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Volunteering at the local "pound", I had my heart ripped apart.

People are giving their animals up at an astounding rate due to the economy. They are taking them to the pound. A great majority of these animals are put down. Mostly cats. Mothers with kittens are automatically put down if volunteers do not take them in. Elderly dogs sometimes get homes by those with with the special ability to love them knowing they will sooner than later, But is death in a concrete cage after a great life filled with love really fair? There are those that will euthanize their pet if they  move, if their cure will cost more than $200, if they are tired of the living creature. If, If, if.  And one of nature's own suffers for the human problem, not one of their making.  Wrong! These people are uneducated and need to find their center in order to know that animals have souls, too.

I have attached a picture that is what kind of pet these people need to "own."

Humane Societies and pounds get birds, ferrets, snakes, rabbits, animals people pay money for. They have maltese, poodles, great danes, labs and more, all full bred. All at risk of death if they get no home within 5-10 days. Walking through the aisles there are faces begging for another chance, They have no idea why they are there, alone and afraid. The mutts that look funny are my favorites, I have seen wonderful, loving dogs put down simply because they looked funny and no one wanted to give them a chance.

I know some of these people do not know any better and don't know how to rehome a pet. I would like to educate them and you, right now. You can put them in the local flyer being sure to ask for a fee of $25 (you can negotiate that when you find a good home). If you don't ask for the fee, these "free" pets are often taken to labs that pay, you guessed it, $25 per animal. Laboratories = BAD. You can put them on Craig's List, ask friends and neighbors if they know someone who might like the type of pet you have. And Interview, Interview, interview.  You will know in your heart if it is right.

The people that volunteer can be strange and very focused, almost to the point of mania and I understand how they feel. These are special people that can stay with it for long periods, truly people with halos. I am sorry to say that I am not one of those people. My heart cannot take the heartache.  I want to take each and every one and find them real homes.

When my dear, dear stepmother passed away I had to stop volunteering and go to my Dad for an extended period of time, I did nothing but cry and then, when I went back and again saw all the animals and there was nothing I could do to stop the killing I cried more. Depression would be the best word for what I felt. I will now volunteer at a no kill shelter trying to find these pets homes. I will always choose my pets from the pound or rescue groups.

Instead of buying the poodle or lab, go to the pound, save a life, save your money and receive the love of an animal that knows you cared enough to save them.  They DO know it.

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