Black Cat Breeds

Superstition Pertaining To Black Cat Breeds

Cats are among humans preferred companions in life as pets. Cats are often depicted as independent and difficult to keep in the home but are actually quite easy to domesticate and also very interesting to take care of. There are many superstitious and historical facts and beliefs concerning cats. In ancient Egypt, cats were once considered sacred while in other cultures they were considered as witches' familiars. Black cat breeds are among the most notoriously connected animals to superstition.

Black Cat Breeds

Black Cat Breeds
Black Cat Breeds

The Bombay Cat And Other Black Cat Breeds

There are many breeds of cats that have black as one of their permissible colors. There can be longhaired cats or Persians that are wholly black and there are also some shorthaired varieties that can be black. There is one particular black cat breed that focuses mainly on the color black and it is the Bombay cat. This cat is so called because if resembles a panther.

Other black cat breeds often permit their black cats to have another color or be a bicolor but the Bombay cat breed is only allowed to have black as their color and this has to be throughout the entire body, and the color must be to the roots. Several long to medium haired breeds of cats permit black cat breeds in their permissible colors.

Other breeds of cats that allow solid black are American Shorthair cats but they are not exclusively black since many other colors for the American shorthair are permissible. The British Shorthair also has black variants, the Burmese cat breed also have black cat breeds in their color variations and so do other longhaired varieties of cat breeds.

Black Cat Breeds And Witches

Black cats have long been associated with superstition and other supernatural occurrences and entities. It is probably their black coloring that has them connected to these. Superstition has it that witches used black cat breeds of any kind but usually the shorthaired variety as their familiars. Legend also has it that witches can turn themselves into a black cat and roam the area freely as an animal and be virtually invisible in dark places and at night due to the coloring of the cat. Suspected witches who perished at the stake had their black cat breeds accompany them during burning at the stake.

The more common black cat breeds that are usually associated with superstition and witches are the shorthaired variety. Seldom will you see a longhair black cat breed in most illustrations and pictures connected to superstitions and witches. Modern day witches also keep all sorts of black cat breeds and these are considered sacred.

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luxSmee 7 years ago

You should check out Norse Mythology. The goddess Freyja had a charriot drawn by black cats. She later became associated with witches and her cats as well.

sa5m 7 years ago

omg this website is STUPID it lists NOTHING about anything

Fancy Face 6 years ago

I have a black cat I rescued and she never really seems happy I give her a lot of attention and food and toys What could be wrong?

Stella 19 months ago

Lot of smarts in that potisng!

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