Breeze Block Fish Ponds

Things To Consider When Building A Pond.

A pond adds a natural sense of beauty and wildlife to any garden. Creating a fish pond needs to be a well thought out process and there are plenty of things that need to be considered. Firstly do you want the pond to be level with the ground, or would you prefer it to be coming out a little bit. It is important to remember that if you intend to have your pond level with the ground then you will have more chance of attracting heron and other animals that like to catch fish, i.e. Cats.

Once you have made this decision you need to decide what type of fish you would like, and how deep to make your pond. You should go at least 4 feet deep for koi carp, and around 3 feet deep for ordinary gold fish.

Materials - Will Breeze Blocks Be Strong Enough To Build A Pond?

Do not use normal lightweight breeze blocks as these will not be strong enough. However you can use heavy duty breeze blocks, or a preferable option would be to use celcon blocks. Celcon blocks are heavier than your average breeze block, and they do not soak up water either. My experience of building with these blocks has been fantastic. I build a fish pond of 10 x 6ft, and the wall had to be 6ft high. The bottom was filled with soil, and the remaining 4 ft is water. The celcon blocks have stayed strong and 10 years later I would recommend them to anyone looking for a material to build your fish pond. However it should be noted that I used pond liner, which i tight to the blocks. The pond liner takes quite a bit of pressure also so this might have helped.

It is important that you take into consideration the water pressure. The most pressure will be at the bottom, therefore it needs to be exceptionally strong here. You must make sure that your corners are well joined for maximum strength. If you are unsure about some of your tieing in then you can buy steel corners that you can fix on the outside of your pond to give it that extra strength.

Introducing The Fish

The way in which you introduce the fish is very important - especially with Koi Carp. When they are moved from one pond to another they become very stressed, and it is in the first couple of weeks that will decide whether they live or die. There are certain things you must do to make sure that your water is right for the fish.

  • Leave the pond for a couple of weeks after it has been filled - regardless of whatever pond started kits, de-chlorinators you might have used. Give the water a real chance to settle.
  • Use pond starter kits, there are lots available to choose carefully.
  • Introduce Oxygenating weed.
  • Make sure that there is running water in order to keep the oxygen levels up in the water. Your fish will not last long without any oxygen.

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