And They Call It Puppy Love...

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The word cute just doesn't do justice to those big, round eyes looking at you from that adorable puppy face. You can't wait to hug that wiggly little body covered in soft, silky fur and examine those huge feet! The kisses lavished upon you by this furry little creature say that he feels the same way about you.

Face it, you have been bitten by the puppy love bug and now this little ball of energy is coming home to live with you forever. In your mind's eye you see your new canine companion as totally devoted to you and eager to obey. He will demonstrate an almost uncanny ability to read your mind and will never do anything contrary to your wishes. It will be like having your very own Lassie!

Preparing for a Puppy: Tips

The next morning, after a sleepless first night together, you come to your senses and realize that you don't have a clue how to teach this little bundle of energy how to be quite at night, much less go potty outside.

What do you do next? Call the breeder, right? She tells you that the puppy is crying because he is lonely. Just provide a toy animal for him to snuggle with and maybe a ticking clock to simulate a heart beat. Most of all you need to be patient and provide firm, consistent discipline. Sounds easy enough, so after following her instructions to the letter, you snuggle into your own bed to catchup on the sleep you missed last night.

By midnight you are ready to shove a sleeping pill down his cute little throat!

STOP! Control that urge.

All you need is some basic education in how a dog thinks and some ideas on how to apply that information.

Part Two of this article is the Hubpage entitled "Thinking Like a Dog..."

Part Three of this article is the Hubpage entitled "How To Get A Good Night's Sleep..."

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Digital Bard profile image

Digital Bard 9 years ago from The Beautiful Pacific Northwest Author

Anyone interested in helping to name my new litter of pups? Just click on the name below one of the puppy pictures above and visit my puppy page to see pictures and learn how to submit your vote for the cutest puppy and to suggest a name. A special suprise will go to the person who submits the name we use.

Lucinda - The Digital Bard

David Adams 9 years ago

Good stuff Lucinda.

Very well written. Makes you feel like you are sitting there in the middle of it enjoying the moments with you.

I can't think of any names except the first name that comes to mind is "Cuddles" but not the best for such beautiful pups.

Perhaps "Gotcha" is another one.

You look into its eyes and he says "I Gotcha! You are totally sucked in now!!! You wont want to leave me!!"

THeres a couple of thoughts anyway.

Your SMARTS friend



cyberburnz profile image

cyberburnz 9 years ago from Sedro-Woolley

good stuff Keep it up things will get better!

cyberburnz profile image

cyberburnz 9 years ago from Sedro-Woolley

oh and one more thing you might want todo is add video to the page that will help out your score

Melody P. 9 years ago

My fav is the flashy brindle girl and the plain fawn boy.

Ok I have always liked this name but Scotty x's it for every girl we have


I love the uniqueness of the name and that I think dogs (humans too) start to live up to thier name and for the girl with this name she would be very confident and one that others looks to for direction. Plus think of the opprotunitise it would lead to when someone asks what the name means!! BONUS. So anyways feel free o use it because I won't be able to.

Other ideas:

-"Port, Starboard, Bow and Stern"

- "North, South, East & West"

- "Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs"

- "ein, zwei, drei and vier (German one, two, three and four)"

Good luck and gosh they ae cute! We should be having a Romeo/Cara litter beginning of April.

Take care and keep me posted on them.


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