Border Collie Love

Our Border Collie - Belle

Belle at 5 weeks old Dec. 2008
Belle at 5 weeks old Dec. 2008
Traditional Border collie stare
Traditional Border collie stare
High jump to catch a tennis ball
High jump to catch a tennis ball
Swimming to get the tennis ball
Swimming to get the tennis ball
Graduation from pet training
Graduation from pet training

The Border Collie

My husband and I fell in love with Border Collies after a vacation trip to Ireland. We were staying in a small town, where our son was working as a golf caddie. During our stay, we were amazed watching the working Border Collies herd groups of cows up the road.

When we returned home, we did some research on the breed. Much of what we read was full of "cons" as far as having a Border Collie as a pet. They are bred as working dogs, and there is a push to keep them as such. Our dog is registered with the "American Border Collie Association", and their goal is to maintain the breed as working dogs.

Border Collies are medium sized dogs. Although many are black and white like our dog, they do not have a uniform appearance. They can be found also in black, black and tan, reddish brown, and white merle.

Border Collies are very intelligent. Our dog cocks her head when we talk to her, and seems to understand everything we say. Sometimes I catch myself spelling out words, like I would do with my children.

Border Collies are hyperactive, and need a lot of attention. This is the main trait that gets them in trouble. It is also a trait that makes them a lot of fun if you are a active person. We enjoy playing frisbee, and ball with our dog, taking her on long walks, and taking her swimming. She displays all the genetic herding instincts, even though she does not live on a farm. She crouches beautifully as she waits for the frisbee to be thrown.

Border Collies, although super active, are also very loving animals. Our dog makes her affection very obvious, and wants to accompany us everywhere.

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Anna Garcia 7 years ago

Bella is beautiful. I am sure she knows everything you say, just like my Molly does. We have had her for 10 years and she is a very intelligent Rat Terrier.

casshd profile image

casshd 5 years ago from Hemel Hempstead, UK

Lovely hub page and pictures. Border collies are so intelligent and need stimulation and lots of exercise to keep them happy. It's as if they are so clever they need a purpose in life (like people!). Please check out my Holly hub at we've just rescued her from the animal shelter.

susansisk profile image

susansisk 5 years ago from Georgia, USA Author

Thanks for reading, Casshd. Sorry it took me so long to answer. i am going to read your hub right now.

Leslie Geringer profile image

Leslie Geringer 4 years ago

Very enjoyable reading and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing

Brandon 2 years ago

Ok first of all first time reading your blog. so funny. 2nd, i whceatd this on tv!! Amazing!! I really want to go next year! I liked the white collie it's white and fluffy like my cat! I think Tula (my 5 pound Yorkie) would have done well as a show dog, she thinks she is a princess and she is a real tough bitch.

susansisk profile image

susansisk 2 years ago from Georgia, USA Author

Border Collie's are special dogs. Ours has boundless energy.

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