Are You Rabbit Ready? Essential Rabbit Supplies You Will Need to Purchase to Keep Your Hopper Happy!

 Just as puppies and kittens need care, so do pet rabbits! No matter what type of pet you decide to add to your family, it is important that you are ready to make a commitment. Pets are not disposable! They are living animals that need attention, shelter, medical care, and of course, lots of love! Just as your dog may need a dog training collar and your cat a litter box, you will need to provide the appropriate supplies for your rabbit as well. That is if you want your bunny to be healthy and happy! So what rabbit essentials will you need to purchase? I'm glad you asked! Below is a list of things you will need to buy for your bunny.


A Rabbit Litter Box!
A Rabbit Litter Box!

Litter Box: Just as cats use litter boxes, so do rabbits! All good house rabbits (that have been trained properly) know how to use a litter box, and yours should be no exception! Buy a litter box that is small enough to fit in your rabbit's cage but large enough for your bunny to fit into comfortably. You can purchase a kitten litter box at most pet supply stores. Kitten litter boxes are small, the perfect size for   your bunny! You can also find rabbit litter boxes in most rabbit catalogs (yes, they do exist) as well as on-line. It is very important that the litter box you purchase is deep enough to contain your rabbit's urine. When rabbits urinate, their urine sprays out horizontally behind them, not downward like a dog or cat. If the litter box you purchase isn't deep enough the urine will spray out of the box and you will have a mess to clean up. Not good for you or your rabbit.

Litter: Obviously, if you purchase a litter box for your rabbit, you will also need litter! Do NOT fill your rabbit's litter box with a clay based litter as the dust that this type of litter produces can irritate your bunny's respiratory tract. Also, if your bunny is hungry and decides to eat some of the clay based litter it can block his intestinal tract which can be fatal. Litter that is made of pellets is your best bet. Pelleted bedding is more absorbent than clay and won't harm your rabbit should he eat some for lunch. You can find pellet litter that is made of aspen, paper, cellulose and compressed sawdust.

Food Bowl and Water Bottle: Just as a dog needs a water and food bowl, so does your rabbit! When it comes to food bowls, your best bet is to purchase a ceramic, crock- style bowl. Rabbits are famous for tipping over their food bowls. Most ceramic bowls are tip-proof due to their heavy weight. You also want to make sure that the bowl you purchase isn't too deep, especially if you own a baby bunny or a dwarf breed. It is very important that your rabbit is able to reach his food or he will go hungry! When it comes to water, buy a water bottle that you hang on the side of your rabbit's cage (gravity water bottle). Hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs also use these types of water bottles. Why are water bottles better than regular bowls? Well, as previously mentioned, rabbits are notorious bowl tippers. Not only will they tip over their food bowls, they will tip over their water bowls as well. By using a hanging water bottle you will avoid having to clean up water spills.

Rabbit Nesting Box
Rabbit Nesting Box

Nest Box: All rabbits love to nest, therefore, they would greatly appreciate a nest box in which to huddle and seek comfort. You can purchase a nest box at most pet supply stores or on-line. Most nest boxes fit comfortably in the corner of the rabbit's cage. It is important to note that if you purchase a nesting box that is made of wood, your rabbit will eventually gnaw it to pieces. As for bedding, it is essential if you want your bunny to be comfortable. Putting some type of bedding into your rabbit's nesting box will make it cozy and warm for sleeping. Avoid cedar or pine bedding as they can cause possible bunny health problems. Some rabbit's appreciate an old t-shirt or towel in their cage as both items make for comfortable and cozy bedding.

Hayrack: It is very important that you always supply your rabbit with hay to eat as roughage is a necessary part of your rabbit's diet. Because rabbits tend to be messy, it would be wise to purchase a hayrack. A hayrack hangs on the side of your rabbit's cage and keeps the hay in place as your rabbit munches on it. Metal hayracks can be purchased on-line (for the best prices) or at most pet supply stores.


Rabbits love toys!Great to play with and great to chew!
Rabbits love toys!Great to play with and great to chew!

Toys: Yes, rabbits play with toys! If you have a few minutes to spare, please read the HUB Page: Make your bunny happy! Five things to do with and for your pet rabbit. It is a fact that rabbits LOVE to play! Rabbits enjoy most cat toys…especially toy balls and bells. If you don't want to spend the money, simply place an empty toilet paper tube in your rabbit's cage and let the fun begin! Just remember, if you place toys in your rabbit's cage that are made of wood or cardboard…they will eventually be chewed and destroyed!

Chew Blocks: Did you know that a rabbit's teeth are constantly growing!? Because of this, rabbits have a constant urge to gnaw. Be sure to purchase chew blocks for your bunny so he can satisfy his chewing urges and keep his pearly whites healthy!

So there you have it, essential rabbit supplies that you should purchase for your pet bunny. It would be wise to have your rabbit's cage and supplies all set up BEFORE you bring your new friend home. That way he will have a safe and comfortable place to relax as he adjusts to his new environment. Rabbits make wonderful pets! As long as you provide all off the essential supplies and of course, a lot of attention and love, your rabbit will be happy and best of all, healthy!

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sally 6 years ago

this is great my mom told me to look for what we need for our bunny and this list is fanomanal.

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 6 years ago from Maryland Author

Hi Sally! Glad I could help! Hope you get your pet rabbit soon.

anna 6 years ago

this list is amazing it has every thing i need to know about getting our rabbit


Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 6 years ago from Maryland Author

Hi Anna! Good luck with your pet bunny!

Neysa 6 years ago

Cute rabbit pics!! benn waiting for a pet from mum for 6 years! might be getting one soon! yay! :) but u have to clean the hutch too right? what cleaning supplies do u need and what food is safe for your rabbit? otherwise this is FANTASTIC!

Helen 6 years ago

We live next to a railway line and have seen a family of foxes on the line. My daughter wants a pet rabbit but we are worried about the foxes. Any advice please?

bob 6 years ago

this had some rlly good info! this is my first bunny and i am sooooooooo excited!

hailey 6 years ago

i want to get a bunny but my dad says that timothy hay is too expensive.... is there any other hay that is as good for a rabbit? and there is no way he is going to let me get it!

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 6 years ago from Maryland Author

Bob: Enjoy your bunny! They are great pets. :-)

Calypso 6 years ago

this is great we are finding lost rabbits and safely careing for them until there owners collect them. i get attached though! please help me find a way not to get attached to the bunnies please!

emma 5 years ago

can rabbits have homemade clay food bowls

@crazymushroom 5 years ago

I Love Rabbits

I have 2 albino rabits called burger and chips and i have s black and white lion fired type rabbit called romio xxxxx They are the best types of pets in the world

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Love the names of your rabbits!!!

Jordie 5 years ago

Really useful info,

now i know what to get for my first rabbit Jimmy Hendrix :)

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Thanks Jordie! By the the name of your bunny. Very cute.

Kendra 4 years ago

Cute pictures and this is just what I needed to look at! Good information. Couple questions, one is, should I get a hutch or a normal cage? Could you keep a hutch inside? Do you recommend getting a english spot rabbit? Should I look for show quality rabbits if I want to show it? Thank you for information. :)

Amber 4 years ago

Thank you so much this helped a lot!

ilovebunnies 4 years ago

Im so excited!! Im getting a bunny in September.. just a few questions for u..... Is the basement a good place to put my bunny because my basement is going to get redone ( and become bigger), so i thought i could make a big section for it..

Is that good?????

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 4 years ago from Maryland Author

As long as your basement isn't dark and damp...your bunny should be fine. Do remember that your bunny would also appreciate fresh air and sunshine so hopefully there is a window or two (you can (if it is safe) take your bunny outside for some much needed exercise!). The basement should be fine as long as you have all of the appropriate "bunny products" necessary to keep your friend happy and healthy. Good luck...let me know if you have any other questions!

Maddie 4 years ago

great list hope my parents say yes!!!!!!!!

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 4 years ago from Maryland Author

Hi Maddie! I hope so too!

Ella 4 years ago

Heyy thx so much this is really useful I'm either getting a rabbit or guinea pig so I'm looking up both an suggestions on which one I should get ??? Xxxx

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 4 years ago from Maryland Author

Hi Ella!

I have had both a rabbit and a guinea pig....I loved them both! When it comes to care...they have similar needs. I guess it all depends on what type of animal you have your heart set one! Good luck and let me know what you decide.

Thalya 3 years ago

My partner and I are considering getting a rabbit. I'm curious about the breeds or types shown in the 7 photos attached to this article, what kind are they?

Faviola 21 months ago

Oooo thanks so much didn't know there was so many things bunnies needed great list!

Leafeon 4 months ago

I'm getting a bunny for Christmas and the is really good advice indeed. PS I do not want u to know my real name for safety reasons. Thx

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