Bunny Care Guide: Should I Desex/Neuter/Spay My Rabbit?

Yes. Yes you should. Double Yes if your rabbit is a female. Even though it is a good idea, and some might say entirely necessary for does, desexing rabbits is a relatively new trend, and in order to get the procedure done you should find a veterinarian who is familiar with rabbit physiology. Spaying a rabbit is more complicated than many other small animals due to the fact that rabbits have a great deal of intestines in the way.

However, those issues aside, here are the reasons to spay or neuter your rabbit:

Boy bunnies (or 'bucks' as they are known in the rabbit keeping world) benefit from neutering for much the same reason that dogs and cats and other animals do. They are less aggressive, more likely to snuggle, and less chronically obsessed with sex.

Girl bunnies (or 'does') should be desexed due to the fact that an intact doe will often develop cancer. The rates of cancer in unspayed females are ridiculously high. Some estimate that the rate may be 80% or more.

Both male and female rabbits may start the delightful process of spraying to mark their territory at around four months of age, when sexual maturity hits. Suddenly your tiny cuddle bunny turns into an aggressive monster, guarding his or her cage jealously, and marking your house for good measure too. It goes without saying that urine sprayed from your bunny onto your carpeting and walls does not smell spring fresh.

Spayed bunnies are generally more relaxed and calm than their intact friends. Sex drive in rabbits causes all sorts of mad behaviors, and you may very well find that having a bunny that just wants to go out and get busy with anything that moves soon becomes rather tiresome, especially when he or she misinterprets your foot as being a rival seeking to foil its romantic ardor.

Desexing your bunny is an excellent way to ensure that you never get any surprise litters.

Desexed rabbits are also far more likely to be welcoming towards a new companion. It is good for rabbits to have another rabbit to live with, but the process of getting bunnies to be friends can be difficult, even more so if the bunnies are intact and following nature's commands. Bonded rabbits are friends for life, and provide great joy and comfort. Rabbits are notoriously picky about who they bond with however, so make the task easier for yourself and get your bunny fixed.

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LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

Is there a reccommended age when this should be done?

Bunniez profile image

Bunniez 8 years ago Author

Roughly around 6 months I believe, probably a little earlier. Your vetinary surgeon will be able to better advise you with regards to your particular rabbit.

Bunniez profile image

Bunniez 8 years ago Author

I checked with a vet, and the window for females is between 4 months, and two years.

My own rabbit was spayed at around one year of age and recovered quite well in spite of a minor complication. The argument for spaying early would be that ovarian cancer often starts developing at around 2 years, and sometimes earlier. Spaying early means that your rabbit's chances of cancer are lessened more.

If you have a male rabbit, any time over the age of 12 weeks is fine. Male rabbits do not have the cancer issue to contend with, so reasons for spaying tend to relate more to temperament and convenience.

LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

I talked to the breeder I got my bunny from and she highly reccommended NOT spaying Milly because it is often fatal for bunnies. I guess I am a little torn for what to do.

Bunniez profile image

Bunniez 8 years ago Author

Strange. If you don't spay her, she will almost certainly develop cancer and die in the next 3 or so years. That is almost a given. The vetinarian who performed the spay on my doe said that she has never lost a bunny. Perhaps instead of listening to the breeder (who does not sound well informed, though I am guessing she breeds her does, and so does not have the same cancer rates), you should talk to a vet and ask them what the fatality rate is. Find a good vet, and your bunny should be in safe hands.

LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

Ok, thanks.

LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

I have an appointment tfor Milly to be spayed today and I am VERY nervous! I have taken her to this vet before and she seems very knowledgeable, but I am afraid that I didn't do enough research and didn't ask enough questions before I scheduled the appoiintment. This morning I did some reading to find out what questions to ask before I hand her over and in one article I read it said that if the vet tells you fast your bunny, they may not be very knowledgable because in rabbits it doesn't matter because they cannot throw up. In fact, it highly reccommended not to fast the bunny because a bunny with a full digestive system is a healthier bunny. Any comments?

LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

Well, I dropped Milly off at the vet about thirty minutes ago. I asked about why they didn't want her to have anything to eat after 6am and they said that it was because they wanted to make sure there wasn't any food in her mouth when they did the procedure, so that made me feel better. I also asked about the survival rate and the lady said she couldn't say for sure, but over the pas five years she had been working there, she could only remember a few instances where the rabbit did not survive. She also mentioned that there are two other vetrinarians who work in the clinic that also perform spay/neuter on rabbits. With that, my nerves were set more at ease, but I am still nervous/anxious! They vet said she will call me when the procedure is over and let me know if they want to keep her overnight or if I can pick her up later today.

Bunniez profile image

Bunniez 8 years ago Author

How did the spay go Lyndsey?

LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

Ok, not as good as I would have hoped. The vet called and said the procedure went well, but the following morning she didn't. She hadn't easten or drinkin anything, hadn't urinated or left any stool, and was huddled in the corner of her cage with a snotty nose. The vet asked to keep her another night. She ended up not having a stool until 2am the next morning (after the 2nd night), but only because they force fed her. She is doing better now, but she is still on antibiotics for her snotty nose and still is not big on eating, but urinates and stools frequently. She does not like me very much right now because I have to give her the antibiotics twice a day and another medication (can't remember what it is called or what it is for) three times a day. I take her back in next week to have a follow up appointment.

LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

Just thought I would let you know that Milly is doing much better now!  She is eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing on her own!  She has even gone back to her same ole self as far as scratching and biting me when i refill her food or water dish, which is both relieving and irritating at the same time.  At least I know that she is okay and made it through the bump in the road, but at the same time I feel a little let down because I was expecting that through the whole process her attitude would change due to the reduction of hormones running through her little body. I think I got my hopes up about her being friendlier towards me and her being better about potty training (from what I read, those were supposed to be additional benefits of the spay surgery).  Neither happened, but in the end I still love my hunny bun whether she loves me back or not! =0)

Bunniez profile image

Bunniez 8 years ago Author

Hehe.. you will have to wait several weeks before there is any real change in her behaviour. Wicket didn't calm down for quite a long time. Just give it time. Must have been quite a scary time with her getting an infection. Still, this is the one major operation she will ever need, and it means that she is much less likey to die before her time...

Tinky 8 years ago

is it normal for a rabbit to be spraying/chin-rubbing after being spayed?

CarlaSaskia 7 years ago

My bunny, Hans, is a baby of about 4 weeks old. But I chose a name to train him/her. I'm not sure if she/he is a boy or a girl. How do I distinguish?

And roughly, how much does it cost?

Rebecca 7 years ago

I have a 10 month old female rabbit, Dorothy, who has recently become really aggressive and doesn't like ANY human interaction at all! Everytime I try to pick her up she growls and bites. I have read that you SHOULD get your female rabbits desexed because it stops them from being so hormonal, but then i've also read that it's very risky and sometimes does not work. I was just wondering who here has had their female rabbits desexed? And if it has stoped them from biting all the time?

I have made an appointment at the vet for her on Tuesday but after researching about it more I'm actually really re-thinking about getting it done... Any suggestions?

katia 7 years ago

what do i expect after my 2 rabbits have been spayed and neutered cause they won't eat or stool or pee and i am worried because it has been a night after the operation

help me please

Jules 6 years ago

i am planning on getting my little annabelle spayed but i am kinda nervous and new at the bunny thing. If theres any advice you can give me i would greatly appreacite it.


Kerry 6 years ago

My doe was so much fun, she followed me everywhere and was always so pleased to see me! The only reason I decided to get her spayed was because she was destroying my house, weeing and pooing all over the place and the vet had mentioned it was a good idea. Its now the 4th day, she's finally eating larger amounts again. But she's not herself and just wants to sit on her own. Have I destroyed her personality? or do I just need to be patient and give her some more time? I do miss my crazy bunny :0(

sheskrafty 6 years ago

Ive had a male rabbit for about 4 to 5 years now; i got him fixed a few months after i got him and it helped very much with his "spraying", but niw he's back at it again CONSTATNTLY, and pooping everywhere, not to mention biting at my legs and humoing them. i can only hold him for about 2 or 3 minutes until he turns into a little beast. can i "de-sex" him even though he's already been fixed? thanks!

The Info-Bunnie profile image

The Info-Bunnie 6 years ago

You should ALWAYS desex/spay/ or neuter a rabbit. Okay, lets say for example: I have two femaled and one male, Should I spay the female or neuter the male? The answer is male. Males can go crazy and may not like children or attention if you don't. Females can be the same way but, most aren't so be careful.

tailofcotton 6 years ago

how does a male bunny urinate after being spayed?

how does the procedure work? du they cut off sunthing?if so, wat?

does the operation cost a lot, or hurt the furry frend n any way?

cuz mi 3 yr old male needs it. is it too late?

emily 6 years ago

i have a male rabbit who will be one around august. he constantly humps me and sprays wee on me all the time. my dad siad he has already developed these habits and getting him nuetered wont help. so will it make a difference or not? also how much does it usually cost???

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Emily - neutering will not absolutely garantee a change in behaviour, it may be that your bun is just, the way he is. However, it does help for like, 99.9% so, there's a good chance it will stop the spraying (the occasional accident may still happen) and the humping should stop all together, although it could take up to 2 months to see the difference.

Your bun is NOT too old. At all. And, bunnys are easier to train as they get older.

I would definately recommend getting it done as soon as possible.

I'm getting my bun done soon, and it's gonna cost me around £25 ($50 ish) BUT I am getting it done at my local rescue center, who cater specifically for stray/abandoned/and people on a low income. I understand that a normal vet would charge £50-£75 ($100-$150 ish). the other big advantage with a rescue center is that they get lots of stray/abandoned bunnys, which they automatically de-sex, and so have a lot more experience than a regular vet.

I would definately get it done.

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Emily - neutering will not absolutely guarantee a change in behaviour, it may be that your bun is just, the way he is. However, it does help for like, 99.9% so, there's a good chance it will stop the spraying (the occasional accident may still happen) and the humping should stop all together, although it could take up to 2 months to see the difference.

Your bun is NOT too old. At all. And, bunnys are easier to train as they get older.

I would definitely recommend getting it done as soon as possible.

I'm getting my bun done soon, and it's gonna cost me around £25 ($50 ish) BUT I am getting it done at my local rescue center, who cater specifically for stray/abandoned/and people on a low income. I understand that a normal vet would charge £50-£75 ($100-$150 ish). the other big advantage with a rescue center is that they get lots of stray/abandoned bunnys, which they automatically de-sex, and so have a lot more experience than a regular vet.

I would definitely get it done.

Hollie98 6 years ago

My Rabbit Is One Year Old!! Is That Too Old To Get Her Spayed? Or Not?, I Hope It's Not Because She Is Aggressive, And Destructive!

Hollie98 6 years ago

My Rabbit Is One Year Old!! Is That Too Old To Get Her Spayed? Or Not?, I Hope It's Not Because She Is Aggressive, And Destructive!

Hollie98 6 years ago

And Also How Much Would It Cost To Neuter My Doe?

bunnygal13 6 years ago

hollie- it depends how much you want to get her spayed and how much you are willing to spend. some places will spay for free, some for 100, some for over 100. your rabbit is not to old to get spayed. i would recommend calling tour vet and getting some info on the opporation, and how much it will cost.

Alexis 6 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I have a 2 year old female rabbit and I was thinking about getting her spayed.What should I do?

She is aggressive and marks her territory quite a bit.



Hollierabbit 6 years ago

My 18 month old has just been neutered yesterday, and it cost £76.95. The vets were lovely, and my rabbit seems fine at the moment.

BexstaHarribo 6 years ago


I had a doe called georgia for 6 years and we didn't have her spayed she never sprayed us or anything like that she always loved to be held and cuddled and was never aggressive to my little brothers even when they ragged her about a little. She never had cancer in the 6 years she was alive.

Its been 3 years since we had Georgie and are getting 2 mini lop does in 3 weeks. I really dont want to have them spayed as i am scared they will not get throught the procedure as they are going to be tiny little things even as adults. What should i do?????

BunnyMas  6 years ago

We have rescued so many rabbits we have 4 does and 3 bucks, we have 2 of the bucks spayed and 1 of the does spayed. But we wish we had, had them all spayed as we had a litter of 9, 3 weeks ago. One of the males we had spayed is a lot more aggressive now, he is a chinchilla rabbit, but he was always aggressive before. All our females are aggressive at times but can be lovely to. We are seriously considering having all of the does spayed now after reading previous comments.

I found a lump today on the private parts of my Buck, Tipsy, he is 3 years old and had been spayed before we had him, we are worried now. Could it be cancer? x

emilie 6 years ago

my vet told me that its not good for my bunny but he will cuddle more. and stop humping my cat but its fun when he chases me and stands on his hind legs. so will this make him less fun or more. and will him spraying me and my mon when hes mad.

RabbitSOS 6 years ago

My rabbits getting neuted tomorrow i want to make sure he gets spoilt when he come back to me , lyndsay btw my rabbit had a lot of antibiotix and runny nose .. same as your and i found him dead one morning ... i loved him so much and miss him i hope urs makes it ;(

chris 6 years ago

we had our male neutered a month or 2 ago. when we got him back he had become really grumpy and started attacking us when we put our hands in the hutch. we had to separate him from his sister as we had a couple of oopses :P could he be grumpy coz he is away from his sister? we have 9 rabbits all up and he is the only aggressive one. all the others are really friendly. any ideas anyone?

Kate & Cotton 6 years ago


I've had my bunny for 3 months now. Over the past 2 months (he was approx 8 weeks old when I got him), he has become very sexual and isn't keen on cuddling. I'm thinking of getting him spayed, simply to prevent him from wanting to run away to the other rabbits all the time - is it a simple procedure for bucks? What causes them to not survive?

Sam 5 years ago

Does anyone know if you can show a spayed rabbit at 4-H. I want to spay my rabbit, but I still want to show her.

Bronnie 5 years ago

I got my bunny neutered for $160 at 6 months of age because he was starting to get very grumpy and started biting my hands. After the operation he was very drowsy and sat in a corner and slept, but by the next morning he had eaten lots of bok choy and was happier. Three days after the op he was running around and jumping and digging and really just a lot more active and happy. I wasn't expecting the change to be so quick but it seems my bunny is very happy even though he still has the stitches in. I hope everything goes as well for your bunnies!

poppy 5 years ago

i am getting a rabbit soon and she is 3 months old should i get her sprayed soon or in a couple of months???

rachel 5 years ago

Well I have a bunny that is almost 4 years old and he is not desexed. Although he does like to hump, he is the cutest most cuddeliest thing alive, and I don't want to risk his life with a surgery. However, I wish all you perspective parents the best of luck with your surgery descisions and the recovery of your babies!

Chris 5 years ago

I currently have a 2 year old boy bunny, and we want to get him a friend. We neutered him when he was a year old. He's very sweet, everyone including the vets tell me that he's the most tame bunny they've ever seen!

I want to get him a friend, although I'm nervous about how complicated it might be. I want to get a girl holland lop, but don't know exactly when to spay her..any suggestions?

chloe 5 years ago

Hey my bunny is going for a checkup this afternoon for neutering. I was really happy about this, but after reading the opinions on these, im starting to think twice

Firstly, i really fear that there will be complications and something bad happens to my bunnyy. Also my bunny is not aggressive whatsoever, only he sprays a lot, which im kinda ok with, so i think neutering him will not change much besides the spraying part. Also, my bunny is really timid and gets stress easily, so im scared the operation will make him extremely stress and he wont make it or when he comes home he becomes totally depressed :(((

Should i get him neutered? will he be ok? or is it a waste of moneey? :((

crazyrabbits 5 years ago

please can some one give me some advice?

should i carry on getting my girl rabbit sprayed? is it good for them to get it done?, but i know there is a risk she will not pull through :/ ??


ilenefunck profile image

ilenefunck 5 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

For everyone;

First, before spaying or neutering, you need to find a reliable veterinarian who is well practiced in the procedure. This will help your rabbit's odds of coming through the surgery ok. After reading these posts, I can't believe some of your rabbits came home from the vet with snotty noses--respiratory infections in rabbits is a major threat and is very hard to treat. Be careful of who is going to do surgery on your pets!

Second, a lot depends on what breed of rabbit you have, and how it was handled when it was raised. Certain rabbit breeds tend to be more docile (large meat rabbits are lovey lumps) while dwarf breeds can be a hand full. (Think of the difference between a Lab and a Chihuahua). Also, if your rabbit had an abusive mother and wasn't handled often by the breeder, you may be looking at a mean bunny that spaying or nuetering isn't going to help.

Lukeeec 5 years ago from England, hertfordshire.

Hi guys

Me and my partner got our lovely little doe pepper about 4 months ago, she is about 2 and a half years old. We got her from a farm who breed rabbits and guinni pigs. When we got her we were told that she has already had babys in the past, reading through these comments makes me worry about her getting cancer :-(. Is it to late to get her sprayed? How can i tell if she is already sprayed? She is friendly but can have her moments! she tends to jump up on our sofas to laydown and be stroked after 9pm lol,



Crazy rabbit lover 5 years ago


I have an 8 week old rabbit and im not sure whether to get her spayed i know i have quite a long time to think about it but i had a rabbit before her and she didn't get cancer after her 7 years of living. Should i get my rabbit spayed?

She is starting to get aggressive towards me will she calm down if i spay her???

Jools 5 years ago

I have 2 male rabbits which I had neutered within 2 weeks of each other in June. My plan was to bond them. I have tried on numerous occasions to introduce them.The younger one who was castrated first is till showing signs of sexual behaviour...chasing the other one around and constatly mounting the other. To the extent that is penis is still coming out. Is this normal as I would have thought due to the neutering process, he should not be having sexual tendencies....sometimes to the extent of trying to mount my dog. The other rabbit is showing no signs of intrest what so ever. I have also found the younger one as started to become very grumpy and evn started growiling at me.

Bunny Owner 5 years ago

We just neutered our rabbit yesterday and he seems so depressed. Hope he recovers. He always had a bit of an attitude problem but at least he would like to play and run circles around me. Now he doesn't even eat and all he does is sit and stare. Is this normal? Will he be OK?

Di 5 years ago

Mine was the same for a few days. He will recover.

Ilene 5 years ago

For the recent comments:

If your rabbit is already an adult (1-2 years) it may not be in your rabbit's best interest to neuter/spay. Recovery will take longer, and any bad habits will already be ingrained in their behavior.

If your rabbit is young, and is just getting a taste of hormones and is humping, biting, scratching--I would recommend the procedure. It's worth a try!

Putting two rabbits together to live with one another isn't like putting two dogs or cats together. Rabbits are dominant, territorial breeding animals. Even placing neutered/spayed bunnies in a home together can be a trial. I have seen two neutered males cohabitate with each other, but if you have a neutered male that is still very aggressive long past the recovery time for post-op, don't force the issue--find Mr.Meanie a new home (ALONE!). It isn't worth stressing the submissive male.

icee 5 years ago

I'm getting my baby girl, lucky, spayed tomorrow. It's $170 for everything. $120 for surgery and $50 for the pain meds. I made the appointment on the phone last week. The person on the other line told me that lucky needs a carrier and to bring her favorite foods with her when we drop her off. She also said that rabbits need to be around 4 months old and over 4 lbs before they would consider spaying/neutering. I actually looked at another clinic but it would cost me $270 if I do it with them. I'm dropping her off at 7am and picking her up between 330 and 530. I asked if I could pick her up much earlier and the secretary told me I could call by 130 to see if she'd be done with surgery by then. Wish us luck! I'll post updates. :)

icee 5 years ago

I'm getting my baby girl, lucky, spayed tomorrow. It's $170 for everything. $120 for surgery and $50 for the pain meds. I made the appointment on the phone last week. The person on the other line told me that lucky needs a carrier and to bring her favorite foods with her when we drop her off. She also said that rabbits need to be around 4 months old and over 4 lbs before they would consider spaying/neutering. I actually looked at another clinic but it would cost me $270 if I do it with them. I'm dropping her off at 7am and picking her up between 330 and 530. I asked if I could pick her up much earlier and the secretary told me I could call by 130 to see if she'd be done with surgery by then. Wish us luck! I'll post updates. :)

icee 4 years ago

I just picked up lucky from the clinic. They told me she did fine and recovered fine. She started nibbling on some of her veggies ryt away according to her nurse. The nurse gave me a number to call just in case anything happens. She showed me the incision and basically said that if there are any changes in size, shape or form of the incision to go to the doctor right away. She stressed out that Lucky needs to eat ASAP. Also to monitor urine and poo... If no urine or poo, then go to the doctor. She gave me three 1ml syringes filled with 0.36ml of metacam. She told me to give med every 24 hrs x3 days with food. She stressed the food part too. I asked about antibiotics and she said that she was given a shot of antibiotics and that she should be fine.

On the ride home, Lucky was really quite.. Not moving and she had her back turned to me... I don't know if it means she's mad at me for getting surgery done without her knowledge or if she's hiding the fact that she's not feeling well... Also, the fur sorrounding her eyed were wet and her chin was a little messy. I didn't notice it early so I didn't get to ask the nurse why is that.

When we got home, and I opened her carrier, she jumped out and ran a little before I could stop her. She stopped herself though and suddenly just walked to the corner of her cage just hunched over not wanting to move..

2 hrs later.. She's still hunched over but she got up and slowly drank some water .. She also poo'ed some little pellets.. She hasn't eaten anything so far as far as I can tell.. Just continuing to monitor. :)

Jordan16 4 years ago

I am getting a bunny for the first time tomorrow (dwarf bunny)and my parents are saying I should get him/her spayed and stuff but I told them I want to do a bit of research on it first. At first it sounded like a good idea cause I don't want him/her peeing everywhere or humping everything or whatever else but as I read everything I am getting even more scared about doing it and having a lot of negative thoughts about it. I'm totally torn cause I don't want anything to happen to him/her that could possible threaten their life. Any Ideas PLEASE! It would be HIGHLY appreciated.Thanks.

Eloise 4 years ago

My Bunny got spayed today, she is doing quite well, already eating a bunch and hopping around a little. She is doing well, I recommend it but will give you an update in regards to if it stops her spraying. I hope it does, ugh.

Eloise 4 years ago

@Jordan16 I would definitely have the surgery done. I wish I had have been told that this was an option earlier on.

sparklez 4 years ago

I took in a stray holland lop male roaming around our neighborhood. No owner could be found and he'd been on the run for at least a couple weeks(finally caught him). The only vet in my area that even sees bunnies could not tell me his age or breed. This makes me think I should not get him neutered b/c I figured out his breed fairly easy from the internet. I can't believe a vet could not know this information or at least guess. Anyway, I love him and he does not spray or hump anything. He's very docile, doesn't bite, and uses the litter box fairly well. I would like to get him a companion but I'm wondering if he will change behaviors. I was thinking a fixed female. He likes my cat and has not tried to hump her, but I would never leave him alone with her b/c she is very large. My bunny is only about 3 lbs. I think he's an older male and just doesn't care about that stuff. Also, if he is an older bunny, then I'm worried neutering him would be bad. Do you think I should get him a fixed companion? There are some available for adoption but I'm just unsure.

Emily 4 years ago

Im pretty confused! We have never even thought about getting our rabbit Sophie done. She's lovely, she's never liked being picked up which is totally fine with us, she has had the run of our garden and loves chasing and playing with our cats. She does like to hump our male cat every now and again which we always just found amusing. One problem which is a pain is that she's a digger, moaning about this one time a friend said if she was "done" it may calm down the digging. This sounds great, but my biggest concern is that she's almost 5 years old. We have now moved to a house which is in the country and I've spotted wild bunnies hopping into the neighbours gardens. So, do I get her spayed and hope for the best because of her age Im really scared, I don't want to loose her, but I also don't want a wild rabbit popping into the garden one evening to visit our Sophie and then have lots of mini Sophie's either lol :-/ any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Amy 4 years ago

After some advice please!

We have had Guinness our giant rabbit for 2 months now...he got neutered at 12 weeks before we had him from the RSPCA.

Basically he sprays all over his cage and well stinks! Think he must rub in it:( we have 2 female rabbits too and they are litter trained but he poops everywhere. I hoped getting him neutered would help x thanks in advance

Debsidova@hopnet 4 years ago

I had my 17 week old male carstrated yesterday & he is sulky but eating,peeing & pooping now. But he is back in with his sister, which the vet said was perfectly ok, but he is now humping her again 24 hours after surgery!! Is this normal? I thought carstration would stop his urges & performance?!? Have I wasted my time & money?? Any advice please would be great thank you

jessica 4 years ago

I just got my bunny on christmas and he is slinging pee everywhere. i dont know what to do! i was going to try getting him spayed. i am a little scared. he might die. i have always wanted a bunny since i saved a wild one traped in our pool. i took it in for a week until mit was better. is this a good sign that i may be a good bunny owner? i need some advice about him being neutered. please help me. :(

hamish 4 years ago

i have 2 females and 1 male. the male and 1 of the females are about 1 1/2 years old. they are dwarf lop ears. the other female is a mini lop and is only 5 months old. what should i desex? i want them all in one big cage. the dwarf lops used to live together because we thought they were both boys. we got a nasty shock when we had 5 dead babies in the cage. ever sincer they have been in opposite cages and they both look really sad. apparently if i dont desex the females then they will almost certainly die but then someone said it was better to desex the male. i was thinking of maybe getting all of them done but what is the chance they will die from the operation??? pls answer im sooooo confused :/

Gemma 4 years ago

Got our rabbits Belle & Mitzie done yesterday and neither of them would eat or drink. Called this morning and mitzie is fine but belle still won't eat or drink or poo. Gotta call back at 2pm, really scared & hope she will be ok. If its not changed when I call back im going to suggest I go down and take her favourite treats in the hope she will eat something. X

Gemma 4 years ago

Vet called to say we can collect them, they are both now eating pooping and resting. Really happy.

Sarah 4 years ago

I have 2 Rabbit's and just two day's ago one of my rabbit's were bleeding from it's private part, I searched it up and it said something about it being torn by my other rabbit, After he was fine, i left him out because i thought it was too risky for my two rabbit's to be kept together, after a day (just yesterday) I let the other one out, and he started chasing and trying to jump on top of my other rabbit and fighting aggressively, so I put him back in, today the same happened again. When i first brought these rabbit's they were perfectly fine, the were playing with each other and liked each others company, why all of a sudden have they started to act so aggressively? how would i be able to stop it? Can someone please help, because I don't want them to fight or get hurt. My Rabbit's are Both Male.

Sarah 4 years ago

someone please do get back to me, i'm starting to get worried about them both.

Rabbit lover 4 years ago

How old are they ? If they were young when you got them they would have been fine together but now they may have reached sexual maturity .x have them neutered or spayed .

daisy 4 years ago

i have a huge question my bunny some how threw up a orangy brown color and its mouth was covered with it i hear people say rabbits don't throw up but this really happen i'm really serious i really do need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan88 profile image

Susan88 4 years ago

I have to female rabbits who haven't been done (Smudge and Moko), recently Smudge has been chasing Moko around the pen, anywhere Moko goes in the pen Smudge has to be there. Moko has started thumping alot and is becoming distressed. They are not aggressive towards each other and after about 30mins they settle, and cuddled together. Could this be an issue resolved by getting them done??? As it distresses her I have been debating whether to separate them completely.

Beastie mama 4 years ago

Am expecting to get my first bunny EVER, a New Zealand White. The babies are being socialized regularly by present owner. I am not sure whether I should choose a buck or a doe. I am looking for a friendly, non-spraying pet. ( I know, we ALL want that!). I am willing to have either desexed as soon as he/she is old enough. Any suggestions from established, experienced owners? Thanks for your help!

leanne 4 years ago

i have a 5 and a half month old pure lion head rabbit, now i love her to bits but the last 2/3 weeks she has got really nasty and for ever eating everything, i pick her up and go's mad, when before when she was a baby she would love to get picked up, my boyfriend says i should get her desexed but i aint sure, will she just grow out of this or will she just stay nasty?

Jennifer 4 years ago

I have 2 females of the same litter, one of them is constantly "humping" the other. We keep them in the same cages. One night, one of them screamed and I found clumps of fur and cuts on both of them. They aren't neutered/spayed. Is it too late to neuter them? Will they keep attacking the other?

daisy 4 years ago

hi my rabbits are doing fin

Dr Jane 4 years ago

When advising speying a rabbit, this should depend on what country you live in and the proficiency of the said vets. Vets do not study lagomorphia in their course in US/UK and so learn by the seat of their pants - the same way as owners do. There is no advanced specialist course in rabbits for them for specialist study either. I know this because I have been invited to propose one. Uterine carcinoma can occur in does, but I have never seen statistics to back up some of the claims banded around. I am a specialist breeder of wee beauties and each one is loved and has the best care money can buy. I'm tired of US folk breeder bashing. I live in New Zealand and ALL our breeders take thwe best care of their charges. It is Joe public who thows bunny away when it's no longer cute, not us. It is Joe public who buys for Easter/Xmas presents. Responsible breeders don't sell them for this. In fact, I sell very few. My females live to advanced ages not being speyed (10-12 years), but their diet is varied and mostly natural with very few extruded pallets. It is a very personal decision and so it should be. It depends on your situation, predisposition of bunny and if you wish to keep it with a companion. But, most of all bunny needs YOU! I have two sets of mothers and daughters who live very happily together. They just don't fight even when running outside. Others, I wouldn't trust an inch. Males are more demonstrative, but I'm partial to the quiet, soft love of a doe. It is truly heavensent.


bunnypup profile image

bunnypup 4 years ago from United Arab Emirates, Dubai

My bunny is a buck, and hes 1 year old...

He is NOT spayed/neutered/desexed.

What should I do? Is it too late?

Do I HAVE to neuter/spay/desex my bunny?

Will he be okay if I don't?

If I do have to, when should I go?

Please help I don't know what to do!

bunnypup profile image

bunnypup 4 years ago from United Arab Emirates, Dubai

My bunny is nice, acts normal, and my only (and first EVER!) rabbit!

He is a buck, and 1 year old, and is NOT neutered/spayed/desexed.

Is it okay that he is not neutered?

It is too late, what should I do?

Will he be okay if I don't neuter him?

If I HAVE to, should I go as soon as possible, or anytime?

I'm just worried about him, and any help would be appeciated!

Abbey 2 years ago

Can you still show a rabbit when it is desexed?

liv 13 months ago

Hey I just recently adopted a male rabbit who I know is at least a year old from the humane society and he continuously circles my feet, stomps his feet a little during the day and now very loudly at night. He doesnt have a companion but I will say its making me a little unsettled and would like to get him neutered/spayed. But do these signs mean what i think they mean?

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