Arm and Hammer Essentials Cat Litter -- A Review

A necessary part of cat ownership

If you have a cat, you have to deal with the cat box.
If you have a cat, you have to deal with the cat box.

A "green" type of cat litter

As a cat owner for the past six years, I have had the opportunity to try out several different brands of cat litter. Some of the cheaper brands are made from clay. This product tends to be coarse and some cats will not use it because it is somewhat "rocky" Remember they have to walk around on this material and sharp pieces may feel uncomfortable to the cat's feet. Clay litter also creates a lot of dust which is not good for the cat's respiration or yours either.

There are litter products that are made from various other materials as well. Some have color change beads to let you know the box needs cleaning. Others have odor blockers built into the product. The Arm and Hammer company used to make a flushable litter that could be disposed of in the bathroom toilet. However, this product is currently not available.

The Arm and Hammer Essentials cat litter is made from corn by-products. As such, it is a green product and is recyclable. Like all other litter products, it must be disposed of in the trash, although you could put it into a compost pile or outdoors in some other way. The product is lilghter because it is made from corn, rather than heavier materials like clay. It has a floral odor which has been added into the product. At my house this odor prevention fragrance lasts for up to about a week. However, with frequent box cleaning the litter stays odor-free much longer than other products. There is very little dust created by the product. It is reasonably priced as well. It comes packaged in large easy pour bags, which have the Arm and Hammer logo and the same yellow package as the baking soda box in your refrigerator.  The texture of the litter is light and the particles are very fine like light brown sand. 

Overall this is a good product to use in the litter box. If you have a cat and you want a product that is more natural but at the same time effective, I recommend the Arm and Hammer Essentials cat litter product.

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Sandra K 5 years ago

Arm and Hammers Essential corn litter is the worst! The fragrance IS loud, does not absorb odors, and the clean up is horrible! Going back to clay. Might be heavier, but it absorbs odors AND clumps!

bjspivey-rivers profile image

bjspivey-rivers 5 years ago Author

Well, I'm sorry you were not happy with the product. Different people have different preferences, I guess. I still like it and use it.

jami 4 years ago

i agree with sandra. I have 2 cats and have used many litters for years! and arm and hammer essentials makes my house not smell like cat waste, but dirty socks! honestly the A&H products just don't work that well. I personally prefer fresh step- it has carbon that works a lot better than baking soda. However, it is slightly more expensive than arm and hammer.

Cory 4 years ago

My cats have been using Arm & Hammer Essentials Multi-Cat Natural Clumping Litter for over a week and they not only seem to prefer it, but I have now seen why clumping litter is so popular. I've had no problems with the product clumping, but I usually clean it out at night before bed and avoid anything that looks fresh. Also, the odor control is amazing and the scent, while powerful, is much preferred to ammonia. It reminds me of the smell after using Febreeze in the house. I will see how well it works over the next couple weeks, but so far I'm impressed with the product!

trina 4 years ago

bought some because there is no dust and its cheaper in the long run but one of my cats wont use it, he hasnt peed all day and he was farting so bad because he needed to poop and wouldnt that i had to put him in the box and he barely made it. this is a cat who NEVER peed outside the litter box in his 4 years, and used the box a lot! What a waste of money! Going back to maxx scoop for now its 99% dust free, better than nothing for now

Mary1 4 years ago

I've used FreshStep for a couple of years, but I bought the A&H Essentials brand today and will try it for a few weeks primarily because it is compostible and clumps (of course, I will scoop it first and dispose of clumps before I compost the residual litter). I tried the Feline Pine brand, but it is too messy to deal with.

Has anyone else tried composting this litter?

bjspivey-rivers profile image

bjspivey-rivers 4 years ago Author

I tried Fresh step, but my cat wouldn't use it. I am sampling some other brands because the A&H is getting harder to find in my area.

bjspivey-rivers profile image

bjspivey-rivers 4 years ago Author

Thanks for the feedback. I have had to sample other brands because the Arm and Hammer is getting harder to find in my area but I haven't found anything yet that both works well, and the cat will use it.

bjspivey-rivers profile image

bjspivey-rivers 4 years ago Author

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I have tried several products and had to abandon them because my cat wouldn't use them. When I try a new one I have to mix it with the old and gradually change over. Thanks for the feed back.

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