Best Dog Life Jackets

Dogs are like people; some of them take to water like fish, and some kind of just splash around without going very far. Regardless of your dog's skill level, a truly responsible pet owner should have a life jacket on Fido before letting him jump ship, or even just paddle around the doggie pool. Not only will these vests give him the upper-hand as he paddles about; they'll also let you keep an eye on him as he cruises around. And when he comes back to shore, or back to the boat, you can give him a leg up -- there's a nifty little handle on the back of the vest made for that exact purpose.

Note: Sturdy though these petsaver life jackets are, you should always check the vest before and after use, to ensure there aren't any problems with it. You want Fido to have fun and be safe at the same time. Take a look at the following doggie life jackets and see which is most appropriate for your dog and you.

Stearns Floatation Pet Vest

Nylon, light-weight, and it even comes in a Scooby Doo version, if you can believe that! Pretty nifty design, really. Fido'll be looking pretty slick out there on the peer. You could even run down the beach in slow motion and pretend you're on an episode of Baywatch.

Price: $17

Small Life Jacket from Kyjen

Got one of them little doggies that don't really need a long life vest? Well, here you go. Perfect for the beach, pool or any other destination involving water. Heck, he might even want to wear it in the bathtub. Nylon exterior, hand washable, and also has one of those little handles for helping him out of the water.

Price: $14

Guardian Gear Pet Preserver

This one's a little more expensive than the others. It has 18 mm foam inserts, dual reflective strips, those fancy handles we love, has a D-ring so you can use it with a leash -- and it comes in glaring orange. Sounds about perfect, right? I thought so. This is a great life vest to use while letting him retrieve a frisbee from the pool!

Price: $23

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In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California

Wow, this Hub is right up my alley! lol We had a Doberman who couldn't swim a lick, and wore a life jacket anytime we were in the boat, just like the kids... Now we have a Lab, who is a swimming are right, different dogs have different needs. Believe it or not, that dog loved his life jacket! When it came to the water he was really a big chicken! lol

RachelOrd profile image

RachelOrd 8 years ago from Palm Coast

Cool product! My dog loves to swim...this would be great for the ICW or the ocean. Dogs can get caught in rip currents too!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia

I'd love to get one for my APBT, but she doesn't have a place to swim. :-( My aunt's pool is never cleaned plus I think she'd have a fit if I put my dog in it. She'd probably think MIA would tear the lining. Then I'd be out hundreds getting it fixed. :-\

By the way I'm loving your new product layout for dog products.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago Author

Daniel - :)

Stephanie - Pass it on! :)

Stephanie Haile 8 years ago

Holy Cow... I mean Dog! This is an awesome breakdown of our water safety choices for our four legged friends! I, too, am quite impressed with the last one posted here, that one means business. Thanks for this great hub! I believe you have saved the life of a readers best friend. :)

Daniel Pyle 8 years ago

I love the carry in one hand ...cooler in the other..thanks for the hub

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    RuffWear K-9 Float Coat

    This petsaver life jacket is fairly expensive, but it's extremely popular due to its being a very high quality product. Made of ballistic nylon, it's stylish, comes in great colors, and just looks safe, doesn't it? That's not to say the less expensive products won't get the job done -- it's just that this one looks pretty damned serious!

    Price: $70

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