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Husky Puppies make Great Pets

Siberian husky puppies make great family pets. I have been raising husky puppies for more than half of my life and I couldn't think of a better breed of dog for a family. Huskies are one of the larger breeds of dog and they do require a lot of attention and training when they are puppies.However, if you are willing to put in the time with your husky puppies, you will have one of the best family pets ever.

Siberian huskies are great with children. They are playful, intelligent dogs that love companionship. Siberian huskies are comparatively easy to care for and when properly trained they will be a great addition to any family.

The first dog that I ever has a child was a Siberian Husky. My parents picked our dog from a litter of eight husky puppies. He was actually the smallest pup in the liter but my mom just fell in love with him.They decided to name him Kelo and he was the first member of their family. My brother was born a year later, then me, and finally my little brother. We all just loved Kelo and loved us too. My parents always bragged about how good he was with us kids. Being a husky, our dog loved being out in the snow. Most huskies do enjoy being out in the cold. Our dog really enjoyed pulling us up and down the snow covered street on a sled that my dad would tie him up to. No wonder, huskies are from the working group and they really do love being put to work.

Our husky also enjoyed playing Frisbee with us. He could jump rather high too. I never would have thought that a Siberian husky would enjoy playing Frisbee as much as our dog did. Huskies are known to be very versatile, and our dog was. Like I said, he really loved being out in the snow, but playing Frisbee on the beach or at the park was also one his favorite things to do.

Caring for husky puppies and adult huskies isn't as involved as one would think either. Huskies have an extremely thick coat that does need to be brushed when you notice their fur starting to mat. However, if you brush them a few times a month you really won't notice all that much matting. Huskies usually go through one major shedding period each year. This would usually happen in the spring. Our dog would start to shed his winter coat and at this time we would try to brush him as often as possible. It was usually twice a week. After a month or so of this type of brushing he would fine. We would usually have him professionally groomed twice a year. We were able to keep up with the rest of his care at home.

If you are considering husky puppies as a part of your family it's important that you take the time when they are puppies to properly train them. Huskies are very intelligent dogs and they can have a strong personalities. they need to know from the very beginning that you are in charge or they may try and challenge you when they get older. Huskies are also known to run. I would recommend a fenced in yard for anyone interested in getting a Siberian Husky.

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