A Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog

A Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog

While attending my last semester of college in San Francisco, my college girlfriend and I decided to get a border collie together. This was a terrible idea, so please heed my warning. It wasn’t a good idea because we didn’t live together, we had roommates and we both worked and went to school. We clearly didn’t have enough time for a dog. But we did rescue him so that felt good. He had been through the shelter system a few times; he had bad separation anxiety meaning he would chew up a lot of stuff if we left him alone. He would get into trash, and chew stuff. I can’t even count how many shoe laces I went through. He would pull on the leash; he would pull you towards food he wanted on the ground, he would pull you toward other dogs. This was frustrating because in San Francisco’s Richmond district there are a lot of homeless people, with aggressive dogs, and it is important that your dog does not want to play with these particular pups.

He was exhausting to take care of, he needed at least an hour walk during the day or my room would be destroyed when I got home. This of course is not his fault he doesn’t know any better if you don’t teach him. So we decided to look into training him. We looked into dog training in Berkeley, there was even some good Oakland dog training. We finally decided to train him with a non-profit in San Francisco. So we would go every week and train hit to sit, stay, and walk on leash properly. We also learned to motivate him with food and playing. We learned how to give him positive reinforcement, this teaches your dog to the thing he did well to do it again. You do this by giving your dog a reward. Every time the dog does something good you would give him a treat and hopefully, he will learn that this is a good thing and you should do it again.

The training actually worked. He become a much better dog and started really listening. He wasn’t perfect but he was much better. Dog training is very important and it helps you from not being frustrated with your dog and saves you some embarrassment because your dog will be listening to you. Also, having a well-trained dog will be safer for you and your dog. Your dog will no longer try to play with aggressive dogs and he will not eat potentially live cables plugged into the wall. The training also taught me how to speak to my dog, when the appropriate times are to give him treats and when the appropriate times are to scold him. Dog training can save your relationship with your pet, the better behaved your dog is the more places you can take them with you and spend more time together.. Dog training is well worth the investment of your time and money.

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