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Well time for a FAQ. I've had tons of people asking mom and me about me lately. So let's start and we can edit it over time.

What are you? I am an anteater. I am a tamandua. Tamandua Tetradactyla to be precise. Some will call us the lesser anteaters but we are the PERFECT anteaters. Giant anteaters are to big that's why they are called giants. Pygmy anteaters are too small and that's why they are called pygmies. Tamanduas are in between and just right.

Any relation to aardvarks? No. We are most closely related to sloths and armadillos we share our own supper order with them and true anteaters have our own family. Others are mere imitations sharing a similar diet.

Are you legal? Yes. All laws were followed in my coming to my new home. Laws where you are may be different. Each country, sate, county, and city all have laws that may stand in the way if you want to bring an exotic animal home. Please check the laws at all levels.

How do I get one? How did you get one? Where do you get one? Ect. If you think you want one and the first question you ask is how to get one, You should not have one! There are a million other questions to ask first. It can be hard to find a vet who will treat us much less one that knows anything about us. We could be killed or made sick with the wrong medicines, like some antibiotics. You will need a vet. We are known to those in the know as "delicate keepers" When we get ill it is always as unusual as we are and leaves even good vets scratching their heads. We are demanding. We need lots of attention. Our pee smells skunky. Diet is SO important and you need to do a lot of research to be sure you're doing it right. You thought feeding a dog could be hard with all the different kibbles, canned, home cooked, store bought cooked, store bought raw, home made raw, ect. We'll it's much more involved with us. And so much more you must know FIRST. Why would you want to bring home an animal and have no idea what to feed or how to care for us or how destructive ect we may be and have us die or need rehomed because we peed the carpet and made the place smell and the landlord got mad and your friends stopped coming over, or whatever? Please do your homework first you will likely change your mind. Mom loves us despite and because of all our quirks but mom is weird.

What do they cost Tamanduas go from 1500-4,500. Those are the prices mom has seen. You pay more for tame healthy young ones as a general rule. Prices tend to keep going up. There are not many of us around and getting harder to find with few breeders and then only a baby every couple years with a successful pairing. There are some from the wild like me, Pua, too but you REALLY must know what your are getting into and have solid animal and exotic experience first. It's not easy to deal with a sick tam strait from the wild.

Okay I don't want one but I'm still curious where you came from and WHY your mom has you? Ha HA do you have a pet, dog, cat, hamster? Why do you have it? You just wanted it right? Well, there you go. When mom was looking at places to move she found a list of things you can have in the state we live now and tamanduas were on it. She saw one on TV once dressed up in a snow suit. So she started learning about us. The more she learned the more she liked and then loved us. She spent years learning about us and has not stopped trying to learn all she can. It was with a lot of determination she got me.

I came from Guyana, South America. It took mom over a year of trying to get me. I was very ill and wouldn't have survived in the wild. Mom wasn't sure I'd survive with her but she nursed me back to health and I'm grateful. I'll even admit here. One time I slipped out on my own and came back an hour later. I love it here.

Stewie was born in FL so he always lived this easy life. He even was a little scared of outside but liked to doze in an open window and sniff. He left his mom and went to live with a family in Ohio but he couldn't stay due to health issues in the family and he came here instead. He just came here by luck. I'm here by destiny.

What do you eat(besides ants), or how do you get enough ants to feed them Mom goes out and gets us ants or we find them on walks but they are mostly just treats. If you were paying attention so far you'll have noticed I mentioned the importance of diet before. Mom did a lot of research on that and has recipes from zoos and keepers all over the world. She made us up a mix based on a study of the analysis of stomach contents of our wild kin. It was adusted more over time and with more research. I get a mix of raw ground beef, what bran, flax meal, spinachor thyme and and some other things. We decided we REALLY love beef so mom accommodated us with a diet change. We need the spinach or thyme for vitamin K or we are hemophiliacs and flax and wheat bran for fiber. Stewie loved fruit and fruity things but to much sugar is bad for us. We both adore blue cheese.

Are they like a dog or a cat? UH excuse me? Do I look like I bark or meow? No thank you. But if I must compare I'd say a cat. We are very loving but we will not stay and cuddle just because you ask. We do love to cuddle and snuggle. I sometimes cry if mom's not there when I want her. Stewie was not as clinging and was more likely to stay and snuggle if you asked him right. When is the last time a cat stuck it's tongue up your nose or gave you a french kiss though, hmm? I'm not to fond of toys but Stewie liked them a bit more. I have played with kitty toys and tennis balls and rubber things in the past. Stewie liked stuff more than me. I just like to play and explore and go for long walks and cuddle with mom. We like to play fight and wrestle.

The newspaper lady asked about anything specifically anteater We have a social ritual of hand and foot poking. Even on the ride home from the airport. Me strait from the wild. I took mom's finger and squeezed it and gave her friendly pokes. I like my hands squeezed too. Stewie and I do this to each other.

What sounds do you make? We talk through our nose so most of what we say comes out as different sort of hisses you need to learn to interpret. We cry and weep. We hiss in madness, annoyance, confusion, ect. We grunt, whine, and if someone did something really horrible to us we might scream but neither of us here have done that around mom. We also growl. Mom says it sounds like little dinosaur growls. Stewie and I growled at each other at first but we warmed up fast. Stewie was scared because he never knew another anteater but his mom but I wanted to play right away but he growled so I growled back at him and when he got near my food.

Do they hurt you with those long nails? What about the furniture? I'm proud to say I'm very gentle with mom and always have been and I don't claw the furniture. Stewie is another matter. He learned to be gentle but likes to use his claws on most anything. He's not as bad now but did claw holes in the wall when upset when I was ill and liked to claw the furniture but seems content with the throw rugs and cat condo now. We likes to tear things up when given the chance like coconuts and logs.

Injuries. There have been a few, all human error. Grabbing me when I was scared and not letting me know it was her first. Letting me play grab at her head, opps. And two errors with Stewie. We respect flesh long sleeves and other objects are not flesh. We use our nails as fingers and when to long can grab to hard by accident. Mom was waving a rug at Stewie and his claws were overdo for a filing and oops again he missed it and got her (ouch). We've never done major damage, just little holes at our worst. Mostly just kitty scratches.

But all in all we are not bad. We've done nothing that can't happen with a domestic dog or cat, when playing to ruff or scared or injured too.

How smart are they? We are very smart. We know how to open the fridge, open the doors, open the window, open drawers, open cabinets, open containers, climb the door frame, respond to my name. I respond to my name and Stewie responds to my name too, ha, he's got a crush on me.

What do they do? We play wrestle and battle and footsies, we hug and cuddle and kiss and groom. We go for long walks in the woods. We run around the house and just hang out too.

Are you house trained? Are you? Well we wild tams like to use a latrine and so we are good about house habits. We use washable pee pads and though our pee is skunky it's manageable with keeping those picked up and things washed. We do sometimes like to mark out territory and try to get away with peeing in places outside of our room in the rest of the house but not to often.

We do tend to dribble tinny bits of urine sort of like a mouse or rat does but not constantly and more so in a new place or if we are feeling insecure. There doesn't seem to be any real odor issues with this. At least to the human noses of our family.

How are they with other animals? I've never heard of an aggressive tam. You leave us alone we will leave you alone. We're not fond of the other animals but we just ignore or avoid them. The dogs think our tails are scary. We will all sleep next to each other when in mom's bed.

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HordanVonGraff 8 years ago

Thank you. This has been very helpful. I've been interested in owning a tamandua for quite a while but was having trouble finding much information at all. This has been very helpful.

angel 8 years ago

thank you i always loved the anteater.i wanted one when i grow older.

kt 8 years ago

your anteater info was very helpful to me...i am interested in learning more about them! i especially love your pictures of the tamandua cuddling and oppening the fridge! that is so neat!

brooke 7 years ago

thank you so much for this information!! couldn't find any anywhere!

matpatnik 7 years ago

I which I will see one one day. Those animal are so cool. The first picture remind me our rabit ^^

Loria 7 years ago

Thank you so much for all of the info about Tams. I just recently decided to look into ownership of one of them and you really helped me see a lot about them. Your pictures are great and in the future I think I'll be ready for one.

ding 7 years ago

awesome pet. however, i dislike it when people make themselves mom or dad to their pet.

akula51 7 years ago

Awesome information, thank you very much. I adore the little guys...maybe someday when retired and I can devote the proper level of attention...sigh. Thanks again.

TamanduaGirl profile image

TamanduaGirl 6 years ago Author

@ ding. She likes to drape herself over my back or chest like she would her mom. so if she see's me that way what's the problem? Besides I provide for all her wants and needs like a mom would.

elig 5 years ago

please don't write "ect" when you mean "etc." it makes you seem uneducated.

greg 5 years ago

I like it when the house smells like skunk urine.

DH 4 years ago

@elig, not the worst of all of the grammar and spelling errors across the entirety of the post. All in all, it is an informative post.

Hernan Oscherow 12 months ago

Hi! My namem is Hernan. Im from Argentina (south america) i found a wild baby Tamandua. Im now taking care of it. BUT I HAVE A BIG PROBBLEM: I dont know how to feed it. Im feeding Piaf (that is how i named it) with a mix of yogurt and eggs,

BUT PLEASE i would be very happy if you can help me and give me some advices of how to feed the tamandua.

Sorry for my bad english. My mail is

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