Bengal Cat Breed

Profile Of The Bengal Cat Breed

The Bengal cat breed is a newcomer to the cat world. The breed was derived from the Asian Leopard Cat and from a domestic cat but other hybrid cats were also included in perfecting the breed along with the American shorthair and the Egyptian Mau. The breed was initially started in the early 1960’s but the project was abandoned soon after. Interest in producing a Bengal cat breed was revived during the early eighties.

Bengal Cat Breed

Bengal Cat Breed
Bengal Cat Breed

Characteristics Of The Bengal Cat Breed

The Bengal cat breed is physically characterized by very recognizable horizontal striping on its face. The body of the Bengal is covered by rosettes or spots, pretty similar to those of a Jaguar, on the sides and the back. On the other parts of its body, the Bengal sports distinct stripes. Another variation of the Bengal cat breed is a marbled appearance of its coat but the most desirable markings are two toned rosettes.

Males are relatively larger and heavier than females. They weigh a maximum of around 15 lbs while females weigh about 8 – 10 lbs. The Bengal cat breed comes in three filial generations. This means that the F1 generation is a pure breed where one of the parents of the offspring is an Asian Leopard Cat. When the F1 Bengal mates with an ordinary domestic cat, the offspring is an F2. The F2 will produce F3 if it mates with a domestic cat. The further dilution of the Bengal cat breed will produce cats which will be considered as ordinary domestic cats.

Only cats up to F3 generation should be bred with each other in order to preserve the lineage of the Bengal cat breed. Any other additional mating with domestic cats will dilute the strain too much and the distinctive marking will not be retained or the offspring will retain characteristics from the domestic parent.

Temperament Of The Bengal Cat Breed

Bengal cats are not afraid of water and are often seen showing an avid interest in running or still water. The Bengal cat breed has lots of energy and is very lively. They are naturally curious about everyday activities and are often seen following their humans around the home as they perform daily tasks. These intelligent cats appreciate a good game of fetch or any other game that involves energy. They are quite friendly with people but are not your typical couch potatoes of lap cats.

The Bengal cat breed is a cat that needs lots of things to do or else it will turn destructive from boredom. They love to go outside and play with people but they are not noted to be quite good with other animals other than cats of the same breed.

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Chris & susan 6 years ago

Temperament sounds exactly right, our 14 week-old Bengal kitten is displaying all of those characteristics! He will bring a toy right up to our feet or lap, or even bite our toes if he gets really bored! Such a sociable and playful breed, and is already able to climb up drawer handles to get onto worktops! Tends to be very noisey when it comes to feeding, making loud noises while begging and suttle noises when eating.

Rachel 6 years ago

PERFECT description in temperament of the breed except they forgot to mention they are NUTS! Trying to climbing walls pulling cords out of walls. Getting into EVERYTHING the dryer the dishwasher the fish tank. Goodness if she wasn't so darn cute she'd be heading right back to the rescue. LOL JK We adore her. Hope she'll calm down with age!

gabby 4 years ago

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