Bunny Care Guide: How To Get A New Pet Bunny To Like You

This hub arose from a question asked by a fellow hubber who is having trouble with a new bunny. I have answered it in the format of a new hub, as this is a common problem for many new rabbit owners.


"A week ago I was joyed by adding a Netherland Dwarf to my family. I am getting a little frustrated. I have spent hours each afternoon since I got her, yet she still will not come close enough so that i can even touch her. If i even move, she freaks out and has to run as far away from me as possible! I have even tried having a handful of yogurt drops, but she still is very hesitant to come near me. Is this typical and is there anything I can do that will help her trust me? Any tips would be so helpful!"

My Answer:

Yes, that is completely normal. Expect it to take a good while for your rabbit to become friendly. You have to remember that this is a prey animal, and to her, you are a huge scary beast. The first thing I would recommend would be simply having her cage near where you are a great deal of the time, such as in a family room, and leaving her be. Don't try to touch her if she doesn't want it, don't force anything.

One trick that may eventually work once she starts getting over her fear, is to simply lie down on the floor, at her level, and let her approach you. Most bunnies become curious very quickly and will hop up and have a sniff of you.

However in your situation, (and this applies to many people having similar problems) it sounds like a case of too much, too soon. Hours of attention is probably far too much for her to handle, and very stressful indeed. To her mind, she is roaming around in a large strange area, and being babbled at by a huge creature that may very well want to eat her. Instead of putting her through this, confine her to her cage and let her get used to that being her special territory, a place where she can go and be safe. Her cage, and her feeling of security there are very important things in her life.

Once she has acclimatised to her home, then she will become more outgoing. It is understandable that you want to interact with her a lot at the moment, but her fear response tells me that this is too much. Let her settle in, let her observe from a safe location that she feels safe in, and then try to befriend her later on. I would also say that for her temperament, it is too soon for her to have the run of a house, or even a room.

So, to summarize:

1) Confine her to her cage.

2) Let her observe you during times you are just living your life and paying no attention to her.

3) Don't try to touch her or bribe her yet.

4) Wait until her behavior changes, and she becomes curious in you. This will happen in due course.

She may come up to the bars of her cage when you approach, in that case, feel free to pet her and give her attention.

The exception to the cage confinement rule would be when you are cleaning the cage out, at which time she can be let out into a small area.

Put yourself in her position, would you want to suddenly be thrust into a strange new home and then have some giant always trying to touch you, or peering at you? Rabbits are quite sensitive creatures, but they can be delightful and full of affection if allowed to develop their bond with you in their own time.

If there are any further questions, please do feel free to ask!

Additional Note: This advice is only to be followed whilst she is still afraid and settling in. Later on she will need to get used to being handled and touched, but forcing these things in the beginning can be detrimental to her developing a good relationship with you. Once she starts to relax and accept little head rubs (rabbits generally love to have their heads rubbed), then it is time to start moving forward on the handling front.

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MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

good hub and has some excellent tips

LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

Thank you! This helps alot! Another quick question: is is better to have her cage on the floor or on a stand?

Bunniez profile image

Bunniez 8 years ago Author

When she's out of her cage, her cage should always be accessible to her. So a cage on a stand (unless it has a ramp) is not going to work very well. When she is confined to the cage it probably doesn't matter too much if it is on a stand or on the floor, but in order to help her settle in better, I would recommend putting it on the floor, because it means you will be moving it around less. She may also feel safer if it is on the floor, as she may feel less exposed, depending on how you have your set up arranged.

Bunny Herder 8 years ago

Yes on the floor is best, leave the door opened when she is out on a run though. Just another suggestion for getting her used to you and the environment: Block off one room at a time in the areas she will be allowed to run (make sure she can't get out and get lost). Sit very quietly in that room with her, or lay on the floor as stated. But watch her for a good long time. Eventually her curiosity will override her jitters and she'll start to explore. Look to see if there is ANYTHING she might nibble on or touch that can harm her. You might not have thought she could get into certain things. I assure you, you will be surprised! Do that in every room you intend to let her play in.. Maybe one room a day. You don't want to overwhelm her all at once.

~sophie~ 8 years ago

actually if the bunny is outside its a bad idea to have the cage on the floor incase mice and stuff get into it. also i think you should hold the bunny lots, even at the begining, i have a bunnny and she loved being held even from the first day

~sophie~ 8 years ago

(sorry about my first 3 messages) the rest are good LOL.

sorry with my first 2 bunnies i held them lots they turned out really affectionate my second two i didn't holdand they turned out awful all my others i held and they were all good

socialkittn profile image

socialkittn 8 years ago

that picture is ridic! lol adorable. I want a bunny but I don't think my kitties would like that

beachbum_gabby profile image

beachbum_gabby 8 years ago

this is really cool and adorable. great hub, thanks for sharing.

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christy 8 years ago

This website was extremely helpful 2 me and I needed that because I will soon be the proud owner of 2 bunnies Snickerz and Oreo

Andrea 8 years ago

my mom says i can't get a bunny but i keep telling her i will take care of her but my mom has a few questions like does the bunny have to get shots and how often and how often do you have to clean her cage?


Annie 8 years ago

I have had my neutered rabbit for 1.5 years now. He still doesn't trust me, and I don't understand why. I try to make him happy and let him do whatever he wants. He doesn't like being held. Sometimes he doesn't run away from me and stays to be petted, other times when I approach him, he darts off because he thinks i'm going to pick him up. So I guess in a way, he chooses when he doesn't like me and when he does. It's making me really sad that after being with him for quite a while, that he is still very hesistant with me. I've tried everything, and I don't know what else to do to get him to trust me. I don't think he is a shy bunny at all, but has a lot of personality. Please help, thanks!

Tammy 8 years ago

i have a new bunny, i got her for xmas. she is a lionhead, but not a purebred. she doesn't like being picked up in the wrong way. when i put one hand under her front paws, and the other on her bum, her eyes start to show its white. but when i pick her up and put her on my shoulder, while holding her securly, she doesn't like it at all, but doesn't kick. i let her run around in my room, because she lives in my room. but when i lie on the floor, she comes and sniffs at me, but after about 10 mins, she bites me whenever she can! i giver her apples and grapes and hay and these little carrot shaped factory rabbit treats, but she still doesn't seem to like me. its been 2 weeks now. and i am becoming very frustrated! there is no improvement at all! she bit my 2 sisters, and my cousin, and also wee-ed on my best friend! she has bit me a few times too. it is so frustrating! what do i do???


Steph 7 years ago

I have a 7 month old short haired that i resuced. We have had him for a little over a week and he keeps dumping his litter box, scratching us when we try to pick him up, and and chewing every thing. Can you help me?

Zinzan 7 years ago

thanks 4 the advice but um our rabbit first day and it all sweet but it still stomped and bite!

Dylan  7 years ago

SO, i think that i should get a bunny, because they're cute and cuddly and i like those little suckers

sjorichmond 7 years ago

I am new to this site. Just signed up today :) I have taken in a Jersey wolley(sp?) Obviously still learning the simplest things...She is a beautiful and loving bunny my daughter and I are so amazed that a bunny actually has such a strong unique personality (I never knew bunnies made good pets...and they are a lot smarter than I ever thought. So it's really something my daughter and I have just fell in love with) Anyway, I have lots of questions and some of the main ones have already been asked on here by other people...yet there are no answers?!? Am I missing something? I mean I'm not used to any website like this...Or have they just simply not been answered at all?? And if that's the case does anyone have any advise/tips on the best way to get answers to all of my questions...I've been researching A LOT...I really need some advise! Thanks!!

sjorichmond 7 years ago

Any good books you would recommend? I feel like I've read them all & still have so many unanswered questions..

buns 7 years ago

hi. first to tammy, how old was your bunny at this stage? if a bunny bites a lot it might be a good idea to wear protective clothing at first so you don't get hurt. after you have formed a significant bond with bunny everytime she bites you let out a high pitched squeal so as to let her know that you hurt her. after that pet her and let her know you love her-so your squel dosent stress her out so much. in order to successfually bond with any rabbit takes A LOT OF TIME AND PATIENCE one thing i cannot stress enough!!! take it at your rabbits pace and i promise you-the end result will be an amazing little rabbit. also another very important point-pet shop treats are not healthy!! they are so bad for bunny and could even result in the rabbits death. so please-avoid pet shop treats.

if a rabbit is scratching when you try to pick it up-DONT PICK IT UP. work at the rabbits pace, how would you feel is someone was trying to pick you up and you scratched and screamed but they still insisted to pick you up? please work with your rabbit and try to understand its position. do things slowely-sit on the floor and let the bunny come up to u. after a few DAYS of this, sit on the floor and have bunnys favourite treat on your lap. wave it under his nose so he smells is and then while he is looking put it on your lap. you will be amazing to see that he stands on the floor and reaches to your lap to get the treat. after a few days of this, while he is reaching to your lap, pick him up gently but firmly and sit him on your lap. the first few times he will jump off. after keeping at this you will see that he stays on your lap and eats the treat then jumps off. after this stange put the treat on ur arm and let him sit on ur lap and eat of your arm. after days of this..pick him up PROPERLY in your arms and put the treat in your arm-he will eat it fast and jump out of your arms. keep doing this taking it as HIS pace and soon you will see you have a rabbit that you can pick up and walk around with!

BUT one note of caution, do not over feed him his treat! if you do make sure you give him plenlty of fresh hay after it, because that is vital for him and also plently of running around time so he can burn off the excess he doesn't need. a fat rabbit is a VERY unhappy rabbit.

kiran 7 years ago

i have a brand new bunny that's 10 weeks old. i tried to pet her when we came home for the first time and she scratched me, and i accidentley dropped her slightly (not too much)what can i do to regain her trust?

kiran 7 years ago

i have a brand new bunny that's 10 weeks old. i tried to pet her when we came home for the first time and she scratched me, and i accidentley dropped her slightly (not too much)what can i do to regain her trust?

TAMMY POTTS 7 years ago

will my bunny get friendly if i get him fixed

malica 7 years ago

i have a gray and whitet a 10 week old dorworf rabbit named fluffy and she is verry frendly and gental.i got her for christmas and she loves attention every time i go to see her she runs to the frount of the cage and starts climing the bars wateing for me to open the cage.i sit on the floor and put a hand towel on my lap when i open the cage she wont come on my lap until i have the towel n my lap and when i do she jumps in to my lap and juts sits there and when the nabghers see her the say she is so cute .i don't know but she seems to love me and always comes to me.I THINK ITS BEST IF YOU GEN THEM FROM WHEN THERE BABIES SO THEY CAN GROW UP WITH YOU AND YOUR FRENDSHIP WILL GROW STRONGER.the thirst time i picked her up she wee on me .i hope that this has helped malica and cute little fluffy

Brianna Litwa 7 years ago

I have a mini rex bunny rabbit named coco... I hold her a lot and i give her her space when she wants it she doesn't hate me.... every night when i go to bed she comes up and sticks her entire nose out a nd will sit there all night until i pet it and give her a kiss. Other than that she is very mean to other people and even sometimes me! She enjoys biteing things, well i thought so at first so i bought her bunny chew toys, also so she could play i got her small balls and a stuffed banana but still she wants to bite me. I cant even feed her without her trying to bite me... Please help. All i want to be with her is friends, I want to train her too but i cant do anything until she stops biteing.

Janka(L) 7 years ago

hey guys, I have the most outstanding rabbit. His name is Bun-Bunchkins and he is golden-orange. A VERY hard colour to find. We got him from a friend of my dads who was breeding them for meat. So I started crying as to how unfair it was for those poor things to be killed, and a week after that, we adopted him. He has so much personality! He runs everywhere, nudges me and waits for me to pet him, and when I am on the sofa, he jumps up and lies down on his side with his paws out and his head down waiting for me to pet him. He will eat anything and most surprising, he doesn't chew on cords! I love him to death!!! Since he is an outdoor rabbit, I let him in sometimes for fun. But we thought he needed a friend. And so 2 months later, we got Salem, from the same place except she was black. A very clean, organized rabbit. She would ONLY pee and poo in her cage as well as eat. But when we took them inside to play, Bun-Bunchkins would bite her! So I gave him a tap on his head. He bit her again, and after a few taps he got the point. So now they are great friends. And so loving and affectionate! If you have any questions, just ask and I would be more than happy to answer!

Alexis 6 years ago

Hi, I have had my bunny for about a month now. When I first got her she was very shy, and now she is crazy! But she can be mean at times and scratch really bad. What can I do to make her stop and calm down?

Molly 6 years ago

I have a fairly new bunny, and when ever i let her out around my room, I'll be sitting on the floor and she'll run up to me and just put her nose on me. and when I'm moving bedding or something in her cage she'll RUN up to my hand and just out her nose on me. Is that aggressive or a 'pet me' kind of thing?

Jane 6 years ago

I have two new rabbits. One I can handle to clip his nails and he is quite a friendly bunny. The other is the most inquisitive creature I've ever seen and will come up to the cage bars and take treats from me and let me stroke her. However the moment I attempt to pick her up she runs into the corner and squeals and won't let me near her for the rest of the day. The rabbit is obviously not afraid of me most of the time or else she would not come up to me for treats and let me stroke her. What can I do to be able to handle her?

Sam 6 years ago

Molly, my rabbit used to nudge me or put his nose on me all of the time. It mostly means he wants pet. If he does it in the cage, it might be aggression because rabbits do not like if you move their things around when they are in there, it's better to take them out first.

Eileen 6 years ago

I just got a 8 week old dutch rabbit yesterday. I know that you need to give it space and time, but he really doesn't seem that frightened. We let him out of his hutch and he runs around like crazy and does these crazy flips and stuff. While he or she (don't know the sex yet) was out running around, it was biting everything. Toys, clothes, even paper. Then it bit my 20 month old daughters finger. She cried for a few minutes. (it drew blood) then just a few minutes later my daughter was just standing there and the bunny ran up to her and bit her toe. It wasn't just one bite, he was chewing on it. It was bleeding really good and she cried for like a half hour. The bunny took a big bite out of her toe. She wasn't bugging him or anything. I know everyone is going to say it's afraid, but when he comes out of his cage, he doesn't seem afraid of us. Sometimes it will run when we try to pet it and it almost always runs when we try to pick it up. Has anyone else had this issue with a rabbit? I don't know if it truly is scared, or was just hyper and in a biting mood. I really want to give this adorable little thing a chance, but I think I need help. Can anyone help me?? Please give a response if u have one! Thank you so much. Oh, one more thing. I have tried to feed it vegetables and fruit by hand and also by putting them in it's cage, and it won't eat them. All it wants to eat is rabbit pellets. Is this ok??

Nathan 6 years ago

My rabbit runs away from me how do i stop this

Eileen 6 years ago

Nathan, I just got a new rabbit 2 weeks ago. When I first got him, he ran and scratched every time we tried to touch him. I've read many articles about rabbits and the majority of them said to give it time. It's actually true! My rabbit still runs some of the time, but most of the time he sits there and enjoys being pet. If your rabbit is not new, then I personally would suggest trying to spend as much time with it as possible. Even if it means petting it and talking to it while it's in it's hutch. Use a nice calming voice to talk to it so it knows that you're not going to hurt it. Try feeding it by hand (big pieces of fruit or veggies so you don't get bit) and while you're feeding it, try to pet it gently. Another good time to try to get it used to you is when it is tired and lying down. That's when I pet my rabbit the most and now he is used to us. It really does take time and work, but if you keep spending as much time with it as possible it should make your bunny realize that you are no harm to it. And it will soon fall in love with you!

RaChEl BaBe 6 years ago

hi im getting a new bunny in 3 weeks i cant wait im 13.

i just want to no .....how offen do i clean out his/her cage? and anymore tips on keeping a good healty safe rabbit ? xxx

lola 6 years ago

my dad is thinking about getting a rabbit for me. should i get it from a pet store or an actual like rabbit farm? and how big a cage do i need if i might get a 9 week mini lop rabbit? oh and what would the total cost be for food, toys, the rabbit, and the cage?

lola 6 years ago

oh, and i have a cat that goes in my room and that's where my new pet will probably stay, so should i keep my cat out of my room in the day time, at school? or should i leave my room door open and my cat can go in and sniff the the rabbit if he wants. what will i do when i'm at school do i just leave the door of the cage closed until i come back? cuz i have wires in my room and i don't want it to chew on them. and what if i go on vacay? will i need a pet hotel or just leave it at home and ask one of my neighbors to come clean and feed it everyday? or do i keep it at a friends house? wow, i'm asking a lot of question, cuz i don't know much. :P

lola 6 years ago

so, if i get a rabbit, will febreeze harm it?

Michelle 6 years ago

RaChEl BaBe you need to clean out its cage once a day, try to clean it around the same time so that when its dirty, then you'll clean it at the right time. to keep a good, healthy and safe rabbit, don't jump at it and move slowly when your near it so you won't take it by surprise. when you buy your rabbit make sure it is moving fine, it has sleek shiny fur, and is more on the plump side, lol. hope this helped!!

:] michelleee.

Jacob  6 years ago

can i play with my bunny when im sick

Larissa 6 years ago

I've had my mini rex for almost 3 months. I think she likes me, but i can't put her on my bed without her peeing on it! i have to watch her constantly to make sure i don't have to clean my sheets daily. She bites everyone and everything she can find, including wires. She's also figured out how to jump out of her cage and onto the couch (its really pretty cute!). But i feel like i'm not getting anywhere with her because if i let her out in my room, she just hides under the bed and sometimes even goes to sleep! In the middle of the night, she get rambuncious and flails around in her cage and chews on it and shakes it for like 30 minutes at a time. its a little bit annoying...sometimes i even have to put her in the other room...is this what i'm supossed to be doing, treating her like a child when it cries at night? help please? (:

Christie 6 years ago

Hello bunnie lovers,

i use to work in a pet store for 4 yrs. i have had pet rabbits for 6 years. matter of fact my oldest blue dutch buck is 6 yrs old. i currently have 21 dutch rabbits. And they are all my babies. They live outside but are brought inside for lots of attention and exercise. they all have different personalities. some are very friendly and will let me pet them and pick them up with very little kicking. some are more timid and shy at times. just recently a few of my young juniors are nipping this is the first time i have had any attempt to nip or bite. but i will not give up on them. first i know they are going thru adolesence which can lead to less approriate behaviors. the best way i have found to earn their trust is thru love,treats,attention and lots of patience! everyday i go out first thing in the morning to feed and water them all. when i do i pet and talk to each one. and give them a treat. my bunnies favorite treat is cheerios. they get excited everytime they hear a bag russtle. for those that are timid i slowly reach in while keeping an eye on their mood. they usually get use to getting the treats so before long they are greeting me at the door or at their food dish. i will pet them for a few seconds talking to them the whole time. i don't try to pick mine up all the time. as i know some just don't like being picked up. if i do pick them up sometimes i may use a blanket which i can wrap them in so they arent scratching me or hurting themselves. we use to do thise with our first one so she didn't scratce my son. i only hold them for a little bit and then put them back in their cage. don't want to stress them out too much. i tend to hold them more when they are inside. my favorite thing to do is lay on the floor and let them come to me. my oldest buck will thump for my attention and follows me around. if im laying on the floor he runs circles around me and will come over and put his head on my arm for petting. so the best advice i could give would be. be patient some bunnies take abit longer to come around. but i think if you pet them and talk to them everyday without trying to pick them up all the time you will earn their trust alot faster. if they bite try wearing a glove for awhile when you are feeding them. that is what i am doing with a young male of mine. and hes even one i hand raised. one of his sisters is also a nipper. she will nip me if my arm is in her way while she is running around in the house. so its more like shes saying get out of my way! but at the same time they will also lick my hands,arms,legs,etc. you just got to love bunnie kisses. Good luck with your bunnies.

Bunny Love♥ 6 years ago

I have 2 Netherland Dwarfs and both are almost 1 year. When i cuddle them they try squirm out of my arms and when i try and catch them from their pen and hutch they run away. They don't eat any food inside and don't come to me when they are called. Please help me to create love between us!

Emily 6 years ago

I have a question; Is it okay to confine a rabbit in ONE room? We have a cat..and he's an outdoor cat, known to bring in other animals. I was thinking of putting my soon-to-be companion in my room with me, since im in there almost 24/7.

Thing is....we actually have...a couple of cats. More than a couple >___>;;. Quite a bit. 6 cats. Our house is huge and we adopted/saved some cats in the past, and they all have their freedom, which includes going outdoors. I never had a pet of my own and a rabbit is really appealing to me. On another note; my mom's pet cockatiel stays in my room. Would it be safe to keep the cockatiel and the rabbit together?

Jynese 2 Days ago 6 years ago

How can I get my bunny to not be scared of me and other people because every time I go to her cage she start to shake a lot.And when I try to pick her up she tries to run away from me.My pet bunny doesn't drink her water she just eat most of the time.How can I get her to drink her water like she is supposed to and get her to love me?I got her 2 days ago.

CassyAni 6 years ago

I'm getting a bunny in two weeks! My cousin works at a vet and she said " If you're getting a bunny, get it neutered and a male." she said their urine is less smelly and they are friendly. In one of the comments above, they said their bunny got neutered and was a male and they were mean and aggressive.What do I do?

BritainE 6 years ago

Hi i have two Holland Lop bunnies, Lily and Henry. They are 3 months old and we've had them for a month now. Lily is very outgoing and friendly. She loves to sit on my lap. Henry is a little more timid, it took him about two weeks for him to come out of his cage, while Lily had no problem at all. They love to run around on my bed and they seem very content but neither one will let me pick them up. Is this normal? I feel like I should be holding them so they can get used to being handled but they just freak out and kick like crazy every time i try. I don't want to traumatize them but i don't want to wait til its too late? What do I do?

Katrina 6 years ago

Hey,I have this rabbit..

and i brought her like about 3 weeks ago or 5/6 weeks...

Everytime i put rabbit meals in my hand and he just goes away from me...

and even if i try to do anything


HE thinks im murduring him

when im not

what to do????

HELP!!!!!!!!!! PLZZZ

Larney 6 years ago

The Gold Medal Guide

Golden tips for keeping your first rabbit is a brilliant book!!

I'm getting a rabbit in 12 days so i'm really excited

Shanis 6 years ago

Where is the best place to pet my bunny we're she wuld like it?

MeefMoof 6 years ago

Trying to prevent bunny bites and nips takes a little bit of time and patience. Try getting your bun some toys that he can chew on and (if bunny is young), keep him in his cage and away from young children at first, to avoid any accidents. It's always good to enforce some rules with your bun but DO NOT be TOO harsh as bunnies are fragile animals and can be hurt easily. A little tap on the head is okay and seems to work fine or by CAREFULLY placing bunny back in his cage when he's done something bad. Begin with taking it slow, as you don't want your bunny to hate you.

Another important thing to keep in mind is your bun's food. Bunnies teeth keep growing so if you feed him unlimited good quality hay, this will help. Hay will be the most important component to your rabbit's good health. Pellets can be fed but don't exceed about 1/4 to 1/2 cup a day depending on your rabbits age and weight. Keep in mind that overfeeding is bad! Lastly, feed veggies and fruits in moderation but try introducing only 1 new treat a day. There are many online guides to what bunny can and can not eat.

Problems with picking bunny up and getting bunny to like you start with you, The Owner. If bunny is a baby, don't harass him. It is going to take awhile for bun to get used to his surroundings so moving his furniture around and reaching into the cage while he's in there is probably not a good idea. Many say that on the first day bunny is in a new home, try leaving bun in the cage for a good couple of hours without coming up to the cage or trying to hold him. After awhile, bunny will begin to feel safe and not be so intimidated. At this time, you can start to SLOWLY pet bunny on the head. Just remember to have PATIENCE!

Hannah 6 years ago

I just bought a 7 week old holland lop the other day. She seems to be okay with me holding/slash petting her but is afraid of being picked up. I also want to know how long does it usually take for them to get used to u. Also at what age can u start feeding greens (not lettuce)

hallie the bunny freak 6 years ago

hi hannah i just got two lionhed 10week old bunnies the best thing to do is to start bye sitting and holding them then neeling while holding them then gradulay work up to standing,if that doesnt help sorry

hallie the bunny freak  6 years ago

you should start feeding your rabbits greens gradually at the age of two months

jennjoy 6 years ago

I got my first bunny just over 4 months ago and i felt bad because i was just starting university so i decided to get her a little friend. My first bunny is cuddly as can be and comes to me immediately when scared my second bunny wants nothing to do with me. I am wondering if i spent to much time bonding them together instead of taking the time to bond her to me. It has been 4 months now and she still runs from me and goes to my other bunny for protection is there anything i can do to get her more comfortable with me? Whenever i try and pet her or give her attention bunny number one gets jealous. . . any tips ?? PLEASE :)

Jayda 6 years ago

Hi Jennjoy, the best thing to do is to have her in a safe area and let her out of her cage. Just sit and read or watch tv. Do this daily and eventually, her curiosity will get the better of her and she will come explore you. if you are very calm and gentle,,she may let you pet her. just be patient. as for your other unny getting jelous, give her lots of attention while you wait for your newer bunny to come check thing out. Chances are, having bunny 1 trust you should actually help get bunny number 2 to trust you. Good luck!!

Heidi 6 years ago

I rescued a baby bunny recently and she is a real jem. She seems to really enjoy my company and the run of the family room. I have noticed that if I try to hold her before she has gotten her "free time" out of her system, she tries to squirm and wiggle away from me. I am wondering, should I tell her no, and assert my dominance over her, or simply put her down and give her her own way? For safety's sake, I want to be able to pick her up and confine her when need be...so I am afraid that if I always let her win, she will become unruly... but at the same time, I want the time that I am holding her to be enjoyable so that she will continue coming back for more- anyone with any experience or input would be greatly appreciated- thanks

Heidi 6 years ago

I rescued a baby bunny recently and she is a real jem. She seems to really enjoy my company and the run of the family room. I have noticed that if I try to hold her before she has gotten her "free time" out of her system, she tries to squirm and wiggle away from me. I am wondering, should I tell her no, and assert my dominance over her, or simply put her down and give her her own way? For safety's sake, I want to be able to pick her up and confine her when need be...so I am afraid that if I always let her win, she will become unruly... but at the same time, I want the time that I am holding her to be enjoyable so that she will continue coming back for more- anyone with any experience or input would be greatly appreciated- thanks

lkm 6 years ago

my neighbours gave me a new leveret(small hare)just like a bunny whenever i try to stroke her she zooms off like a lunatick!!:) im trying to not move fast,be big or hit her im just being gentle. when will she come to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????

lkm 6 years ago


he lets me strke him!!!!!!!!!!i lve him

JAZMIN 6 years ago


JAZMIN 6 years ago


JAZMIN 6 years ago


EC 5 years ago

im getting bunnies soon and am not sure what i need, Ive been doing research but still don't exactly know. They will be out side bunies (at first because my dad wont let them in). We already bought a hutch and im not sure what food to get them and how much. Im getting 2 bunnies.

bunnyrox27 5 years ago

I justgot a new bunnny and you said I should be patient but I've held her a couple times and she is now eating, drinking, and "warming up" to me. Is this ok?

Julie 5 years ago

My rabbit hates my but lovesy parents wat can i do to make him like a little bit more?? He wont Even let me brush him.. The only reason he likes me is because i give him treats every day

bunny girl 5 years ago

my bunnies are 3months old. i have a great dane and a cat is it best to keep them separate or get used to them. i have my bunnies in our playroom we are in there 24/7 i hold them for 10 min each (i have 2) one is very kind but one is a little scared what should i do

jenny 5 years ago

I have 7 bunnies and they are 2 weeks old, but one of them won't eat. I tried everything but it still wont eat. What should i do?

Lauren 5 years ago

i made the mistake if hitting my bunny when she bit me, i treated her like a dog because ive only had dogs in the past. after reading this i know it is totally wrong and i feal terrible. ive had her for about 2 months and she greets me when i walk in but she isn't friendly when out of her cage. what do i do to make her stop doing this and be more friendly?!

Lauren 5 years ago

i made the mistake if hitting my bunny when she bit me, i treated her like a dog because ive only had dogs in the past. after reading this i know it is totally wrong and i feal terrible. ive had her for about 2 months and she greets me when i walk in but she isn't friendly when out of her cage. what do i do to make her stop doing this and be more friendly?!

david kirby 5 years ago

I have a problem with my female lionhead. She has been neutered and she thinks I'm a treat! When she's out and under the sofa and I stand like a foot or 2 away she thumps and runs and I really want to bond with her. I have a year old male and we get on fine he licks me she use to lick me but she stopped after she was neutered. I have lied down she sniffs me and runs off. One morning my partner let them out I woke up walked in the living room before she was happy doing her jump and twists when she saw me she ran back in her cage. What should I do?

melanie 5 years ago

hi i have a bunny and i had her about 1 month already i had no problems with her until i started letting her run around.everytime i try to pick her up she runs away and hides under my couch i don't know why?when i pick her up she trys to run from my hands and scratch me.what can i do so that she can let me hold her.

Kye 5 years ago

I just got a rabbit and he isn't as shy as it said there, but he gets startled when i try to pet him. The people i got it from said to pick it up by the back of the neck, but someone else said that is wrong. Also, we have two dogs. We want him to be down stairs and be allowed to roam every now and then, but would it be better to have a standing cage or one on a table so that it isn't scared by the dogs?

siba123 5 years ago

omggg right

siba123 5 years ago

i have a baby buuny and hes name is poocchy then whenever i try to make it come to me it wwont and i donnt know what to do now the bunny is only 1 mouth and it is really fraeking hard for me so what should i do huh smart people

siba123 5 years ago

its so freaking bad gosh

teresa 5 years ago

I don't have a rabbit but Im wishing for one. if I ever get a rabbit I need information obout how to take care of it. by the way Im 9 years old.

Bec 5 years ago

I'm 11 and I have been wanting a rabbit for a long time and my mum finally agreed for me to have one! I am soooo exited and Teresa my tip would be to research as much as you can about rabbits and which breed would be best and then tell your parents all your info and they might be impressed and think you are very responsible that's what I did and I'm getting one.

leah 5 years ago

we have a bunny and her name is cuddles, she is very affectionate she loves attention. my question is how much of the Hay do we feed her?

Kiki 5 years ago

I have a bunny she will hop right over to me no problem at all

TIP:To get a bunny to like you try to find out its favorite food is and then take its favorite food and hold it out in front of you and let your rabbit eat it out of your hand then while its eating pet it on the head then let it have the food do this every day for a week or so and you should be able to grow a strong bond quickly.

Dwarf lionhead 5 years ago

I got my new bunny yesterday he is two months old and he is perfectly content running around my apartment, he will even come up and sniff my legs but when I try to pick him up and hold him for more then 30 seconds he freaks out, what should i do?

Sam 5 years ago

I just adopted a rabbit less then a week ago. She is NOT spayed and was found in the wild. I know I need to give her time to adjust to her new environment but I know she also needs time out of her cage to play. She lets me pet her while she in her cage but that’s about all. When I try to take her out it’s always a struggle and I feel so guilty making her feel threatened. When I finally get her out she loves it, she even binkies! I have the same problem with getting her back in her cage! Unfortunately her cage is elevated and I can’t just open the door to let her out. The room where her cage is and her play area are also two different places. What can I do to make the process less stressful for the both of us?!?!?

elias 5 years ago

i have 2 bunnys and my dwarf bunny trusts me but my other bunny dosent even trust me i try to pick her up she just keeps trying to get away what do i do oh and my dwarf bunny licks me but my other dosent dose that mean she dosent like me

JennyBoo 5 years ago

I'd recommend this website:


Although rabbits can't tell us what they're thinking, you can gauge a lot through body language, and this describes it very well.

Briana 5 years ago

Okay, so I just got a male Lionhead 2 days ago and he's kinda unbearable!! His name is Shadow and he claws and tries to eat the carpet. In the night he'll runn all around in his cage, making as much noise as possible. Whenever I try to pet him or put my handeven near him he'll run away from me super quick. And when I actually do start petting him or anything he will bite and scratch me! And I know you say it takes time. But I have school and basketball practice. The pet store said I have up to 3 days to bring him back, I don't wanna have to, but I'm afraid it won't get any better because I'm so busy and I'll be gone for like 7-8 each day. What should I do? Should I take him back? :(

Asz 5 years ago

Hey I just got a pet dwarf rabbit. Everytime I try and hold her she gets scared or when I try to grab her she runs far away... Should I stop trying? But after I pick her up and start petting her she becomes very calm.... I let her out of her cage and laid next to her she wandered and hopped around even climbed on me... She did sniff my nose once but I want her to be more comfortable with me.. Should I give her a snack everytime she apporaches me? She's still young only 2 months old...

kristen 5 years ago

i am getting a bunny in two days I AM SOO HAPPY!!! : )

any tips would be good i am a first time bunny owner. thanks

Candy 5 years ago

My bunny is such a little sweetheart. Whenever I lean back against my recliner when I sit on the floor she'll manage to get in between me and the recliner and she'll just lay there. She also likes hopping up on my lap and eating banana. She's not a fan of when I wear gloves to clean out her litter box. She always tries to pull them off.

bunnystar 5 years ago


I've got 2 female bunnies that are sisters. I've had them for about 1 year and 4 months. What my problem is, is that their temperment is on and off. SOMETIMES thay would let me pet them and sit still, sometimes they would sit on my lap, sometimes they run away from me, and then sometimes if I reach to touch, they bite me. Is this normal and how can I change this?

elly 5 years ago

leah: Bunnies can have an unlimated amount of hay. i recommend buying a hayrack. this way, bun can eat as much hay as she wants and' there will be ot less trampled hay to remove @ the end of the day.

ShadowWolf 5 years ago

i have a male bunny that i got from a friend of mine who is a breeder. ive had him for a while (almost a year) and he isn't fixed yet, but im looking to it. i don't know his breed but i think he might be a Californian.

anyways, i have just introduced him to the house (he was an outside bunny) and i will litter box train him when our guests leave. for now, i bring him inside and take him out (he's inside a lot. more than one or two hours im pretty sure).

the problem is that when i bring him inside, he ignores me and hops about the room. then when i try to pet him, he runs away and ignores me again. i only sometimes get to pet him when he's inside. any tips or help?

thank you if you read this comment and even more if you reply :)

Animal99 profile image

Animal99 5 years ago from USA

Im ShadowWolf. i just made an account. when i had posted that, i hadn't made one yet

Bugzy 5 years ago

I have a boy bunny that I got from the humane society in October. They said he was found in a garden, I have three dogs and my mother is allergic to him. But he seems to like my mom more than me and I just want home to love my like I love him any advise would help cause I really! I need help!

ocean 5 years ago

i got a bunny 3 months ago she wont let me pick her up and i love her soooo much how do i get her to love me back

@DARIEN@ 5 years ago

will this work?

basketballerrr123 5 years ago

I have one male rabbit i got about 6 months ago he loves me when ever i see him he stands up in his cage and trys to get out because he is so excited to see me. I got a holland lop bunny a couple days ago and when i put her on my bed she hoppes on me and licks me and nudges me to pet her but then as soon as i get up she knows i have to put her in her cage so when i tryy to pick her up she is so scared that sometimes i can hear her heart beat. What should i do its like she wants to stay with me but she loves her cage? So idk? Any suggestions

basketballerrr123 5 years ago

I have one male rabbit i got about 6 months ago he loves me when ever i see him he stands up in his cage and trys to get out because he is so excited to see me. I got a holland lop bunny a couple days ago and when i put her on my bed she hoppes on me and licks me and nudges me to pet her but then as soon as i get up she knows i have to put her in her cage so when i tryy to pick her up she is so scared that sometimes i can hear her heart beat. What should i do its like she wants to stay with me but she loves her cage? So idk? Any suggestions

hiya 5 years ago

how old does a rabbit need to be before you get its first needle??? and how old is it normally the first day it get put out to get bought ????

jules 4 years ago

just got a bunny but she likes being touched but not all the times

Lozzie Bear 4 years ago

Hi... My friend has a rabbit and it gave birth on 14/2/12. Some people are taking the bunnies home when they are old enough and I'm one of them! I am taking her home in a couple of weeks. I see her every Friday and Saturday and she is really used to me and me handling her. Is there anything what I need to do when she comes to her new home?? Thanks!

julia 4 years ago

hi i have two rabbits which are 3 years old and i would like to buy another rabbit though the rabbit im gona buy is a baby and im afraid that if i put my baby rabbit with my other two rabbits they will kill him or hert him so what shall i do?

Xelah rain 4 years ago

a nice bunny is important. to make your rabbit like you, you should properly care for it and handel it every day.

Rachael 4 years ago

I'm getting an 8 week old bunny in a few weeks and have been hearing a lot about bonding but my bunny is going to be in a barn. How would I be able to bond with him since I won't be around him 24/7?

Hillary 4 years ago

Rachael, I just got a Holland bunny last night from a local breeder and mine was also 10 weeks old. My bunny lives at my boyfriend's house and is already very familiar with us even after one day. I actually had to work today, but as soon as she saw me later in the evening .. she jumped out of her cage and came over to snuggle. I feel like the most important thing to do when you first get your bunny is to pick it up and hold it close to you (even if it squirms). It feels safe and that you are protecting it by holding it close to you. It feels comfortable, faster by using this technique. I'm not a bunny expert, but this worked and Mya already loves me.

jk 4 years ago

im 13 and ive recently bought a new mini lop. he doesn't scratch or bite but whenever i come near the hutch he cowers in a corner and lowers his head to the floor. hes terrified of me but ive given him a day to settle in and then i just give him a few strokes every half an hour or so. i don't know how to show him that im not going to hurt him. also, what is the best way to pick him up because if i try to pick him up in the recommended way he just jumps out my hands. im scared to hurt him by picking him up on any other way. finally, his hutch is two storey and has a small ramp to connect the two levels. he hasn't figured out that he can go up or down the ramp and i wondered if there was anything we could do to help him understand. thanks.

kayla 4 years ago

if he is out and his cage is open and he can get in will he go in ti and use the potty there pluse i have to girlz that love to fallow him is that ok

Ashley 4 years ago

Last Sunday ( On Easter ) i got a new bunny! but she doesn't like me very much. Whenever i take her outside she gets afraid of me and runs so i have to chase her and whenever i go near her cage she hides What should i do?

kayla 4 years ago

let her be in her cage in the family room where u r at most times and let her get to know u from watching u and don't take her out until she gets use to u i have a leash for mine that im gettin him use to so i can take him out

Kimmie 4 years ago

Hi I recently got a 8 week old bunny ive named peaches she loves cuddles and is very affectionate licks alot it's now sat with me for two hours! I do have a problem no ones mentioned poop! Constantly pooping and so much will this stop being so frequent?! X

Unknown Bunny Lover 4 years ago

Hi There,

I adopted a beautiful Mini Lop from the Humane Society two weeks ago. She is stunning, although she is tipping the scale at approximately 6.5 pounds.

I already love her very much. We have two rooms that she gets to really live in - her room and mine. The last few days I have been woken up by a bunny running circles around my bed and flying into the second bedroom.... of course the she comes back to make sure I saw her and I saw hello before she goes again.

I hope she is healthy and happy (often times she comes over and bumps my leg, back, foot, etc. with her nose to remind me she is around.... and at night when I am on my computer she does the bunny puddle and then the bunny sniff/sneeze when my full attention isn't on her and her relaxed bunny pose).

I hope all of this means that we are bonding. She won't let me pet her, her fur is looking haphazard and kind of gross and she has been scratching her ears. When I first adopted her she had two bald spots on her shoulders, I know that when she was taken to the shelter she was preggo's... are the bald spots because of her attempt to nest? Also, I hope I am feeding her the right foods and i hope she is healthy....

I look forward to all feedback. I want to ensure my Bunny is being well cared for.


timothyhay profile image

timothyhay 4 years ago

Great info. House rabbits will also consider themselves part of the family if you give them a chance to become a part of the family. Rabbits are smart, social animals and great companions when trained appropriately and given the chance to interact with humans and other household pets. There are many things you can do to make the relationship with your rabbit a positive one. You can find ton of helpful tips at http://www.rabbitholehay.com/rabbit-care/

bunnypup profile image

bunnypup 4 years ago from United Arab Emirates, Dubai

I've had my bunny for 1 year and it is quite hard to catch him when its time to go back to the cage. He runs away from me anytime I get close to him. But if I catch him by tricking him next time I try to catch him he is a little wary of me. Also, will this Hub's tips also work for bunnies that are NOT new? Any tips?

kayla 4 years ago

in 2 weeks my bunny gets cliped im so sad for him but it will be better for him will he change after? and does any1 know a great way to do there nails cause hops nails get caught in carpet

Jean 4 years ago


Ariana 4 years ago

I don't know why but my bunny loved me as soon as she layer eyes on me she immediately came to me when I saw her for the first time!?????????????????????????????????????????? ???? is this normal she was a baby like just weaned she is exactly 12 weeks old today!!

Arika 4 years ago

Hi I jst got a new bunnii and she isn't comfortable playin with me. How wud I make her more comfortable to play with me???? Cx thxs

Bunnylover300 profile image

Bunnylover300 3 years ago

OK so I am 11 years old and I have a bunny. My mom had a bunny when my older brother was born that was about 18 years ago. So my mom told me about it she said she loved it, so I wanted a bunny. So a week later in November me and my mom went to a pet store to see if they have bunny's so they said "no". They told use to go to a different place, so we went to look at some we went going to buy any though, so we went and ask them and they said " sorry we don't have and more bunny's we ran out sorry". Then we went to the car and my mom said " well I will look up a place where they have them". She found Incredible Pets and called and asked " do you have any bunny's black and white" they said "yes" so we went, we held my bunny and my mom loved it and I liked it, so we took it home. It was doing good in till about a month ago, it keeps on biting my shirt, it wont eat its carrot or food I am giving it plenty of water and yet nothing it still dose it. I have 2 dogs ones a beagle and hes old so he doesn't care about my rabbit and then my other dog I love her to death but she sniffs the rabbit to much and freaks it out and we put her in her cage, she just wines so we cant take the bunny out that much. I cant take it out that much anyway because I have a lot of school work so what do I do, I don't want to give any of them away. So "How do I get my dog to stop sniffing?" And "How do i get my bunny to eat?"Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. my bunny was about 3 months when we got him/her now he/she is about 6 months.

AnimalGirl707 3 years ago

My bunny loves being picked up. Here are a few tips to make it not be scared. 1. Bond with the bunny. Let it know that it can trust you. 2. If you have a baby like me, it will be easier to bond with because it is helpless and it will grow up being able to love you. 3. I used to have an adult (before it passed on,) and it was hard to bond with. It took me about a month. To start out you can let it out and don't let it run off. Make sure it is with you and just pet it. After 2-3 minutes stop. The bunny will most likely move closer once you stopped and do this 2-3 time a day for a week. I would then start picking up your bunny. It will then know that you love it and it can trust you. Hope this helps.

Bailey 21 months ago

I just got my very first Holland lop about two weeks ago. She is very friendly, but also very skiddish. Whenever I go up to her she goes into crazy bunny mode. I give her treats and handle her on a daily basis but not to much yet she is still scared of me. Do you have any ideas to make our bond stronger?

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