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One day I discovered this place hidden away in my town called Francis Short Pond. It is a surprisingly happening place where many people go to catch trout, kayak, walk, observe wildlife and feed the local ducks.

I thought feeding the ducks would be a great time to introduce my little guy of 3 years old to wildlife close up.

The problem was, I had absolutely no idea what ducks actually eat. I have never feed anything to ducks before. Only once did I see a duck picking through some algae that looked sort of like spinach.

So I began to ask around.

First, my coworkers who said they had feed ducks bread.

Second, I visited the pond more often to observe people actually feeding the ducks.

I did find people feeding the ducks bread, big bags of bread. And the ducks would race across the pond the get to the feeding area.

I also ran into a dad his daughter. They tossed the ducks millet from the local Farmer's Market. The ducks perused through the pile with their beaks moving the grains to and fro. They ate a few but left the majority untouched.

Bread seemed to be what ducks liked the most and what most people feed them.

Not satisfied I then researched the topic across the internet.

It turns out ducks do like bread. They love it in fact.

Bread is also the first on the list of what not to feed the ducks.


Cal Ranch Bird Food
Cal Ranch Bird Food | Source

Why Bread is Bad

Bread is bad for ducks. It turns out like many other things that are too good to over indulge in bread fits in that category for ducks. Bread is bad because it is low in protein and not nutrient rich. Much like if you were to get all your sustenance from candy bars at a local gas station. Because of the low nutrient values of bread and other food like popcorn ducks can develop diseases that spread and kill.

In areas where heavy feeding of bread to ducks by people occurs there have been a large number of ducks which have died from disease brought on by malnutrition.

Some states have passed laws against feeding wildlife.

Healthy Food Options

Food Type
Where to Purchase
Nutrena All Flock Pellets
Cal Ranch and feed supply stores
Bread, Crackers, Popcorn
Cracked Corn
Cal Ranch and feed supply stores
and other carbohydrate type foods
Wheat, Barley, Millet
Local Grocery Store
are unhealthy
Defrosted Peas and Corn
Local Grocery Store
for wildlife bird population!
Grapes cut in-half
Local Grocery Store

Healthy Food Options Visuals

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Cracked CornDuck FoodFrozen PeasFrozen CornGrapes cut in half
Cracked Corn
Cracked Corn | Source
Duck Food
Duck Food | Source
Frozen Peas
Frozen Peas | Source
Frozen Corn
Frozen Corn | Source
Grapes cut in half
Grapes cut in half | Source


What Have You Feed to the Ducks?

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A Change to the Norm

It is apparent that bread is a popular food for water fowl from the east coast to the west coast and many little ponds like Francis Short Pond between.

Now that you know start to spread the word and change the norm to provide our local ducks and other feathered friends with the most healthiest food possible.

Bread is not healthy for ducks and other waterfowl. Share the word.

What do ducks eat? In the natural environment ducks eat aquatic plants, natural grains, and invertebrates in order to get the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy.

Again do check with your local wildlife officials before feeding the ducks. If you are a longtime feeder than bring some of these new food ideas with you.

The ducks most likely will not eat up the healthy food at the fanatic pace like they do for bread. But they will be healthier for it and that means happier ducks that will be around longer. And more duck families that continue to produce generation after generation of ducks for all to know.

Feeding the Ducks

Ducks and Fun at Francis Short Pond

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White Mallard "Cool Duck" at Francis Short PondDuck egg taken out of the nest by a critter.A great place to sail model boat too!A balsa wood sailing canoe with foam sail and lizard lee board.
White Mallard "Cool Duck" at Francis Short Pond
White Mallard "Cool Duck" at Francis Short Pond | Source
Duck egg taken out of the nest by a critter.
Duck egg taken out of the nest by a critter. | Source
A great place to sail model boat too!
A great place to sail model boat too! | Source
A balsa wood sailing canoe with foam sail and lizard lee board.
A balsa wood sailing canoe with foam sail and lizard lee board. | Source

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