Big Dog Clothes Have Come Around


Some people love it, some people thinks it is stupid. No matter what side you take, people love to put clothes on their dog. Most of the time it is the little dogs that are dressed up for their people. They are either dressed for fun or warmth and you have to admit it makes them cuter. What a lot of people do not know is that there is a large industry that makes big dog clothes. They to can join the fun and keep warm on those long winter walks. They can sport the latest fashion just like the little dogs. No longer are they left out of the fun.

Big dog clothes are different than the clothing that is made for little dogs. They are not confined to shirts or jackets but have more freedom. The big dog clothes look more like blankets that are held on with bindings and Velcro. The clothes fit over their back and are held tight by bindings that go under the dog’s chest and around their waist. They are more like ponchos then what you would suppose they would look like. They come in many sizes and colors and the styles are as varied as the breeds of dogs.

If you have never bought your big dog clothes, it may take them awhile to get used to. Their first reaction is to roll and try to get the clothes off their body. If you have an animal like this, you might want to just play with clothes with him or her so that they can see it will not hurt them. Lay the clothes on their back and pet them with the clothes between your hand and their body. They will soon learn to trust the clothes and eventually submit to wearing them.

When measuring your dog for big dog clothes you have to be a little more detailed than human measurement. Measure from the base of the tail to the base of the neck. You then need to acquire measurements to the diameter of your dog’s neck. Next measure the girth of your dog’s chest. Sometimes breeds like St Bernard’s and German Sheppard’s will have a large girth. Allow for some room so that the clothes will not be binding and so that there is a little air between the clothes and the dog. Clothes that are too tight may cause your dog to overheat and become uncomfortable.

The styles of big dog clothes are not as varied as the ones for little dogs. There are some cool fashions choices you can make that will make your dog stand out amongst all the rest. There are leather jackets that will give your dog that tough dog look and they even make clothes that sports the logo of your favorite foot ball team. For the lady dogs, there is tailored prints and patterns that not only flatter the animal but also the person walking them. Big dog’s now have a place in the clothing world and you and your pet can share in the new clothes together.

Where to Find Big Dog Clothing

Big dog clothing is becoming popular these days and the demand for more styles and types is increasing. Dressing up your dog used to be a pass time for the rich and the elite, but now it is becoming a passion for the common man or woman. You can dress your dog in something stylish or your can be practical and dress them for warmth or to keep them dry in the snow and rain. What ever the reason, your big dog will appreciate their new clothes just as much as the owner who bought it for them. After they get used to it, they will want to wear the clothes on every walk or outing

Where do you find big dog clothing? If you are computer savvy you might want to search online. You can find a large selection from thousands of stores that are sure to have at least on pair of clothing that will fit the size and personality of your dog. Using the key word big dog clothing, you will pull up a plethora of sites that offers a variety styles, colors, and prices. Remember that the shop at home convenience does have a price. There is usually a shipping and handling fee that is attached and you do have to wait longer to receive it.

You can find big dog clothing at most of the big lot pet stores that are popping up around the country. Most will let you bring your dog into the store to try the clothes on to make sure they fit. When you are fitting your dog, make sure that there is a half inch or so between the bindings and the skin so the bindings will not cut off circulation or cause skin irritation Also make sure the clothes math the season. You would not want to buy heavy cloths when the purpose is to wear them on summer walks.

If your industrious, you can make your own big dog clothing. The patterns are simple and you can match the ones that you bought from the store. This way you can pick the material and the print. This will allow you to be creative and to make the perfect clothing for your big dog. You can even add tailored accessories on your big dog clothing like lace for the lady dog or chains and a leather strap for the males. Your imagination is the limit when you do it yourself.

Now that big dog clothing is becoming so popular, go out and see what is out there. If you have never been a fan of dog clothing, now is your chance to see how you and your dog likes the items. Try different styles and materials. Your dog could look horrible in one but endearing in another. Get Fido used to the feel and texture of the clothing and soon there will be no stopping either of you of making a fashion statement on your street or in your neighborhood.

Dog Jewelry Not For Elitist Dogs Anymore

Most pet owners treat their pets like family. They take their pets with them on vacations. They eat with their pets and even sleep with their pets. They dress their dogs up in various costumes either to keep them warm or to satisfy their need to make their animals look more like humans. Now you can take your dog one step closer to the human side of things by buying your dog, dog jewelry. Dog jewelry is not just a collar or a dog tag, but actual jewelry that your dog can wear and enjoy. Jewelry that is not only pleasing to the eye, but a piece that will add character to your dog.

Dog jewelry is not a new idea. Roman elites would adorn their animals with jewels and other trinkets to show their wealth and status. French royalty in the seventeenth century would give their hunting dogs jewel encrusted collars and gold ankle bracelets to show that their dog was of royal stock. Winston’s Churchill’s bulldog wore a diamond necklace that was given to him by the King of England. Today dog jewelry is not just for royalty. Pet owners around the world adorn their animals with expensive jewelry that still shows the flaunting of their wealth but also shows their love of their dog.

Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua sports a Cardier diamond necklace and her poodle has a gold tennis bracelet. Though this kind of dog jewelry is not for the average house dog, her dogs are spoiled and as elitist as she is. There are more sensible items that a owner can buy for their dog that will still have the distinction of taste but will not hurt the bank account quite as much. A fancy dog collar with gold or silver intertwined with leather is a good start to show your animal how much you love them but at the same time does not cost a mint. The animal will be able to sport their collar to the public and at the same time the owner will get the attention that is intended with the display.

If you don’t want to buy dog jewelry for your dog, you might want to adorn yourself with dog jewelry that is cast in the shape of the breed of the dog you own. This could be a simple necklace with a pendent of a Labrador or a cocker Spaniel on it to show that you love your dog and you are proud of the breed. At many dog shows, the owners of a particular breed will not only wear dog jewelry, but they will have the breed they are proud of monogrammed on their clothes and other accessories they bring to the show. They may have the face on their pet embossed on their wallet or post or even wear a charm bracelet that has their favorite breed or breeds encircling their wrist with a gold chain. Whatever dog jewelry they choose for either themselves or their dog, you can be assured that it represents the love for the animal. Even Wal-mart carries its own brand of dog jewelry and pet stores both real and online bring dog jewelry one step closer to the common man and the common dog


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