A Wild Cat At Home!

Wilde Forest Norwegian Cats

This is an article about the so called “Wilde Forest Norwegian Cats”. I decided to write a little bit about these extraordinary creatures as I myself have the rare chance to have one of these little devils.

My cat is sleeping so sweet!

Is this cat for me?

First of all, I have to mention that these cats are not typical cats. So if you are definite cat person be aware that this kind of animal might not be right for you. This cat is a rare genetic combination of numerous animals as if during its evolutionary path, this cat has taken the advantages of other species so as to survive in the severe and cold environment in which it has lived for centuries.

Here I have uploaded some videos with my cat playing with me so that you can see for yourself what an incredible animal this is.

Amazing characteristics!

It has developed the legs of a rabbit so that it can jump over 2 meters, it has the ears of the tigers so that is can be sensitive enough to noises. Not to mention its front legs which resemble those of a monkey? Its fascinating dexterity enables him to catch extremely fast any pray or subject. This makes it one of the best football players in its kinship. However, this animal does not have the typical characteristics of a cat. As a personality it is somewhere in-between cats and dogs. It is not very careful however it is very polite and decent animal. Another interesting feature are its incredible marks around the eyes. Interestingly while the cat sleeps these marks resemble very much its real eyes as if it never closes them. This enables the animal to sleep calmer and undisturbed while other animals think that it actually sleeps.

What is amazing is that the cat never drinks water from a cup. It always drinks fresh falling water as if it is in its natural state. As this animal is a hunting one it always tries to cache itself so that it becomes invisible. However, my cat rarely achieves this because of its long tail. What is interesting about their tales is that they use them as a flag so that other members of their tribe can find them when walking in the deep snow

A life time friend!

These animals have strong tribe feelings. They never eat alone and always do so in the presence of all members of the family, the cat never goes to sleep until every member of the family returns at home and always just like a dog stand in front of the  door to say “hello” or “goodbye” in its cat’s language when you leave or enter the house. The only negative thing about these cats is the way they express their love- they BITE!

My cat is dancing!

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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

How beautiful - and great photos!

I'm not familiar with these beauties here in the US.

Thanks for the info. I'm a fan now!

hanskrafter profile image

hanskrafter 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thanx BkCreative!

I really appriciate your opinion!

c u!

Brucelohman 3 years ago

Wow, I have a wildcat also and is a carbon copy of this one except a female. Large paws, one owner cat, loving, fixated on the shower/ toilet water, and ya can't really play with them without getting ripped up.

Faith Lohman 3 years ago

Love what you said about your cat. We also have one of these cats. She is so sweet and soft spoken and gentle. Never will go to bed until we do and bounds with joy onto the bed. She does bite, and hard, also, her paws are big and she is not always careful and she gets to excited and digs in. How neat to find someone else who has this cat.

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