So I decided I wanted to get back into aquariums. I didn't want the regular fish and snails, though, i wanted a really eclectic one. I haven't had an aquarium since the 80'S, yes i am old, and since the kids are bigger/grown and I own my own business out of the house i started a five gallon tank....with an amphibian frog, Australian amphibian frog. to be exact. She is a riot!! Farina, the frog swam around that little tank, fix her eyes on me and  tell me to feed her. i listened and now the little cutie is big enough to make frogs legs. No one will dare touch her though, she's my little froggie woggie doobly do.

When i got Dorie, the black moor, she was a little, WalMart sized fish that someone had and didn't want. They were going to flush who is now my little terrorist. So off I went home with my fish in my bag. Dorie floated in the little bag for 20 minutes and when I let her out, tried to eat the frog. The frog won. She was a hungry girl too so i fed and bought a 10 gallon tank for which I paid for with my husband whining and making faces. he doesn't bother me though, i know he will come around. He did.

We were in the local reptile store yesterday. i love that place, lots of very cool animals. Bearded dragons, iguanas, snakes, hedgehogs and a poor little monitor lizard. Oh yes, I must mention the two huge, Huge, HUGE pythons in the back. they are beautiful but i want to save the rabbits right next to them. I don't like the end these furry little babies are coming too and want to take them all home. The hedgehogs have my heart and those chinchillas need to sleep with me, they are so furry and sweet with great personalities. They all need to come home with me. He can keep the snakes and the monitor lizard but I will adopt the rest, eventually, when my husband isn't home. What a lovely surprise for him, don't you think?

Benjamin, the very small turtle came home with me in his little carry bowl. There were a couple of brief stops and i worried the whole time. Did he need water?, Was he hungry? How was his emotional well being? How did he adjust to change? As it turns out, he did not need water and crawled onto his floating log immediately. He was not hungry and refused the gourmet dinner I made for him. His emotional well being is yet to be decided and adjusting to change is hard. It is very hard when the extremely large things swimming in the water beneath are monsters. Fariina the frog grabs the floating log in her little hand claws and peers over at him deciding just how much she can get into her mouth. Dorie the moor gets up underneath the log and bumps it, just like jaws. Little Benny lays very quietly hoping they will think he is dead, not that it would matter, the raptors in the tank will try to eat anything. My fingers are an appetizer. The frog will jump out of the water to grab one. Scared me the first time that happened. I leapt into the air with the frog on my finger. Farina flopped back in the water and i ran to the kitchen looking for the tip of my finger to be gone. Silly me, frogs don't have teeth.

We have put little Benny in the water and he screams as the monoliths bear down and scrambles for his log. His emotional well being is truly in jeopardy. Until his mommy feeds him and makes him into a big boy, then he will be something to be reckoned with and those women will get theirs! I will also have to get a 100 gallon aquarium.



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Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

What an adorable little amphibian menagerie! I hope they continue to give you much pleasure. Love those names.

zainulabedin 5 years ago

Where the turtle comes from?How big does it grow?How long does it live?

It is a lovely animal.Keep up your passion.

GracieLinda 5 years ago

Got it at a pet shop. It grows big and lives a very long time.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 4 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

The get pretty big and I got him from a pet store where I know the owner. They are also quite friendly.

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