Affordable Homemade Backyard Garden Chicken Coop made in the USA

Backyard Garden Chicken Houses


Keeping chickens around your home requires some thought into the logistics of it; in addition to checking with the local zoning regulations, there are some other concerns as well, such as security, comfort of the chickens and more.  Fortunately, getting a chicken coop is a pretty straightforward proposition.


There are a number of vendors that can take the dimensions you specify, and the number of birds you want to maintain, and give you a custom set of chicken houses and coops.  Ideally, you'll also want to send them a picture of the back yard the chickens will range about in, so that they can make sure it blends with your home's overall décor.


Because this is a small market at the moment, most of our chicken coops are made in the US with American lumber and materials.  They're usually made by people who have kept chickens themselves or do so now, and have expanded into making furniture and infrastructure for egg layers as a side business.


On the lower end of the cost scale is the A-frame free range coop.  It comes completely assembled, made out of galvanized wire and white pine, and is fairly sturdy.  It's also portable – it weighs less than seventy pounds.  It's portable and can be moved around without any effort. Great pen for 2 hens, 2 bantams, rabbits or show cage for chickens. Hen House: 20"L x 24"W x 24"H (roosting area) complete coop with run: 61"L x 24"W x 24"H and best of all completely assembled. Now if you are a handy person and would like to build this exact coop on your own “DIY Build your own chicken house project” then you can buy the plans for this model and have the coop done in a weekend.


A heavier duty enclosure can be had with the Chicken Coop House – it's a 4-6 foot rectangular box, about 3 feet high.  It's got six nesting boxes, a slider wide with screen and a shingled roof.  Made out of pressure treated wood, it's a deluxe condo for your hens.


If your needs are a bit smaller, the chicken house with free range run is good for about four nesting hens.  Made of sturdy wood, this is sort of the middle ground between the A frame chicken coop and the chicken coop house mentioned above; it's ideal for people who have a small backyard, or need to keep the chickens from running all over the yard while still giving them room for exercise.


With just a modest investment in hens and a chicken coop, you'll soon be enjoying farm fresh eggs every morning.  Even better, all of these options are made in the USA!



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Walter Ompad 7 years ago

Chicken Backyard for me is the best idea if you plan to raise a chicken. Now, there's a good reason to visit your backyard every now and then.

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