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 Mice will go anywhere were it's warmer and that means in your house and you don't want them there because A) They don't pay any rent, so why would you want them staying for free and eating all of your left over crumbs, this is just damn cheeky of them. and B) They carry germs and diseases and the fact that they are incontinent and will wee and poo all over your house is just horrible to even think, but yes, the first tell tale signs are small mice droppings that look like small rolled up flakes of dark chocolate and also some things that are left out that they can chew they will, so if you find some stuff that has been chewed, then the chances are it's a gang of mice that are the culprits.

Now there are some humane ways of getting rid of mice and these should be used, when I say humane, these are only words just to make it sound like it is humane, but if you have an infestation, then you definitely want them out of the house as hey are verminous rodent creatures that will make you ill and as they say for every one mice you see there are about 10 more knocking around, so it's best to tackle the threat of mice head on with some poison.

Rodent poison sounds quite horrible, but it's better than mouse traps, because sometimes I've found mice traps just make a right mess if they get caught in them, although some could argue that you place it in a cardboard box with one opening at the front to reduce splattering, but I've never found a mouse trap that kills all of the mice all, because by the time you keep setting it up each time, there could be the whole family of mice living rent free in your house with all the relations from India and Canada too.

If you were to try the mouse trap thing, the best thing to do is to be consistent and set it after every time you kill one and a lot of people seem to place cheese on the mouse trap thinking that that will attract the mice, but no, they are partial to chocolate, as this is what I've tested to see what they eat over a long period of time and chocolate wins over cheese for them, so place some chocolate on the mice traps and leave over night and be careful that no little fingers don't go near the traps as it does hurt when one goes off on the fingers.

There are some mouse and rodent poisons that are just as effective as they are slow killers which seems not to be that humane, but they eat it nonetheless, it is like a blue grain that is covered in something called Bitrex which is bitter, but the mice go mad over it and you usually leave a few small trays of it in key areas where you may have seen the mice or around skirting board runways that the mice can run along, always hide it away if you can, because the mice will find it when it's quiet, maybe overnight when you are asleep.

This type of poisoning takes a few days to work and should be used until you start to see some dead mice and then until no bait has been taken anymore. Winter is a good time to start to buy some mice poison as the mice and the rats look for houses to move into carrying all of their diseases and family with them, so start to defend your home against the evil mice that have no right to be there making a mess of your home.

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suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 6 years ago from Asheville, NC

I have cats - not humane but does the trick without harsh chemcals. :)

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Funny you should mention this, our cat used to run away from mice, we found out that insted of catching mice she would run upstairs and hide under the bed!

Maybe we needed a gang of cats to get rid of them lol!

ElizabethNewton profile image

ElizabethNewton 6 years ago

Poisons can be dangerous to humans and pets, and there are mousetraps that don’t make a mess, such as the Kill and Seal Mouse Trap by Victor. This trap hygienically seals the mouse within the trap along with any of its parasites, bodily fluids and odors. The best part is you never have to touch or see a dead mouse again.

glensa 4 years ago

I was just reading about mice bringing posion into the walls. The mice then die within the wall and that can't be a good thing, eh? I read this here at hubpages.

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 4 years ago from UK Author

Yes and with mice traps you can splatter the mice all over your lovely new wallpaper for extra decorative effects which adds to the smell of rotting mouse.

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