Bunny Love: How To Tell If Your Bunny Loves You

Do you have a bunny? Do your love your bunny? Does it love you? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your bunny loves you because rabbits do not communicate with words, or by wagging their tails, or by meowing at you and lifting their tails in your face. In order to know whether or not your bunny loves you, you need to learn a little bit of bunny language.

Once you understand bunny language, you will see that there are some subtle signs that rabbits give when they like you. Several of these signs have been listed below, so read on to start learning bunny language and finding out how your bunny feels about you.

Licks and Nibbles

Bunnies show affection by grooming, so if your rabbit gently nuzzles and licks you, and perhaps even tries to nibble you gently, it is showing you that it loves you and cares for you. This is also a sign of submission, so sometimes your bunny won't actually lick and nibble you, but will do it to your clothing, or fabric near you. This allows your rabbit to show you that it loves you, but without lowering itself to actually grooming you. This behavior may also be caused by your bunny not being entirely sure where you end and your clothes/ the furniture begins.

Demanding Head Rubs

If your bunny nudges you and then sits there expectantly, that is a sign that he or she wants a head rub. It is also a sign that the bunny is in charge and you should do what it says, though unlike other species, such as dogs, it doesn't much matter if your bunny is deluded into thinking that it is in charge.

Running Around Your Feet In Circles.

Sometimes bunnies will great their owners by running around their feet happily in circles, a movement which can also be combined with the next item on the list...


Binkies are when a rabbit leaps in the air and flips its ears around. Binkies mean that your bunny is happy and content.

Laying Down, Chilling Out

Will your bunny flop down and stretch out near you? This shows that your bunny feels safe enough with you to relax. A bunny on its back or side with its legs out and tummy exposed is very vulnerable, and it shows a great deal of trust if your rabbit will take this sort of action near you.

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lizzy 8 years ago

there is great info on this page

brooke 8 years ago

i think this is very thotful for u to put this on the web because it helps bunny owners everywhere so they can see when or when not there bunny luvs them


brooke p.s it really helped me!

jen 7 years ago

this really helped me undersyad tht bunny really loves me


Hikari-chan profile image

Hikari-chan 7 years ago

if your bunny lies next to you with it's tummy exposed, is it alright to pet it, or will that make it freak out?

ndill0228 profile image

ndill0228 7 years ago

Aw. this info helped me so much! It made me realize that the things my bunny was doing was to show that it loves me. =) i have three new zealand whites. I love them. =)

Gary Fowler 7 years ago

i FOUND A dUTCH BUNNY ( ABOUT 6 MONTHS OLD) the first week she used the litter box with no problem, buy the second week she is using it fine when we are not there ( she is in her pin with it) when we let her out and set the litter box out she will run ond pup around me , my girl friend made her come out from the back of the tv and she pup all over and then ran off.

any help!!!

kayla 7 years ago

this is great cuz know i know the my rabbit love me!:) this is great info

kayla 7 years ago

this is great cuz know i know the my rabbit love me!:) this is great info

I WUV MY RABBITS 7 years ago

Thanks this really helped! I thought when my rabbits gently nuzzle me they don't want to be pet lol .

Ashley 7 years ago

well my bunnie does alout of thos except the feet circerling :)

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 7 years ago from Wales.

Last night my rabbit was licking and nibbling me It was probs because i just had cucumber in my hand but is it still good that my rabbit has confidence to do that ?

ashlee loves lola :) 7 years ago

thanx! this really helped me understand that my bunny luvs me and that she luvs 2 be petted! i just got lola yesterday and i have NEVER EVER even thot that i wold ever get a rabbit. thanx =]

becca 7 years ago

thnx ! that really helped now i know my bunny likes me because he does all of thoose !x

Emma 7 years ago

I tink my bunny loves me and i will tink i will love him back i tink so

ashley 7 years ago

thank you so much for putting this out! my bunny always nudges me and i thought he wanted me to move or something! its cool to know it means he loves me :)

thank you again!

ashley 7 years ago

thank you so much for putting this out! my bunny always nudges me and i thought he wanted me to move or something! its cool to know it means he loves me :)

thank you again!

sammy 7 years ago

thank u these tips were so help full and my bunny loves me and i love them

ellie 7 years ago

wow this is really helpful because my bunny always nudges me and sits there expectantly and i thought she was being mean but she is actually saying she loves me

Jenny Nessel 7 years ago

My bunny doesn't lay down next to me but it does lick me, does this mean that it doesn't like me or does it mea that it likes me? Also, thanks for putting this info up.

Jenny Nessel 7 years ago

I have a tip for all bunny owners, if your bunny has rags that it uses for its bed, make sure that you do use it for to long. The bunny chews on therags, it also puts its head through the holes, my bunny has done this and has almost choked.. Also if, like me you let your bunny run outside watch for hawks and don't let your bunny out near a shed, they like to hop under.

krisy 7 years ago

my bunny licks me ALLL the time, demands headrubs sometimes, runs around my feet, does binkies, and stretches out right next to me all the time!! yayyy, my bunny loves me!!!! :P

already knew that anyway thoughhhh (:

krisy 7 years ago

my bunny licks me ALLL the time, demands headrubs sometimes, runs around my feet, does binkies, and stretches out right next to me all the time!! yayyy, my bunny loves me!!!! :P

already knew that anyway thoughhhh (:

priscilla 7 years ago

now that i know that my rabbit loves me forever i am happy i hope you have fun with your rabbits!:)lol:) :) :)

Marki 6 years ago

I'm not a bunny owner, but I did go into a pet shop today. The first thing I do when I go in is look at the bunnies. I was shocked when I put my hand in a single-rabbit cage, and the bunny started licking me and rubbing my hand with his head. I also let my hand hang in front of him and he bumped it up onto his forehead. That is the first bunny I've ever come in contact with that didn't just run away neurotically. This was very helpful! :-)

india=) 6 years ago

is it ok to pet the bunnys tummy? or will it get scared

brandy 6 years ago

this is really good info now

i know my bunny loves me and

feels safe around me or how

it wants a head rub that's

weird how they have ways

to communicate with you

BunnyLove 6 years ago

Hey this is reeli good i sit with my rabbit and her eyes just close and when i stop she licks me and nudges me for more! tonight i put her back in and she hopped back out onto my lap! then she lay down withh her legs out and just went to sleep! I love my darling Dusty! (that's her name) she is a lovely bunny and im happy this came out! oh also when i first got her a few days ago, she went in then binkyed her way onto my lap!

lisa 6 years ago

thanks so much this really helped me, i wondered why my rabbit kept licking our family and sometime nibbling too. this explains nicely.

6 years ago

Thank You So Much!! I Really Needed To Know Whether My Baby (Yes, I Do Call Him My Baby) Loves Me. I Love My Bunny So Much. I Must Have Spent About £300 On Toys Alone. I Know You Can't Win A Bunny's Love By Giving Them Presents. Sometimes I'll Say To Him, Come Sit With Mummy And We'll Watch TV Together And He'll Sit Right Beside Me On The Sofa, Flop Out Up Against Me And He'll Watch Backyardigans. It's So Cute. Thanks Again. P.S 'His' Name Is Jellybean And He Is A 7 Month Old Netherland Dwarf. Born 25th September 2009.

muffy 6 years ago

hay thanks i had rescued my bunny only had her 3 months and she flop with her back legs push on me its nice to know that she trust me and knows what i did for her she always nudges me when on my hand or arm so that's great may i add that she is also a rabbit that hasn't had human contact and shes an adult

tina 6 years ago

wow its really good to noe if ur rabbit luvs u because it wz licking me today and i wanted 2 noe what that means thanx:)

Makayla 6 years ago


thanx so much... now i know a lot more about bunnies.when i got my bunny on july 15, 2009 i didn't know anything about bunnies, so your info really helpled me to know that twilight loves me... he licks and nibbles me all the time, he always nuzzles me, he always leaps around the house,and he always lays down next too me (like he is doing right now)


Makayla and Twi

n jmc c kchyujzx(that's just twi sayin thanx, he walked across the keyboard)

rochelle 6 years ago

this helped me a lot with understanding my bunny now i know she really luvs me and cares for mee!!!

starj1 6 years ago


Maya 6 years ago

My bunny does, did, and hopefully always will do all of those things... I didn't know the meaning of it but thank you website. I also love wen my Bunsy licks her paws and cleans her face. Awww my little Bunsy.

amy 6 years ago

hey,my rabbit/bunny is two weeks or three weeks old and she nibbles me. her name is Daisy

Taylor 6 years ago

Ok I have a bunny and I had one when I was little so how do I make it comfortable and how do I change it from straight eared to floppy eared?

Madi 6 years ago

Thanks so much it helped me heeps. Now I know my bunny love loves

pamela Lalo 6 years ago

my bunny is to fat to be picked up by a hawlk

Kayleigh 6 years ago

Thanks for Writing this! I always wondered if my rabbits loved me or not and now I know! My rabbits show all these signs it's nice to know that they love me x

Mimzy's Owner 6 years ago

Yey!!! My bunny loves me...she does a lot of things...

She's only 6 months old..she nibbles my clothing, does binkies , stretches out and lies right next to me,licks my hand, allows me to pet her cotton tail and pet her head when she's lying comfortably...and one weird thing is that, she always calls for me by standing up and making sounds with her front paws to the wall if i'm asleep, letting me know she needs my attention...LOL

Busterbabe profile image

Busterbabe 6 years ago

you are so lucky Mimzy! i wish my rabbit done that! can you give me some tips?

Nikki 6 years ago

Yeah, same for me! My bunny is already affectionate, and I know she will continue warming up to me. I used to have a beautiful pet rat, and we bonded well, I am excited to see how great my bunny and I's bond will be. Thanks for this great page! :)

muffy 6 years ago

hay again well its been 2 more months and my rescue rabbit is amazing she never had any human contact before me.... she has now licked me many times and flops all the time she is wonderful i can also feed her pellets with my 2 fingers she just keeps getting better and better your advise has been wonderful thankyou so much

sophie  6 years ago

ye !!!!!!!!!!!!! my bunny loves me but it is so hte boss of the houuse he if very spoilt an d gets wot ever he wonts when he wonts it lol xxx

kate 6 years ago

thanks for the info it has helped me to understand my bunny

my bunny is 15 weeks old and nudges my hand he looks around for me and sometimes hides behind me but when he lays down he lays down away from me mostly in a corner and runs away from me when i get him from his hutch or pen and when i try to approach him what should i do?

lindo 6 years ago

my bunny does all this stuff and i learned lots!! thanks

iluvmabun 6 years ago

I got Gracie my bunny 2 weeks ago, and it's good to know she already cares for me :)

tracy 6 years ago

thanks 4 the help i was woundering why my bunny licked me so much i've had her 4 1year and 8 monthes and she is super cute

bunny 6 years ago

my rabbit totally hates my father.

iluvmabun 6 years ago

urr... gracies a boy... calling him Rikki now

laura 6 years ago

my bunny loves me his name is pepper he 3 mounts old

he Liesa me on the hand

laura 6 years ago

my bunny loves me his name is pepper he 3 mounts old

he Licks me on the hand

Emily 6 years ago

Thanks! My bunny is called Poppy and this has helped for me to understand why she dose the things she does, thanks we have now grown closer........ she licks my hands, arms clothes now because at first I found it really strange that she was licking me but now I understand!

Thank you

Kimberly 6 years ago

Oh No! My rabbit always licks me and i laugh and pet it but one day he nibbles me and i got scared so i put him in the cage for time out and it got sad. :'( Sorry Bunny!

selma 6 years ago

omg thank you so much now i know my rabbit luvs me because before i thought the gentle nips ment that it hated me so thanks now i know she likes me! :D xx

mopsyismybunny profile image

mopsyismybunny 6 years ago from america

aww my bunny love me! she licks me and nibbles me all the time and when shes in the floor she just lays down

I love Bugs and Enzo 6 years ago


carly 6 years ago

My bunny is ten weeks old and is always licking me and doing binkies! She's amazing and I love her to bits xx

maddie 6 years ago

i have had my rabbit for a few months (about 3). my rabbit demands headrubs, nibbles, and sometimes lays down next to me. she doesn't expose her stomach so i assume that she doesn't fully love me yet. i think she likes me tho. thx for the info!

Jade 6 years ago

I am going to be getting my Rabbit very soon maybe next week so I am a first time rabbit owner but I know a lot about rabbits. First of all if your rabbit likes you it will keep coming over to you and will want to be cuddled and will want to play with you and most likley want to sleep with you in your bed if it lives in-side.

By Jade

Disha Gour 6 years ago

This is a nice web page because i have 2 pet rabbits..... well, whatever is written are all the things which my both bunny do with me .... I AM VERY HAPPY THAT THEY LOVE ME !!!!

Rach 6 years ago

I have my bunny on my lap right now and he is licking me, i wondered what it ment and know i know that my bunny loves me!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Great website thanks x

Alexandra Bird 6 years ago

My bunny was brought by the spca and so we don't know his history and i want to get him to come when i call what should i do

Mr. Whiskers 6 years ago

this is great info my bunny does this stuff 2 me all the time, its pretty cute!

alexandra Bird 6 years ago

I need answers people!!!!!!!!!!

haider saeed  6 years ago



bunny lover 6 years ago

this thing really works i tryed it

Nat 6 years ago

thank you so much that help me heaps:)

LuffedPengin profile image

LuffedPengin 6 years ago

Hi Bunniez!

I'm a new bunny owner, and I got my first bunny three days ago, the first day she didn't let me pet her much or hold her, then the second day she did let me a little also, she did a couple binkies, and today, she comes to me to get petted and she doesn't struggle at all, I even petted her to sleep! Does this mean she likes me? If so, I feel very lucky as a first time bunny owner! :)

Marie 6 years ago

OMG!!!My bunny is named marshmallow and he licks and nibbles and AND my brother in law!he doesn't make me rub his head,but he loves it when i do...does this stillc ount for demandig head rubs??and thx,this was SOOOO helpful!!

Tilly  6 years ago

Thanks this has really helped me to understand my rabiit and now I know she loves me xx thank you

rubbin 6 years ago

best web site ever my rabbit has been little bold im sure this will help my little rubbin know how to play nice :]

Roo 6 years ago


miley  5 years ago

This info have really helped me and naw i know how much my rabbit loves me and how much i love her she is the best rabbit ever and i love her so much xxxx

izze 5 years ago

thank you verry much you info have really helped me naw i know that izze loves me and i love her o much she is the best rabbit ever xxxxxxxx

Abigail 5 years ago

This site is really useful I have a rabbit called polo he does those seven things

amy 5 years ago

good info x

may 5 years ago

I am the proud owner of a blue giant continental house rabbit her name is topsy and she will be a year in 2 weeks we love each other too bits and she throws herself over against my leg on the settee and will lay there for an hour being petted.I could never believed that a rabbit could make such a wondefull loving friend, she understands most things I say and I understand her.

charmaine 5 years ago

i had my bunny for two mouths and he dosent wont two now me he go for me and i don't now what two do about it so if you could have any thing to cher plez do becouse am really worry that he not happy

ronny 5 years ago


Jayda 5 years ago

This was really helpful. I didn't think my bun liked me very much cuz she was always head butting me and i thought she was circling me like i was her prey and she wanted 2 eat me :P i was wrong and im so glad i was. Turns out all those times she head butted me she just wanted me 2 pe her. my bad :P im glad my bunbun really does luv me as much as i luv her :)

Lauryn  5 years ago

This page was SOOOOO helpful. I just recently got a netherland dwarf rabbit and he was nibbling on me, so i wanted to know if this was good or bad :/ . Thanks to this site, i know that my bunny (Haru) loves me a lot. he nibbles me, cuddles with me, nuzzles me, and he is very sweet. My whole family adores him as well as my friends. :P :D :P :D :P :D


_ (="=)_

( . )


Yang 5 years ago

Now I know my bunny loves me like hell!! Thanks :)

zeldafanatic64 5 years ago

I love cosmo,

m.m. 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this info!

I feel really bad because I yelled at my bunny for nibbling on my clothes after I was petting him. I thought he was trying to hurt me, but he was just showing his love :( :( :(

Now I know better.

Meggy 5 years ago

my bunny Oreo licks me all the time! its so cute, he just comes over and starts to lick me! I love it! this is such a great Hub!

georgia 5 years ago

my bunny cupcake nibbled my hand once and i thought that she hated me so I sais NO and walked away now i knew that she actually loved me. my other bunny icy always walkes around me feet and lays down relaxed now i now thay both love me

sally 5 years ago

This site has some really great tips! Tnx a lot! Now i know how to communicate with them...

indoor rabbit hutch 5 years ago

wow! this is so sweet! thanks for sharing this Bunny Love: How To Tell If Your Bunny Loves You! keep posting!

Jessica 5 years ago

Thank you. This helped me so much. ^^ My bunny is comfortable around me and she loves me. She grooms me and my clothes and lays close to me and stuff. She doesn't circle around my feet yet. lol

large rabbit hutches 5 years ago

This is so sweet! I love this Bunny Love post of yours on How To Tell If Your Bunny Loves You! I really enjoyed reading it. keep up the good work!

rabbit cages 5 years ago

This is such a very sweet and awesome Bunny Love post! I now have an idea on How To Tell If Your Bunny Loves You. keep posting!

large rabbit hutch 5 years ago

I love this Bunny Love: How To Tell If Your Bunny Loves You post of yours. Indeed I really was able to learn a lot. keep up the good work!

jodie 5 years ago

This has helped because I now know that all the love I have given to my rabbit has payed off because he in fact loves me... Recently there has been this cat and he constantly looks at my rabbit as if he is food. Whenever the cat comes into our garden my rabbit runs up and sits between my legs for protection! I think it is so cute. So yeh if your rabbit does that he really does love you!

sooma 5 years ago

i love my rabbit n so do my rabbit.it lyck on my hands and feets.n she circle me around.she rolls too.she sometimes lays on my bed wid me n sleeps.my rabbit is so different i love my rabbit.it was just a baby when i got it bt now it is fully grown n it v beautiful.

humayra 5 years ago

my rabbit loves this i didn't like me

jaimie 5 years ago

my bunny is about 6 weeks old and he just licked me and is laying on its side almost like a lion...like a strech. this info really helped me out!

ILoveMyBunny 5 years ago

Your bunny is always teaching you new things. They are so lovable! My bunny ( A seal point Holland Lop) lies down next to me and demands to be petted for hours, until he falls asleep and then when I stop he wakes up a nudges me to pet him again :3 When I bought him he was very shy and had not had much human interaction but after a lot of hard work he has become extremely affectionate and trusting. It surprises me how easily trained and food motivated rabbits are. They are so smart and I can teach my bunny tricks within minutes!

Sydney 5 years ago

Awww! My bunnies love me! :)

savannah 5 years ago

my bunny does all of those things!!! i thought when she ran up to me and nudged me with her head and nibbled my foot/leg she was angry with me, now i know she loves me! :)

Flurry 5 years ago

thx so much now i can understand my bunny better !!! He loves mee ! :D

Luna 5 years ago

I've found this website really helpful!!!!

I can't wait till i get my bunny

Rose 5 years ago

Hikari chan. Your bunny icon looks like my little sisters bunny. Where did you get that bunny? Or its icon. And thank you. This information is very helpful. My bunny nibbles on me, binkey , begs, licks me , etc. She is so sweet

rabbit 5 years ago

love him to

caitlin hirjee 5 years ago

thanks for the info it really helped me to know truly if my rabbit actualy loves me and i found out it does.


Renee 5 years ago

If I lie on my back, my bunny will hop on top of me & get cozy on my tummy.

He licks me, nudges, and runs around me in circles. He's the best bunny

jodi shepherd 5 years ago

i am not a youngster but a fully grown adult and care more than my daughter of eight lol,i am so great full for the web pages that i have explored of your it was the most informative thankyou.this is the first time that i have had the corrage to use a dame computor and for the two i must thank you

zoie hawker 5 years ago

now i no that my bunny loves me

Brittany 5 years ago

This information has helped me so much! I've read a lot about rabbits an I hear this stuff so much but this is definitely the most simple but most perfect way of telling me how much my rabbit loves me! I've only had him for about 3 months now since a little baby but he has been great an I've taught him how to spin an do awesome different tricks! I kno he enjoys me an my boyfriends love so much! I never thought a rabbit could be such an enjoyable pet but he is the absolute love of my life! Ill never have another rabbit after this one tho cuz he's so special to me an I feel like ill never find another one out there like my bebe :)

Nikole 5 years ago

Thank you very much...This information helped me out a lot. I now know I have a Very Happy Bunny that Loves me

nerissa cardoa 5 years ago

this REALLY helps i always wondered why my bunny did some things thank u

Lauren Todd 5 years ago

I've only had my 8 week old rabbit for 4 days and it jumps onto the sofa and licks our faces ^.^ So glad she's happy. Not to mention she follows me everywhere and I almost trip over her *sigh*

Great page! Thanks! x x

Happy feet 5 years ago

This helps a lot my rabbit does all of this ... But should I leave him in a cage at night

SOME PERSON 5 years ago

i thote my bunny loved me......... but naw......... I KNOW SHE DO'S

elie :) 5 years ago

Thankyoou, my rabbit mishka always does all of them things, the only thing is that she poops everywere and iv tried everything (she is a house rabbit) glad she loves me tho x

Someone! :D 5 years ago

This, was great im so happy! i read it my bunny does a lot of things like it sayed and i think bunny love is awesome rabbits are awesomw to. :D have fun with your Rabbits.!!

Bunnygal 5 years ago

This was very interesting insightful information I love rabbits and having one myself I know the information above is accurate it simply made me smile and I can't wait to kiss my rabbit on the head :)

Morgo zilla 5 years ago

My rabbit is always protecting me i put him on the floor and my dog came to me he scrached him

Anna 5 years ago

I have a black dwarf rabbit with cream paws and tummy and a patch of brown behind his ears. He is sooo pretty! He follows me wherever I go and when I'm in bed he sit silently under the bed keeping me company. In the mornings he nudges until i stroke him and is greedy As soon as i stop he nudges me some more. Then we swap roles and he grooms me by licking me. he flops out and rolls around next to me, it's so cute. When I have annoyed him he turns his back to me but he can never sulk for long coz he loves attention!

Ethan lee 5 years ago

Thankyou for this, sadly my rabbit daisy died last year after breaking her back,i can be happy knowing that she loved me as she was always binkying and licking me. Dad saved a 2 week old rabbit yesterday as the breeder was going to put it down as it only has one ear.she has already started licking us.

Chloe B 5 years ago

I really love my rabbit but im worried that she doesn't love me coz she doesn't lick me or anything, but she does lie down next to me a lot x thanx x

Gloria Z 5 years ago

Thanks so much! We got out dwarf rabbit Pearl two days ago and she is already licking me and gently nibbling! Sooo cute! Luv my bunny :)))

Alex Courtman 5 years ago

What does it mean when it bites you're mouse wire?It doesn't want you on the computer?

amy 5 years ago

is they any back signs for if your 3 month old rabbit keep randomly streches out close to you .

brodie 4 years ago

i have a bunny and i just learned a lot more about bunnies! THANK YOU!!!

jc 4 years ago

my bunny is different he Donst like to get out of his cage

bunny lover 4 years ago

cool now i know my rabbit loves me

Tjm 4 years ago

Yeah i had my bunny for 4 months now and she does all this, she actually licks me WAY to much, and when i stop petting her that's when she licks me the most.

tyrra 4 years ago

i like the idea but i don't have a bunny or a rabbit

Saeeda 4 years ago

this is so useful because my rabbit always did these stuff and i did not know what it meant . THANKS A LOT!! My rabbit is a brown lionhead . she is 6 months and her name is poiy. (po-ey)

Pam 4 years ago

I really want a bunny how do I convince my parents they say they don't want to care for anymore things we have never had any real pets i've only had a few fish my brother used to have a small aqarim,gecouis and an iguana . It's so unfair I no I'm responsible and they say it's because they don't want to take it to are vaction house but evey year my dad drives up with the luggig please help:/

jas 4 years ago

Thanx that really helped i thout my bunny didn't love me he is only 8 weeks old and called snuggles snow.

Pam 4 years ago

Please help convince my parents

Leigh 4 years ago

This is really great information! my bunny always licks me like, non stop! He is the cutest thing in the world!!!

claire 4 years ago

i have a yellow continental giant, she is sooo pretty. She does all these things, I too found it extremly useful. We are going to breed off Florence as she is a rare breed, they make fantastic house rabbits. I cant wait to see her sons/daughters.

Mandy 4 years ago

My bunny is 4 this year and does all of the things on this list she loves it when I rub my nose against hers, she sits on my chest and waits for me to do it;) she's such a cutie!

Thank u for this info it's really helpful:) :D

Victoria 4 years ago

I love this site. I rescued a wild brown baby bunny (she's 2 months old now) & she's doing great. I got really lucky because only 10% of wild bunnies survive in captivity. Her name's Justine & she's the sweetest, most affectionate bunny. She's thinks she's a dog, Lol! Thanks for posting this site. :)

richie 4 years ago

My rabbit died was so beautiful we thought he were a girl , we got told.. only 1yr. Fine then lying in run on side on Sunday.. miss him loads.. had new hutch with stairs and run..

Me 4 years ago

I love the Bunny Girl & the Bunny Girl loves me & we love each other...

jack 4 years ago


KAT 4 years ago

this helped so thanks!!????

bunny-lover55 4 years ago

i just got my bunny yesterday and its licking me and gently nibbling me and my clothes and it falls asleep on me in less then 2 mins

meesusfeesh 4 years ago

Thank you for this - we have a lionhead rabbit which is a buck (4 months old) and he is doing all these things after three weeks with us. The laying out is really funny because he lies like a dog on his side, feet apart and head on its side!! He nudges us and has started to allow us to stroke his head and nose, but not always but we are getting there.

amaya 4 years ago

thanks this so use full to me

These are excellent tips 4 years ago

There isn't much more satisfying then having a rabbit that loves you. http://www.omgbunnies.com

breakfasttea 4 years ago

this was so helpful! I recently adopted a dwarf bunny and he kept "poking" me with his nose and nibbling my fingers. For a while I thought he missed his original home and hated me.

Thank you for letting me know that he actually feels comfortable around me.

Shreya 4 years ago

Thank you for this info.. :-)

It helped me greatly..

Rabbit Lover XOX 3 years ago

This helped so much, at first when my bunny kept nibbling me I was worried he was mad at me, know I know he is just being nice.But I still like the licks the best. :) Thanks!

rabbitgirl 3 years ago

I was wondering why my 1 month old bunny is always nibbling on my shirt. Does it count with hair? My bunny seems to nibble my hair a lot. Also my bunny lets me hold it like a baby when his tummy is facing me. At first I thought my bunny was mad at me when he softly nibbles me but he trusts/likes me!! Sweet! Thanks.

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dave197001 3 years ago

Hi rabbit girl....just be carefull when your rabbit nibbles your hair, rabbits have a habit of eating hair and it can cause furballs in their stomach which can lead to ill health..the best way to combat this is to groom your rabbit in order to limit the hair it can swallow when grooming itself and try and keep an eye on whether it is eating your hair when grooming you..you seem to have a very happy bunny who clearly loves you...but a furball does not make for a happy bunny or a healthy bunny.

Madison 3 years ago

I have a bunny named silver his name is silver cause he is silver I tot him trick so when I say play dead he acts liks he is dead it is so funny u shoud really see it

Marissa 3 years ago

I think me and my bunnies are off to a good start!!!!!

lizzi 3 years ago

My bunny is light gray and white and her name is Oreo :)

kat 2 years ago

my kitties wov me

Ali 2 years ago

I'm the adopted mommy of a cottontail rabbit. His name is Waffle. I've never owned rabbits so I thought waffle was nibbling and licking me and bouncing around all crazy like cause he was missing the outside. He's got about a week of rehab left. My dear Waffle loves me apparently. This excites me because I'm trying to be the best mommy I can since my neighbor's pit ate the rest of his family. :/

Guest47 2 years ago

Silly people!! Of course your bunny loves you! If you are kind to them, they will love you back.

jeremy 2 years ago

My daughters bunny will run up to the cage and poke its nose out whenever i walk by, does this mean it likes me or wants something?

sarah 2 years ago

this info is cool!

home sar 123 2 years ago

this is so cool! my two bunnies coco and nyo do all of those things!

liking, nibbles, joy lepes

but not running anound my feet. thank u!

Lindsay 24 months ago

Hi! I was wondering if it's possible for a bunny to smile? My husband said our pet bunny appeared to smile at him when he saw him come into the room. Thank you!

Abby 19 months ago

My bunny Cocoa LOVES to lick and nuzzle me. I love it when she binkies or snuggles!

19 months ago

thanks, this was really useful. My bunny Bangel always nibbles me, but some day ago she was nibbling me, and at the same time ruining my clothes, (poor little girl!) and the next thing I knew I had a stinging chest and found tiny tooth mark there. It hurt and when I told my family, they said I had to get rid of sweet little Bangel. Bangel is an unusual rabbit, she can be quite grumpy with everyone and rips up her hutch but is still friendly with me, yet Im still nervous about picking her up. When I open her hutch and sit on the floor with door open next to it, she hops onto my lap, puts her paws up on me and hops away around the garage. She litters everywhere and wondering if that is marking her territory or if she feels nervous around me. She will some times lie stretched out in the middle of the garage floor and she started a month or two ago to almost seem to like, or at least, not be bothered with me stroking her head while she eats. She used to do Binkies in the run all the time, but she doesnt now, maybe its the dramatic change in weather, since moving up to the west coast. I hope she loves me and is enjoying life, but I still have doubts. Any help anyone?

Hayley 19 months ago

I am trying to convinxe my mom to leting me have a bunny and these facts are hopefully going to let me have a bunny

19 months ago

Hi Hayley just convince her how easy they are to keep or show her how well you can look after something else. You hopefully, probably will get one in the end, I did for my 12th birthday. My Mum likes after a bunny and her baby bunny litter for a friend and grew to love them. She later purchased two from the litter, which are now my little sisters bunnies, Harry and Jasper, and noticed how well i looked after them while my Mums friend was on holiday and knew I really missed them. My birthday was coming up, and she bought me darling Bangel, and fell in love with her, bought herself one, bred them, bought two more for breeding purposes and while she was buying Harry and Jasper of her friend, was told about a adult bunny who she had sold a year ago but had come back to her because the owner was sadly badly allergic. She bought the rabbit, and we names her Sally. At the end of the year, before we knew it, we had 21 rabbits and counting! My mum wasn't a animal hoarder, but Harry and Jasper had babies with Bangel when they were very young accidentally, and at the same time Sally and Blossom had very very large litters. It was an amazing summer..... Hope you best Hayley, though you probably did not find this interesting.. :)

Oh, and an update on my last comment... I found out that my mum had bred Bangel one final litter before we spayed her. She had been , they thought, unhappy since her first and the last litter, and thought her being pregnant would make her happy. Three weeks into pregnancy, she is now a very happy bunny, I guess it's because rabbits can be grumpy and hormonal to begin with. :) I'm very excited, and will have some 'grandchildren ' just before the end of the summer!!!

Ellieplusbunny 18 months ago

Thanks this helped so much

me&fiver&hazel 17 months ago

just got a ne w litter of baby bunnies born named fiver junior bigears silver & s andy socute!

Amylovesherbunny 15 months ago

I love my bunny and she loves me too! Thanku for the helpful info!

Wendy 13 months ago

Is it a requirement of posting on this website that you have to be completely illiterate? I can barely read some of the comments above.

Aaliyah 11 months ago

I have a bunny and I love her. This helped me understand how much she loves me to.

Alana 2 months ago

This Is awesome I know that my little baby bunny likes me, Thanks You

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