Bad fish Breeing, an Over-lookerd cruelty

Yes, a deformed gourami
Yes, a deformed gourami


 Not for the soft-hearted and squemish. This s an over-looked form of abuse and in-breeing. I mean, everyone thinks its 'just a fish'. Fish are real animals.

Now think of puppy mills, people forms groups to stop them. People do stop them. Now think of fish you don't see an 'animal cops' for them do you?

In this hub I will inform you on this problem, and let you know what fish you are buying.

Bad-Bred Fish

Baloon Fish- Have you heard of Ballon Mollies? Those fish were altered to look like that and in no way is that natural. They can be selectively bred, or just deformed, but it severely shortend their life span.

Deformed fish- Some fish can have genetic deformities, mostly in the spine. They can live out peaceful lives, though. Genetic deformities are mostly cause by in-breeding, but can also be random and natural. I own a guppy with a severely bent spine, but it swims normal and eats normal.

Genetically altered fish- GloFish and other way-too-colorful fish were injected with chemicals, causing their glow. They can still live out normal lives well, but it is still genetic altering.

Common Species that have been mis-bred:

  • Blood Parrots
  • Fancy Goldfish
  • GloFish
  • Baloon Belly Mollies

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TheListLady profile image

TheListLady 5 years ago from New York City

Thanks for this information and I will pass it on. I am surprised at how heartless people are. Why do we not yet know that we are here to care for all the other animals not abuse them.

While, I did not know all these things that you wrote about, yet they do not surprise me and that in itself is bad.

Thank you and rated up!

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