Bunny Buying Guide: Where Should I Get My Bunny From?

If you've fallen under the spell of the bunniez and have determined that rabbit keeping is right for you then you'll need to obtain a rabbit from somewhere. Whilst magicians have had some success over the years in producing rabbits out of their hats, odds are that you're going to have to try more conventional means. (Either that or you're going to spend a lot of time without a pet and staring into hats, a behavior that may result in negative consequences such as being carried away by the men in the white coats, and we wouldn't want that now, would we?)

There are four main places to obtain bunnies, I shall list them in order of supposed convenience, it's not too hard to work out what the best options are:

Pet Store - Pet stores are probably one of the worse places to purchase animals from. The environment is stressful on the animal, so while pet store purchase might be cute, it may also be utterly mental. You're also no doubt supporting a practice of bunny dumping. You've probably noticed that they always have the cute little babies in stock? What do you think happens to them if they don't sell in a week or two? They certainly don't go to a farm in the country, that's for sure.

Friends - A friend might be a good place to get a bunny if perhaps they no longer want theirs (an all too common problem due to the fact that people get silly notions in their heads as to what bunnies are like.) Or perhaps you know a friend whose rabbit has had kits.

Animal Shelters - Bless your heart, an animal shelter is probably one of the best places to get your bunny. You are rescuing a creature that desperately needs a home, and you are not contributing to the pockets of irresponsible owners and breeders. Chances are that any rabbits you find at an animal shelter will be older, but when it comes to bunnies, older is not a bad thing at all. An older bunny is equally capable of bonding with you, and is also quicker to pick up things, like toilet training, which is nice if you like your carpets.

Breeder - Be careful with this one., because many like to get tricky with the word play and call themselves breeders when in fact they are bunny mills. A reputable breeder will allow you to see his or her stock in their home environment, and that environment will be well tended and kept. It can be hugely disastrous to purchase a baby bunny from a bunny mill or just a bad breeder. Good breeders don't have too many bunnies and have time to tend to and give attention to them all. These rabbits will be well socialized and more amenable to being handled than rabbits who have at best failed to receive any human attention, and at worst, have been exposed to conditions that are nothing short of abusive.

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tp 8 years ago

nice rabbit i got one its name champagne and other rabbit cecle i have to

elizabeth 8 years ago

cute picture i have 3 bunnies just like that

Bunny Lover 8 years ago

I wanna get a bunny. Can I get it from debby's pet land? I fell in love with a white - streaked brown bunny.

tarren 8 years ago

i got my bunnie from a pet shop, but i was there when they where delivered and i knew the person who delivered them which was an added bonus. if i knew it was him i would have gone straight to him and not the pet shop.

Dan 8 years ago

We got our bunny from a pet store, don't believe that all pet stores do this to rabbits since ours was actually a little older. He was pretty much fully grown when we got him, just got bigger from eating a lot!

Lara 8 years ago

I got my bunny, a rex, from a shelter, she is about 3 or 4 months old and fantastic!! Bunnies from shelters are great as they come vaccinated and when she is 6 months old they will desex her as part of her purchase cost! Rabbits from shelters really need homes, my rabbit was one of 8 sibblings dumped there, and apparently this is a regular occurance (from repeat offenders too, about 4 or 5 times a year rex rabbit litters are dumped there). Its true that she hasn't been handled enough but as she is so young we are working through the trust issue quickly, and she hasn't bitten or nipped me once!

hanna 7 years ago

v mnvznv D

profile image

shabbydog 7 years ago

How long is a bunny's gestation period.

profile image

shabbydog 7 years ago

How long is a bunny's gestation period.

Kim 7 years ago

I have been thinking about getting a bunny for a while now. I saw a white and brown bunny the other day she was in an animal shelter. I have read a lot of things about what you say about taking care of bunnies. And I really got to say it is really informational. i think that anyone who wants a pet bunny should really read what you say about taking care of bunnies and all. I never new lettuce could be harmful to a bunny.

austin 6 years ago

i had a bunny it had sex with the boy bunny

marshall  6 years ago

do you know a place in abilene texas where i can get a bunny rabbit

Starr 6 years ago

WWW.kijiji.com is a great place to look for a bunny. They are often very cheap or free because of people moving or just not wanting them anymore

I found one of my buns on the and he is THE most loving, snuggly critter I could ever ask for. I got him from a girl who rescued him from an abusive home, for free. They where apparently starving and neglecting him.

By adopting him he got a second chance. You could make a difference too! Look on your local kijiji or post a wanted add for a bunny who someone doesn't want

bunnieLuver 6 years ago

I might gt a bunny!!!! HAPPY DANCE!

Meee ;] 6 years ago

Thanks for the buying tips,but petstores arent always as bad as people think...well some,anyway.I know a really good petstore that has its own vet and aquarium but i also know a petstore that is really horrible with wild dogs & swearing parrots. Lol anyway,thanks for the info ;] Also check out this adorable bunny video on youtube :)


bunny 6 years ago

i love bunny's. and thanks for giving me lots and lots of tips. Now my parents will let me buy 1or6 bunny's.But even if i read this tip thing i still need help on the tips.And should i get a bunny or a rabbit.I would like to get a pet bunny.But i pick you too pick it.

ding 6 years ago

I would like to get a bunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

S&A Angels Rabbitry 5 years ago

ok ur info was kinda good but however when buyin from a shelter they are more then often wrong on breed and sex so watch out

for breeds yes u seriously have to worry about that i myself am a breeder and HATE buying from another breeder unless i get to check it over b4 i buy it ive had ppl sell me sick rabbits and have had a rabbit die only a week after getting it...also i know ppl that have over 200 rabbits all are very healthy an well taken care of an friendly on the other hand i know people that have over 100 an all are mean as can be an in VERY poor condition....i personaly only got 22 currently all are taken out dailey unless bred an i do not breed often only when ppl are on a big waiting list for a kit or i need a kit to carry on its mothers/fathers place and make loosing them to old age easier

cute bunnies 4 years ago

im going to buy a bunny and im going to be happy because im going to get one and i know everyting about them now that you gave me information about them and i for got i love bunnies they are so cute.

Alex 4 years ago

My parents may let me get a bunny!!!!! It's probably gonna be a Dutch rabbit!!!!!!!!!!! Thx for all the tips!!!! I can't wait till the end of the month and see if I get a rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex 4 years ago

Begging time!!!!!!!

Let's see what happens after begging a couple minutes!!!!!!!!

Thx for putting my last comment on!!!!!

I know what they eat people!!!

Leave a comment for me ON this and I will reply as soon as I can!! Plus:you'll also get to know more!!!!! Your welcome

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