A Pit Bull's Loyalty

Not All Pits Are Bad

Throughout history the American Pit Bull Terrier has taken it's place along side of police officers, firefighters, medical personnel and others. They have a desire to work and please people, they will fight for you, protect you and love you without forethought or judgement. We get bombarded with news articles and media clips of pit bulls fighting or attacking people. However, statistics pulled from various veterinarian journals, the American Veterinary Association and the CDC all show that pit bulls are far from the most dangerous dog. In fact, only 5% of pit bulls will become aggressive unprovoked if trained properly.11% of chihuahuas will become aggressive unprovoked.

Any breed of dog can be a danger, size and muscle mass doesn't have a factor in that. However, pit bulls have been a favorite for illegal dog fights due to their size and the damage that can be inflicted.

Kilo The Pit

Earlier this month an American Pit Bull Terrier by the name if Kilo showed off just how loyal his breed can be, When a man tried to force his way into the home where Kilo lived with the intent on doing harm to Kilo's owner, he took a bullet. Kilo was prepared to die to protect his owner and his home. The interuder had a gun and fired it as Kilo jumped into the door way between the shooter and the owner. The man fired his gun and shot Kilo in the head. Afterwards, the man ran away from the scene and the dog was left for dead.

The owner wasn't ready to give up on his 12 year old pup so he rushed him to the nearest veterinary clinic and hoped for the best. The bullet that entered Kilo bounced off of his skull and traveled into his neck where it then exited. With emergency surgery and a loving owner Kilo was able to go home. The dog survived being shot in the head trying to protect his owner, his friend.

Kilo is a true hero, he stood up and fought for his family as his family would stand up and fight for him.

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ImaSurvivor74 profile image

ImaSurvivor74 4 years ago from Upstate NY

Pit Bulls are incredibly loyal. I hope one day the breed conquers what society has done to it.

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