Any One Heard About These Dog Calming Collars?

Anxious Dog
Anxious Dog
Dog Calming Collars
Dog Calming Collars
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Calm Dogs

Does The Thunder Shirt Work?

Do Dog Calming Collars Really Work?

Dog Calming Collars: Good or Bad?

Has anyone heard anything good or bad about the Dog Appeasing Pheromone or those Dog Calming Collars?

I saw a report on the news about something called a Thunder Shirt that was supposed to calm or relax a dog when it is in a stressful situation but they didn't mention anything about pheromones.

Let's back up a bit here because I don't want anybody confused and leaving because I believe this is a valid topic for a good portion of us hubbers.

Why am I asking this question?

The answer is...

Dog Anxiety (separation anxiety)

It sounds silly but I guarantee, but if you are as attached to your dog as I am to mine (and your dog happens to be a 4 lb font of continuous energy) you want to address an issue like dog anxiety immediately (if not sooner) because this condition takes a toll on the animal and everyone else the little dear comes in contact with very quickly.

Definition: The term separation anxiety is not exclusive to dogs or even to veterinary medicine. It is a psychological term to describe the stress and anxiousness in an individual brought on by the leaving (perceived or imagined) of another individual. In the case of a pet, it is usually an anxiety brought on by separation from the primary pet caretaker.

Another type of anxiety is more acute, dogs that are subjected to family gatherings, a road trip or exposed to fireworks on the good 'ol 4th of July can experience major anxiety for the duration of these events or possibly be scarred for life (dramatic effect right there but I'm sure there are some cases where a dog won't go near a lighter or an open car door).

The Cure For Dog Anxiety...

I have no idea, that is why I am writing this hub... maybe 1/2 a Valium?

I am kidding about the Valium, maybe 1/2 for me... still kidding.

Now I remember years ago, our family dog Taffy (a cocker-something) would freak out on the 4th and mom would make dad put the dog down in the basement somewhere (to be further from the noise I guess) but I'm pretty sure from the mess that was left at the end of the night that Taffy could still hear all the fun we were having outside.

This was definitely NOT a cure for Taffy's anxiety but an attempt was made to make her life a little easier on a night when she was not going to be comfortable.

Dog Calming Collars and Dog Appeasing Pheromone

This is where the question about the Collars and Pheromones comes into play...

If I buy this collar for my dog, will I just be putting Taffy in the basement on the 4th or is my $32 dollar investment going to keep my pup from having a stroke when one of those big artillery shells with report goes off a hundred feet over the house?

I can look around online and see what folks have to say but most of the sites are trying to sell these things so their information is suspect.

I'm gonna try to sell these things, because that's what most people do with their hubs, but I'll let you know up front... I don't know if they work or not.

The report I saw about the Thunder Shirt was very convincing as the reporter doing the investigation had nothing to gain by saying the shirt worked (and she did say that it worked) except for a more relaxed and happy pet.

The reasoning for why it work seemed sound also, the Thunder Shirt fit tightly (she said it was more than snug) around the animal and this is what creates the feeling of calm for the dog.

Not sure why it works or if it works for every dog but it worked for her's and she seemed about as happy as her puppy about the whole thing.

If you are interested in the Calming Collars or the Dog Appeasing Pheromone visit my Calming Collars site by clicking this link...

Do Dog Calming Collars Really Work?

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