becomes a game. Everytime I took a single step in his direction, he'd take off again. Several times he stopped and laid his mouth watering nuggets onto the carpet for the feast. As I'm hurdling over the furniture and other small animals and screeching "NOOOOO!", he'd pick up his prize and take off again. So much for the peaceful morning with coffee, work and easing into the day. He's not necessarily been through obedience training so won't stop on a dime like my shep does if you call his name. I got tired of the game....looked at my shep, Mia, and said in a pathetic whimper, "could you please go an get him?". She went after him and when I want him, she takes him down by the nape of his neck (very gently...best shep I've ever had) so I can "retrieve" whatever it is the little monkey has in his mouth. Alright, problem solved. Bath time now.

Bath time. Oh relaxing bath time.You be amazed how "un" relaxing it is when you've got a dog with ADHD running through your house like an elephant and then the shep gets involved. They are wrestling and taking each other down like two high school wrestlers at the state finals. At any rate, Timmy propels into the bathroom and finds me in the tub...I can see in his eyes, his thought "oh, she's in some sort of liquid with foam....I bet she can't move too fast with that action goin' on." He was right. I finally gave up. I watched in horror as he pulled my underwear around the room. That game ended uneventfully, but through the corner of my eye I saw him zipping through my bedroom with something pink in color in his mouth. At that point, I said "screw it. Momma's got a headache, I'll deal with it later."

I sat back in my warm tub, took a sip of coffee (which was lava hot, BTW), and dreamed of a more quiet times. I never did find out what that "pink" thing was that he so gleefully stole from my bedroom.©

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AshleyNikole profile image

AshleyNikole 7 years ago from Virginia

He sounds like a Eskimo Marley!

Joe 7 years ago

Well at least we know his hyperactivity won't last forever. I think he should calm down/mature in a short two or three years.

Aqua profile image

Aqua 7 years ago from California

aw...he's SO cute! Hang in there - he'll grow up one day. :-)

Mary 7 years ago

New exercise program perhaps?

AshleyNikole profile image

AshleyNikole 7 years ago from Virginia

I would love to help you, I love, and know all my dog breeds. Let me do some research and by a couple of hours I'll have a hub ready for you. How does that sound? :)

Kathy 7 years ago

You are having too much fun!

Stimp profile image

Stimp 7 years ago from Upper Midwest Author

Ashley...thanks for the info...

Mary: Yes, and it's hard to give him the proper exercise now that its snowing. I have taught him to walk on the treadmill, though.\

kathy: yes, tons of fun.

Stimp profile image

Stimp 7 years ago from Upper Midwest Author

Update: my gigantic Toy eskie is no longer white after being outside in the mud after the snow a few days ago. But his halloween costume is him in a "mullet" wig with a Vikings skirt on. Now how cute is that gonna be?

startinganewhub 7 years ago

so nice eskie..

Krissymac profile image

Krissymac 7 years ago

Oh my I feel the same way you do I also have a little eskie that happends to be my little knuckle head. he is my baby and I simply don't know what I'd do without him

robboz 7 years ago from Australia

I would happily have given away my black lab when she was about 6 months old as she was terrible, she used to hang off my daughters pigtails!! but 6 months on she is a fantastic dog(most of the time) - won't be long

Chrissy 7 years ago

Congrats on your puppy! I have 2 Eskies (5yrs and almost 6 yrs old) and would love to answer any questions you have-I love them like crazy and my husband and I will probably always have an Eskie. They are hyper and challenging but a wonderful breed.

My male is almost 30lbs (standard) but he was much lighter and less furrier until he matured (over a year old) so don't worry about the furr, you won't know for sure until his is older. My female (also a standard) is more petite and weighs about 25lbs. Her coat never became as furry as my other Eskie's (or as furry as it should be I suppose).

Definitely work with him as early as possible with obedience and eventually agility (my male loves it-and we discovered it only this year).

mistywild profile image

mistywild 7 years ago from Houston, TX (Proud Texan)

I have 3 ADHA yorkies, painful sometimes, but for the most part cute as can be.

Stimp profile image

Stimp 7 years ago from Upper Midwest Author

I agree.....he's my little funny monkey.

kiwi gal profile image

kiwi gal 7 years ago

Wonderful thing about dogs is they give love unconditionally. This one looks like he will give you years of just this along with much laughter.

Stimp profile image

Stimp 7 years ago from Upper Midwest Author

Yes, laughter is his main characteristic. thanks.

Cleanclover profile image

Cleanclover 7 years ago from Piece of land!

Be careful with dogs. I had one which chewed all my slippers and furniture.

Stimp profile image

Stimp 7 years ago from Upper Midwest Author

Yes, he's started on the coffee table this evening. May bring on the tobasco.

Denno66 7 years ago

It's great just how much, er, happiness these little critters bring into our lives, huh? I've got a Cairn Terrier I suspect came from a puppy mill too. I love her to death, but still.......

garcilazoand profile image

garcilazoand 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

lovely dog. just wanted to say that... ;)

Stimp profile image

Stimp 6 years ago from Upper Midwest Author

Thanks....he's even more gorgeous now at a whopping 18 lbs!! He was supposed to be a toy. Oh well, My heart melts whenever I look at his pretty little face with his black "eyeliner" and white lashes.

mega1 profile image

mega1 6 years ago

why I don't have dogs - but the neighbors' dogs provide hours of fun for me - plus I don't have to train or feed them. I enjoy your writing a lot. seriously.

Stimp profile image

Stimp 6 years ago from Upper Midwest Author

Thanks, mega....

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