Abuse Animals--Go To Jail

By Rena Dictor LeBlanc

People who abuse animals should go to jail.

The following example of abuse of horses is terrible. According to a newspaper article, during a wild horse roundup in Nevada some mustangs were whipped in the face, kicked in the head, dragged by a rope around the neck, and repeatedly shocked with electric prods. Yet the U.S. Bureau of Land Management concluded that none of the mistreatment rose to the level of being inhumane.

The article reported that BLM Director Bob Abbey said that the roundup was done correctly for the most part. He did refer to the terrible treatment of the animals as "Inappropriate practices".

I believe if an individual had been discovered inflicting such pain and suffering on a horse that person would be charged with animal abuse.

In another extreme case of cruelty one of the employees caught on undercover video beating, stabbing, clubbing, and kicking cows and calves at a Plain City, Ohio dairy farm by Mercy For Animals has been arrested on 12 counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals charges, according to the City Prosecutor in Marysville.

I believe that if he's found guilty he should go to jail and receive therapy as well to prevent it from ever happening again.

Hidden camera video secretly shot at Conklin Dairy Farms, a central Ohio facility, revealed shocking, malicious cruelty to animals, as released Wednesday morning.

Authorities have arrested one of the perpetrators, Billy Gregg, Jr., for his sadistic violence toward newborn calves and cows.

I'm grateful there are people who go undercover to video such sadistic treatment of helpless animals.

The video, recorded by a farm employee earlier this month, shows dairy farm workers beating cows in the face with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks, breaking their tails, and punching, throwing, and kicking newborn calves.

The owner, Gary Conklin, is also documented allowing and encouraging abuse of animals, including violently kicking a downed cow – who was too sick or injured to stand – and instructing workers to do the same. Gregg is documented beating restrained cows in the head with metal bars – some attacks involving over 40 blows to the head.

Mercy For Animals met with the City Prosecutor's Office of Marysville to hand over extensive evidence of farm workers – including the owner – repeatedly violating Ohio’s animal anti-cruelty laws. MFA is pushing for all of the employees involved in the abuse, including the owner of the facility, to be criminally prosecuted and looks forward to updates from the prosecutor’s office as evidence is reviewed.

"We commend the City Prosecutor and law enforcement for their swift and decisive action to protect farmed animals and the public by apprehending and charging Gregg," said Nathan Runkle, Executive Director of Mercy For Animals. "The deplorable conditions uncovered at Conklin Dairy Farms highlight the reality that animal agriculture is incapable of self-regulation and that meaningful federal and state laws must be implemented and strengthened to prevent egregious cruelty to farmed animals."

Bravo to the wonderful organization Mercy For Animals for revealing the horrible treatment at Conklin Dairy Farms.

MFA's Investigations Department has been at the forefront of national campaigns to change animal protection laws, usher in groundbreaking legislation, prosecute companies and individuals who abuse animals, reach millions of Americans through media exposés, and work with mega corporations to implement animal protection policies that reduce cruelty to millions of animal.

What can you do to protect farm animals from abuse?

Mercy For Animals encourages everyone, no matter what state they live in, to reach out to their federal legislators and ask for meaningful protections for farmed animals. Currently there are no federal laws to protect animals while on the farm. Additionally, for readers in Ohio and other states where laws to protect farmed animals are so lacking as they are in most states, demand that penalties be increased to set an example for the dairy industry that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated. Urge your representatives to improve and strengthen state laws so that this type of malicious and sadistic cruelty, where newborn calves are punched in the head and restrained cows are beaten with metal bars and their tails are callously snapped, are met with the felony-level charges and jail time that they deserve.

Visit MercyForAnimals.org to see the graphic undercover video of animal abuse at Conklin Dairy Farms.

On July 25, 2011, thanks to an Animal Legal Defense Fund attorney, an animal abuser sits behind bars in a Florida jail cell. Last Wednesday, in a case prosecuted by ALDF Attorney Geoff Fleck serving in his dual capacity as an Assistant State Attorney (ASA), a jury found a man guilty of felony animal cruelty for stabbing his neighbor's dog Rosco at least a dozen times in two separate locations. The stabbing occurred almost one year ago today.

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Jennifer Bhala profile image

Jennifer Bhala 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Wow, that makes me feel sick just reading about it. I would not be able to handle watching it. I truly hope the laws are not just changed and strengthened but also enforced. Thank goodness for MercyForAnimals.

loislane profile image

loislane 6 years ago from Los Angeles Author

I agree! Thank goodness for Mercy For Animals and other organizations like it.

Thanks for your comment.

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