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Is Your Cat Thirsty?

courtesy of Muffet
courtesy of Muffet

Get Your Cat Fed On Time All The Time

In today's day and age, life goes fast and sometimes that can affect your cat and their food. One item to consider is an automatic cat feeder. You'll never ever neglect to feed your cat yet again if it has happened before. They won't eat way too much and food remains fresh and clean. You decide when and exactly how much your pet consumes.

They will never miss another meal. An automatic cat feeder will keep your cat on a consistent feeding routine whenever you can't be there to feed it yourself. Now if you're wondering about purchasing this then here are some following tips to keep in mind.

How Big Is Your Cat?

Some feeders are geared for under ten pounds. These are usually smaller and battery powered. They're easy to carry by hand and if filling with dry pet food, it's very easy to maintain.

Some are meant for higher pet weights. These can store a lot of food in the container and dispense it out over longer periods of time. They can be heavier. The cost can also be somewhat higher as well.

Battery Powered

Is your cat active? Does it chew or scratch at things all the time? One advantage of having a battery powered unit is that everything is self contained. No need to worry if the cable will be tampered with while you're away since there isn't one. This can give an owner a good amount of peace of mind if your pet is hyperactive or playful.

On a small feeder this should be able to power it for quite some time if there aren't a lot of moving parts or electronic components. One idea that can help is to use rechargeable batteries with the unit. Instead of purchasing individual alkaline batteries on a regular basis, one can purchase rechargeables just once which also happen to have a lot of recharge cycles. Since each recharge costs just pennies once fully powered, this can potentially save money in the long term.

Plug In Units

If the feeder you're looking to buy has many features and compartments, it might just make sense to get a unit that plugs into the wall. Usually with these types there are parts and components which give you a lot of different options for feeding. Some units have a recordable option which allows an owner to leave a voice message for their pet. Multiple food trays, for example, will also require more electricity to function as well.

On something like this it's a good idea to make sure that the feeder is sturdy enough once it's plugged in to not be knocked over by your cat.

Right Sized Portions

This is something which many cat owners have to keep an eye on since the amount of food dispensed varies from unit to unit. Many units will usually put out too much or too little. Getting the machine which gets it "just right" will probably take a little bit of homework. One suggestion is to work with the programmability of the machine and the feeding options. Changing the setting to a few times a day might be something that can work for you quite possibly.

"Excuse Me, Can I Get A Little Help Here?"

courtesy of Derrick Coetzee
courtesy of Derrick Coetzee

Self Feeding Cat

Programmable Options

Some of the higher priced ones have good options for scheduling what times you'll want to have the food come out of the machine. It's not unheard of to see programmable feeders ranging from $300-$500. Though, you'll probably want to see what the reviews are for these types and if they are mostly positive relative to their cost.

How many times a day you'll want to feed your pet can also be programmed in so you don't have to worry about this daily routine. Some pets like to eat more than three times a day and for situations like this it's good to make sure the machine is capable of this feature. Overfeeding your pet can also happen with auto feeders if you go on a vacation or trip and come home to find that your cat is now officially, "Overweight!". Don't worry, if you set a regular schedule and get your pet on it, things should go pretty smoothly.

One thing you'll hear from many people is, "How easy is it to program?". Just programming a VCR clock might pose a challenge to the everyday person so, "Just how hard is it?". Well, in many cases it's very simple to do. Usually there's a timer function and just a handful of other things but it shouldn't be confusing at all. The best ones to get are usually the most intuitive and you should see that reflected in the reviews.

Easy To Clean

Now, what about the cleaning? Well, having a lot of parts can lead to a lot of cleaning. The size will play a part in how much of a chore it will be to keep it clean and sanitary every day. Bacteria can form if it's not maintained and food is left to sit and collect over a long period of time. Some suggestions - Stainless steel is a good option if you're concerned about bacteria becoming a problem. Ceramic is also good since it cleans well.

Many automatic cat feeders will have a detachable bowl which will make your life so much easier. It really depends on your cat's personality. If it's fiesty then you'll need to get something that can withstand the constant activity. But having a cat that is very calm and doesn't make too much of a mess probably won't require something as mess resistant.

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Cordial Cat 5 years ago

i like your tip on how to get the right amount to come out per day. Very clever!

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