Belgian Draft Horse

Belgian Draft Horse

The Belgian Draft Horse

In this site, you will find pictures, videos and history about the BelgianĀ  Draft Horse. A little definition of the Belgian Draft Horse, this horse is also called the Brabant. This is the area of Belguim where it came from. The Belgian Horse is a very strong horse. It is capable of pulling large loads, carts or even wagons. The long hair at the bottom of its legs is called feathering. Scroll down below to find out more about this beautiful horse.

Belgian Draft Horse

Belgian Draft Horse

History Of The Belgian Draft Horse

Our history shows that the Belgian horse is the most direct descendant of the "Great Horse" during medieval times. As we know, the Belgian horse is from the country of Belgium, that lies in the middle of western Europe. This country is very fertile and has wonderful hay and grain pastures for the Belgian to feed off, a vital ingredient to maintain such a powerful horse. The Belgian horse took a long time in coming into its own right and for other to accept this breed as a solid alternative of draft horse. It wasn't until the turn of the century, in 1903, at the St. Louis World's Fair and the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago, that Americans took notice to this breed. It seemed all to be going well, but the on slaught of WWI and WWII, again brought a decline in the Belgian numbers. Mechanics at this time, also help the numbers decline by the invention of gas powered tractors and automobiles, that also, in return helped replace the need for the draft horse. In the 1950s registrations fell to a record low of under 200. Finally, with the ending of both wars, very slowly numbers started to climb again and registrations were steadily gaining. During the 1980s there over 4000 registrations, putting the Belgian horse in the forefront of all draft horses.

2008 Belgian Horse Show

Belgian Baby Foal's

Belgian Horse Show Contestant

The Rebirth Of The Belgian Horse

With the increase of awareness in green power, more and more farmers are turning to alternative methods which are less harmful to the ecology. The draft horse is a tremendous source of power that can live on home grown food and in turn will enhance the soil in terms of manure and create a positive ecological cycle. The Belgian horse is also beautiful as well as profitable to many advertising companies, who are starting to recognize its full potential. It's terrific personality and a willingness to work hard, has also helped to increase their popularity. American breeders have created a breed with a lot of style but still retains all the orignal qualities that make this a much desired horse. The breed is traditionaly one colored, that makes it much simpler to mate. The Belgian draft horse is truly an example of a great American success story.

Belgian Horse Training

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Robert Piessens 4 years ago

This is a fantastic site! Really enjoyed reading it and watching your videos. I myself also have a few videos of Belgian draft horses. Maybe if you have the time you would like to check them out.

lol 3 years ago

I like this horse, because they are really nice and well built. my father has said, these horses he could not break anything.

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