Balloon Belly Mollies

Balloon Belly Mollies' Care

Basic Care: Balloon Belly Mollies are good fish. They are very peaceful, and compatible with anything. They can range from living in complete Freshwater, to Brackish Water, to complete Salt Water. They can live in almost any good tank setup, from 10 gallons+ (They do better in bigger tanks, though) . They are good tankmates, but may (rarely) Chase other fish around. Ballon Belly mollies are highly inbred, and live a short life, from a year to a year and a half.

Food: They require meaty foods, and algae. They need algae-based flake food. They also enjoy brine shrimp, Blood Worms, or tubifex worms.

Breeding: The males have a pointed anal Fin, while the females have a rounded one. Males also have bigger dorsal fins. They are live bearers, and give birth to 10-60 fre-swimming yound every 2 months. They are very easy to breed and need no special requirements

Description: Balloon Belly mollies have a big abdomen, like a balloon, its rounded, and much larger. Males also have large dorsal Fins. They can grow up to 3 inches, even though you purchase them small. They can be Black, White, or Yellow. They can also be 'dalmation' colored.

Yellow Balloon Belly Molly
Yellow Balloon Belly Molly

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KHURRAM KHAN 5 years ago

I heard that yellow/orange balloon molly keep their young inside them as they are mouthbrooder so can u pleasr confirm this

thank you

Jacquie 5 years ago

No balloon mollys are not mouth breeders. That is another species entirely. Female mollys as a breed all retain the eggs inside their body (not mouth) the eggs develop inside the fish until they are fully developed baby fish and then the female pushes them out.

grumpyguppy 4 years ago

Mollies will also breed with guppies. Balloon mollies especially.

Their babies will be guppy-molly hybrids

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