Allergy Free Dogs: Are They FuReal?

Keep Shed Less Breeds Groomed Short Not Poofy
Keep Shed Less Breeds Groomed Short Not Poofy

Anything on earth with skin, fur or hair will add to the dust collection. Even with the best products and grooming, all dogs will shed allergy carrying dander, but... Shed-Less dogs are a reality.

However for the sensitive, allergy free pups are still a myth.

No worries...the dish on dander and designer shed-less dogs starts here:

People who are allergic to dogs have a high sensitivity to an allergen that is secreted through the skin of the dog. This allergen sticks to the dog's shedding skin (dander) and hair which eventually floats its way to the allergy sufferer.

Unfortunately, all dogs have this allergen which can cause symptoms from a runny nose to a fatal asthma attack so.... allergies are not to be taken lightly.

But this doesn't mean that dogs have to completely out of the picture.

Begin by consulting an allergist.

Many people assume they are allergic to dander because they had a response around a dog or cat.

Yet, they may not have considered other environmental factors that might have also triggered the response, like dust, smoke, or Carpet Fresh.

Only a board certified allergist will be able to specifically test you for sensitivity to dander. Then you can ask him where you can go from there.

If you find that you only have a mild reaction and you absolutely must have a dog, you can take some precautions to prevent flare ups. Still, be aware that by exposing yourself to dander, you may be increasing your sensitivity to it.

Limiting Dander And Exposure In Your Home And On Your Pooch.

1) Pick a Poo

Poodles still have the allergen, but they shed very little meaning less hair will accumulate in your home.

Designer dogs with poodle mixes, like Poochon (Bichon Frise/poodle), Wapoo (Chihuahua /Poodle) shed a little more, but are also considered shed less, low allergy dogs.

2) Size Matters

Of course the smaller the dog, the less dander and hair they will produce.

While Labradoodles (Lab/ Poodle mix) will have less dander carrying hair than a full bred Lab Retriever, their size would make them more of a sneeze factory than say...a teacup poodle.

3) Dust the Dog

Over bathing will give your dog dry skin, so will stress which in turn will create more dander.

To keep dander and hair to a minimum vacuum... then brush your dog daily, preferably outdoors for your comfort.

Feed him a good balanced diet to keep his skin healthy and oiled. Also keeping a dog well exercised to reduce stress decreases the nervious shedding of dander.

4) Keep Clean

Invest in a good vacuum with a filter, and clean and dust furniture frequently, if not daily.

Don't allow your dog on furniture or in your sleeping area.

If you have carpet, it's better to replace it with a floor that can be damp moped often to get rid of accumulating allergens in the dust.

Remember nothing is foolproof...

if your allergy or aversion to hair worsens over time you may be heartbroken when you have to give up your pup.

So, do your dog a favor from the beginning, take him to puppy school and raise him with impeccable manors to make him a good candidate for adoption.

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helenathegreat profile image

helenathegreat 8 years ago from Manhattan

Great hub! There are also "alternative" ways to treat allergies called NAET. I'm planning on writing a hub about this soon, but basically... it completely cured my allergy-ridden family without much time and without painful shots.

Thanks for emphasizing that just because it's a "poo" doesn't mean it's allergen-free!

Nancy 6 years ago

Thank you for your article. I have read many articles and have heard many people claim there are dander free dogs. For it to be dander free it would have no skin or saliva. It is called a stuffed toy that has never been played with. :) People do have to be careful and determine whether it is worth the heartache to have a pet when they have allergies. I cannot imagine giving up a pet so I have never gotten one. Even though some breeds shed less, it also depends on our sensitivity. Usually I can remove myself from the area or leave the home if there is a pet or prepare myself by taking an antihistamine before I visit. My friend told me I would be okay because she has a poodle who is cleaned daily and they vacuum daily. For two days prior they kept the poodle out of the room that we would be sitting in. I had my worst reaction and had to go to the hospital for treatment. Sadly, there are no guarantees.

Yanka 20 months ago

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Jhett 20 months ago

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James 20 months ago

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