Best Dog Toys for Powerful Chewers

If your dog is anything like mine, toys don't last very often. The Cisco Kid is a relentless and indiscriminate chewer. If he doesn't have an abundance of toys handy, things are going to get shredded- literally! Cisco has gone through his fair share of toys over the years, enough for me to have learned that expensive doesn't always mean indestructible. Here are some fun-tastic suggestions for your pooch's playtime...

Breakfast with Buzz
Breakfast with Buzz
Sleepover with Homer
Sleepover with Homer

The Power of Plush

For some reason, the toys that break the quickest are often the most fun to play with. Cisco has had numerous stuffed toys and it is rare for one to last more than a day or two. The longest living stuffed animals were the mini toy plush dolls bought for my Yorkshire terrier, Ziggy. These toys were too tiny for Cisco to get a good hold of and rip apart, yet he loved chewing on them anyway. Still, the plush toy's life span is quite brief, even for my Yorkie. Nonetheless, the quality of play that dogs gets out of plush toys is unsurpassed. It can get quite expensive, however, which is why the plush is a treat which should only be indulged once in a while. Garage sales and thrift stores, which often have an abundance of plush toys, can help combat over-spending. Just be sure the toys you buy are free of plastic parts, button eyes, and other dangerous pieces your dog may swallow.


Unstuffed Tough

Amazingly, the bungee and roadkill toys (which we bought for novelty rather than durability) have outlasted many of Cisco's other toys. These toys endured while many of the others, even those that claimed to be designed for tough chewers, ended up in the trash. Perhaps the lack of stuffing makes ripping them to shreds less tempting. Of course, they have taken some damage. Cisco's rotweiler bungee toy has a chewed-off nose, and the the roadkill fox got axed for retaining too much stinky dog slobber. Yet, despite minor flaws, I'd say these toys are worth trying.

Rag & Roll

One of Cisco's favorite toys can be found right in the back of your closet. Or maybe it's hiding, curled into a ball, and tucked somewhere in the bottom of that drawer you hardly open. You know what I'm talking about- that shirt you'll never wear, the stained sweater, that pair of high school jeans you can't bear to throw away---->rags!! Animals don't understand the concept of price, so put those unused articles to good use! Cisco loves when I take old clothes and tie them in knots. The end result becomes a puzzle of fun. He'll chew at the knots until he unties them all (or most), and brings it back for another round. When he tires of his chewing session, this fantastic toy doubles as a tug-of-war rope. He'll pull and growl, thrash and snarl for as long as you're willing to play.

Pop the treats right inside!
Pop the treats right inside! | Source
Blue Orka Jack
Blue Orka Jack | Source

Fun with Rubber

Kong brand toys are actually quite durable. Even the most aggressive chewers will get a long life out of a Kong. Cisco got a Kong Biscuit Ball over a year ago and it's still in the yard. He chewed it for quite a while before taking it outside and using it a reason for our Yorkie to chase him. Even with the wear and tear of rain and sunshine, it's still going strong.

Another toy that's still around is Cisco's Orka Jack chew toy. Besides the fact that it looks and bounces weird, Cisco loves gnawing away on it! The noises made when Cisco chews on it makes me wonder if he's finally destroyed it, yet it's still only marred by light scratches and a puncture or two.

Both of these toys are a bit expensive. However, considering how durable they are, I'd say they're well worth the price.

Damn skippy!
Damn skippy!

Kitchen Treasures

Old peanut butter containers are a big hit with our pitbull. Just watching him lick the peanut butter out is a treat! Another of Cisco's favorite dog toys can be found in the freezer. On sunny days, when he needs to cool off, we throw ice cubes in the yard for him to play with. Although you may not classify these as toys, they provide loads of fun for dog (and you won't have to reach for your wallet!)

Always remember---playtime supervision is a must- no matter what type of toy your dog is enjoying. Stuffing, threads, and other toy parts can be harmful to your dog if swallowed. Always throw away toys at the first sign of breakage.

Big smiles and happy chewing!!!
Big smiles and happy chewing!!!

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Nature by Dawn profile image

Nature by Dawn 5 years ago

I have this same issue with my girls! One fun thing I do is put a tennis ball in an old sock. The Bottle Buddies are great too.. where you have a plastic bottle inside the plush casing. They chewed the ears and little feet off, but the plush cashing is still in tact. And when the plastic bottle gets crunched beyond crunchiness, I just put in a new one.

April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 5 years ago from Arizona

We had a dalmation that would tear apart toys in seconds. Our best toy was a nylabone. Those lasted for weeks.

TattooKitty profile image

TattooKitty 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Hi April! We also got Cisco a Nylabone toy (a rubber T-rex skull) that was quite durable. Problem is, it went missing one day. We suspect he buried it in the yard somewhere (LOL).

proud pit bull owner 5 years ago

We love the toys that a company called Unbreakoball sells. They are incredibly durable and all made in the USA. Great site I hear they also do a lots of charity stuff as well. Just wanted let everyone know how much we love the Unbreakoball dog toy

TattooKitty profile image

TattooKitty 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Cool deal McNeal- I'll have to check those toys out! Thanks for the comment ;)

the bully mama 4 years ago

Definity the Unbreakoball dog ball! These things are the best toy I have ever purchased for my Pack. Over a year and they are still rolling along. I bought the 6 inch Unbreakoball and. The Big Daddy 10 inch Unbreakoball. Both are GREAT!!!

TattooKitty profile image

TattooKitty 4 years ago from Hawaii Author

Hi Bully Mama!! Thanks for your suggestion; I'll have to check out the Unbreakoball soon...Cisco's running out of toys again, lol!!

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