Advantage 2 For Dogs-Flea and Tick Products

Dog Advantage 2
Dog Advantage 2

Advantage II For Dogs

Looking for a Flea medicine that works but not sure what to choose then you may want to read this. If you don't have a large problem with ticks then you should get Advantage 2 for dogs. It comes in many different sizes for you to accommodate all dogs. The product kills most fleas within 12 hours but kills all other fleas within 2 hours of getting on the dog. It also kills the flea larvae with 20 minutes which is incredible.

Advantage 2 For Dogs

Don't worry Advantage 2 is waterproof so you can take your dog for a swim or even give them a bath.  But remember only apply any flea product once a month and don't use other flea products while using this as it can cause health problems.

If you need a product that kills fleas and ticks then check out Advantix 2 for dogs this is a more potent flea and tick killer.  It is a little more expensive.  If you don't see the size your looking for then check out Advantage 2 Flea Products

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