Caffeinated Culture Coffee Co. Hosts Pet Food Drive

Caffeinated Culture Coffee Co., a local Gresham coffee shop is hosting their first ever pet food drive for the Multnomah County Animal Shelter. The shelter is in dire need of donations in the form of dry dog food, dry kitten food, and dry puppy food, as well as wet dog and cat food, collars, and of course, money.

Ashley has teamed up with Kathy from Exclusive Pet Food of Fairview, who sells high quality all-natural and holistic pet food, to see that our furry friends don’t go without during these tough times. Every $1 donated will buy about a pound of the highest quality pet food for the animals at the shelter.

Ashley also wants you to remember that Multnomah County Animal Shelter is always in need of volunteers and foster parents for pets. If you have been contemplating a four-legged companion, please think of them first. The animals from their shelter have their shots, have been spayed/neutered, micro chipped, and have an ID tag registered with the county. Ashley adds, “I personally have adopted two dogs from shelters and it always seems that rescue dogs are always so thankful that they were saved and given a forever home!”

Please make sure that your pet food donations are good quality, contain no red dye, and little or no corn as the shelter will not be able to use it, and will have to give it away. There is a high risk that foods containing these products will sicken the animals.

Drop off your donations of pet food, supplies, or dollars any time during the month of November, 2008 at Caffeinated Culture Coffee Co. They are located at 64 NE Burnside Road, Gresham, Oregon, 97030.

Ashley also adds that with every donation and drink purchase, your name will go into a drawing of fabulous prizes, so KEEP BRINGING THOSE DONATIONS!!

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