Baboon Facts

by Flamed on Flickr
by Flamed on Flickr
Gelada Baboon by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr
Gelada Baboon by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr
Hamadryas Baboon by HRKVC on Flickr
Hamadryas Baboon by HRKVC on Flickr
Hamadryas Baboon by e_monk on Flickr
Hamadryas Baboon by e_monk on Flickr
Baby Baboon by hvhe1 on Flickr
Baby Baboon by hvhe1 on Flickr

Baboons. Yes, we call our brothers baboons, but after reading this I'll have to find something else to call him. They are more gross than your brother can be (ok, maybe not everyone's brother).

There are 5 species of baboons that are only found in Africa or the Arabia. The average life for one in the wild is 30 years. They are the largest of the monkey family with the males reaching over 80 pounds and 40 inches long which does not include the tail which can come in various lengths. One misconception is that their tails are ones that can grip trees. This is not the case and most baboons prefer to stay on the ground than run around in the trees. They do venture up into the trees for protection from their only predators: leopards, cheetahs, and man.

They are hunted mainly as pest animals since they destroy the crops of local farmers. Though many are hunted for their meat. This is not a dish I'm dying to try. A group of baboons is known as a troop and they are named appropriately since they attack in a troop. They can converge onto the fields and do much damage in a short time which is one reason they are hunted by locals.

They also eat meat and some of the most famous videos are of them attacking animals some that are a little larger than themselves. The few people that I've known that have seen these creatures in the wild do not think highly of them since their eating habits are so vicious and the can be promiscuous with about anything they can get ahold of including raping smaller animals.

Personally, after reading more on them I've decided that they are not my favorite of animals. And looking at some of the pictures, they sometimes have bad days, too.

Next time you are the zoo, stop by and see what these baboons look like in real life up close. And try not to throw your brother in with them.

Chacma Baboon by WildImages on Flickr
Chacma Baboon by WildImages on Flickr
Hamadryas Baboon by Stavenn on Flickr
Hamadryas Baboon by Stavenn on Flickr

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trish1048 profile image

trish1048 8 years ago

Ok, I'm convinced. That are not so nice creatures, although I felt very sorry for the baby and its parent. After seeing that, I couldn't watch the other two videos. Other than that, well,,,I'll stay content reading about them or seeing them in a zoo.

Interesting hub!

Lisa Nance profile image

Lisa Nance 8 years ago from North Carolina Mountains

I had no idea Baboons ate meat or attacked other animals! Scary...

Thefamilyman profile image

Thefamilyman 8 years ago from Aberdeen North Carolina

very informative thank you for taking the time


justmesuzanne profile image

justmesuzanne 8 years ago from Texas

Read Dr. Robert Sapolski's, A PRIMATE'S MEMOIR. It is superb. Dr. Sapolski spent all summer, every summer for years studying a troop of baboons in Africa. He was doing a study on stress and cortisol levels. His adventures are moving. He is a fabulous writer and scholar. His other books include, Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, Monkey Luv, and several others. All great, but Primate's Memoir is by far the best of the bunch.

ummmmmmmm 6 years ago

good info

Georgina 5 years ago

oh man that was a very interesting time to read that information....

thanks to whoever got the information!!!!!!

SupMahBahsays: 5 years ago

nice educational information?????

abegeal 3 years ago

ok mabey they are not nice but some of this isn't true they only attack when threatened!

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