Benefits of Training Your Dog

Healthy and Happy Dog

It is very important to have a well-trained dog no matter where you live. A well-trained dog looks good; it helps people think you are competent as a person. You won’t look stupid and call your dog five times, and all to no avail. Or when you are walking the dog and it is pulling you toward whatever they want. Also, when people come over to your house you want your dog to be on their best behavior. You don’t want them jumping on your guest, barking at them for no reason, or sniffing in uncomfortable places.

Dog training has become more and more important think about Caesar Milan he has made a career of teaching people how their dog should behave. He has written a bunch of books on the topic. Dog training is important no matter where you live. Whether it’s Dog training Colorado or Dog Training New Jersey, it is important to have your dog trained because there are many places you are allowed to take your dog. So it is important if you just got a dog to find dog trainer NJ. Although, there are many places to take your dog in Colorado, there are certain stipulations such as your dog must be well behaved, and on a leash at all-times. This means that it is extremely important that your dog knows how to walk correctly on a leash. Meaning he does not pull when they see something they want. You need to teach your dog to walk by your side at all times. This means to your dog that you are the pack leader, and your dog does everything you want him to do. The dog is not distracted by anything else he is completely focused on you.

Another reason your dog should have good leash behavior in a dog friendly place is because there will mostly likely be other dogs there. You do not want your dog to display aggressive leash behavior this makes you look out of control of your dog. This makes your dog look aggressive, he may scare people especially children, this aggressive behavior will probably result in you and your dog not being allowed in dog friendly places. Dog trainers can usually help with any problems your dog may have. These trainers are not just teaching the dogs, but they are teaching owners how to teach their dogs. The trainers will show you, how to train your dog when to praise them and when to punish them. It is important to know when to praise your dog and punish them this will help your dog understand what is good behavior and bad behavior. So going to dog training classes is just as good for the owner as it for your pet. If you love bringing your pet everywhere with you and you live in dog friendly place. I would highly recommend investing in getting together with a dog trainer. It will make you and your pet much more happier together.

Basic Dog Training Tips

10 Fun Dog Tricks

Beside the basic dog training commands, you can teach your dogs tricks too. Dog tricks provide discipline for your dog as well as stimulate their brain. Dog tricks are fairly easy to teach and would provide entertainment for your friends and family. Here are some common dog tricks:

1. Backing Up - Backing up is a useful trick to keep your dog from crowding around you, blocking your way, or used to keep it from rushing off.

2. Taking A Bow - Bowing is a trick that comes naturally for most dogs. This trick is for pure entertainment which requires that your dog brings its chest to the ground while its rear is up in the air.

3. Paw Shaking - Teaching your dog to shake paw with a person’s hands is a common trick often used to show off to others.

4. Waving - Once your dog can shake paw, then it will be easy for you to teach your dog how to wave its pay to say hello and goodbye.

5.Speaking - The quiet command is often associated with trying to control your dog from unwarranted barking, while the speaking trick is to get your dog to bark on command. Having both command in use together allows you to control your dog conversational skills.

6. Spinning - Teaching your dog how to spin by holding a treat above your dog nose and spinning it in circle will get your dog to follow your lead. This trick will impress your friends and family, if you can get your dog to spin at a right or left direction on command.

7. Giving A Kiss - One of the easiest dog trick to teach is teaching your dog to give a kiss.
All it requires you to do is putting a treat on your cheeks and your dog will be happily giving you a sloppy wet dog kiss.

8. Begging - Teaching your dog to sit on his hind legs while his paw to hung over the air to beg for treats is probably the cutest dog trick out there. While this trick requires more effort and patience, it is well worth it.

9. Rolling Over - The rolling over trick takes a little more effort to teach your dog than all the other dog tricks. Usually, you can start teaching your dog to roll over in several small part before being able to have your dog roll over completely. Using treats are a good cursor to get your dog to follow your lead.

10. Playing Dead - If you can train your dog to roll over, you can easily train your dog to play dead too. This is the most popular trick because all you have to do is point your finger gun at your dog and shoot. Your dog would immediately fall to the floor and play dead.

Dog Training Trick: Rolling Over

5 Tips to Stop Excessive Barking

Many dog owners have problems with their dog excessively barking at any slight movement or trying to get your attention. Here are five tips to help control and calm down your dog’s excessive barking.

1. Don’t punish your dog for excessive barking. Shouting or using bark-activated citronella collar will make matters worse. Punishing your dog will only increase their frustration, anxiety and aggression which lead to even more barking. This can also put the owner at risk for being bitten.

2. Keep him/her busy. The best way to prevent excessive barking is keeping him busy with a rubber toy that is indestructible, a Kong. Also, change the ways how you feed your dog. Pack their food in a Kong and freeze it, this will take them a long time to finish and during that time they won’t be barking.

3. Teach them a “quiet” command. Start teaching your dog in mild barking situations because during this time it will be easier before he or she turns out of control. When he or she stops barking, say “quiet” and reward them with a treat. Of course, this should be done in a calm and quiet voice if you want your dog to be calm and quiet. Once the dog learns that he will get a treat only if they stop barking, you can have him anticipate the treat when you say the command “quiet.”

4. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. This will help your dog burn off the energy instead of releasing through barking. A good suggestion is walking your dog at least twice a day, morning and night.

5. Never comfort your dog when they want attention. This action will mean you are agreeing and rewarding the behavior of the dog.

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